At first glance, HornyHub.Club doesn’t really do a brilliant job of telling you what the site is about. In fact, you sign up, and you are instantly greeted with a sign-up page. You actually have to be digging into the ‘About Us’ section to get a feel for what the site offers and, once you do, you will realize it is a dating site. So, is it any good? Let’s take a look in this review!

What is all about?

As we said before, this is a dating website. A dating site that seems to be opposed to telling you what it is all about, but a dating site nonetheless.

We suppose that the main reason for all the secrecy is because they want to keep those profiles hidden to all but those who have proven themselves worthy.

Turns out all you really need to do in order to prove yourself worthy is to complete the quick sign-up process, but still. Yes. It is free to sign-up.

Once you are into the site, it functions pretty much like any dating website.

You can browse profiles.
You can send messages, that sort of thing.

Although, it seems at times that doesn’t really know the type of website that it wants to be.

You would think from the name that it would be a site mostly for those who want to get their end away, but, part of the site description bills the website as your standard dating website, so we aren’t quite sure what to think on that front.

However, the vast majority of the site’s users seem to think that the site is about getting horny and nothing more, so that is nice.

The sites does cater to the entire world. Although, do bear in mind that this is a dating website that is on the smaller side of things.

This means that in many places around the world, you won’t really have that much access to people to talk to. It seems that the bigger American cities seem to be getting the vast majority of users, and everybody else gets left in the dust.

However, do remember that the beauty of is that you are supposed to be able to talk to anybody in the world. In fact, they actively promote the idea of a bit of cybersex here and there, so it doesn’t really matter where you are located, because you likely will find several people that may be able to give you your cyber kicks.

It is worth noting that the site is completely free to sign up to, but if you want to use the vast majority of the features on the site, you are going to need to pay out of your pocket for some coins. These coins can be used to send messages and to share pictures with other people. It is a bit of an odd system, but we guess that sites like this do need to make money somehow.


This is a pretty niche website and, for the most part, it seems to function pretty well. You can tell that the team at have poured a lot of resources into ensuring that this website functions the best that it can. While it is lacking a mobile app, the mobile version of the site functions pretty well, and it is actually one of the better mobile sites that we have seen.

The split between males and females on this site seems to be pretty even, although as with most dating websites, there is going to be a tiny, tiny swing towards the male side of things. However, in most locations, this isn’t going to matter all that much.

There seems to be no bounds on the type of photograph you can upload either, so even if you do not score with one of the lads or lasses on the site, at least you will be able to see some bloody sexy pictures!

We also love the fact that you can’t view any profile before you sign up. Sometimes, you probably do not want people to know that you are signed up to a website like this, so it is good to keep your name out of the public eye, right?


The cost of being on the site is somewhat on the high side of things. Yeah, you do get free registration, but unless you are sexy as hell, you aren’t going to be getting any messages. You actually need to actively message people on the platform. This is going to cost you cash. Obviously, you can’t even guarantee that the person is going to be responding to your message either, which means that you could be throwing your money into the abyss for absolutely nothing.

The site is a bit on the smaller side of things too. It is steadily growing but, as we said before, you are only going to get real value if you are in the larger cities in the United States. That being said, with the smaller number of people on the website, it is going to be a lot easier for you to stand out from the crowd, which means that you will be able to enjoy more responses and views on your profile.

There is also no mobile app for the site, which is somewhat annoying, because in this day and age if you want to run a dating website, you absolutely should have a mobile app. You gotta get all those push notifications out so somebody knows when they are being flirted with on the platform, right?

Conclusion is free to register for and to browse about. We suggest that you do. However, this is really for you to test how many people are in your local area to flirt with. If there isn’t any, then it is probably worth spending a bit of time on other dating websites. Maintain your profile at Horny Hub, just in case it explodes in popularity, but do not cling onto the hope that it will do.


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