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Nowadays, there are more different types of sex worker jobs available than ever before. You can thank the modern era for that. Not only do we have relaxed legislation in relation to sex work, but we also have more ways that people can offer and consume sex-related jobs. Here, we want to take a look at some of the most popular sex worker jobs around.

Webcam Modeling

For many amateur sex workers, webcam modeling is the ‘go-to’ type of job for them. With webcam modeling, you will be performing on your webcam for people.

This type of job will have you collecting tips for various things you do on camera e.g. showing your breasts, masturbation, etc, or perhaps collecting money by running private shows. The best part about webcam modeling is that it is ridiculously easy to get into, and if you have a good personality, you will find it easy to make money.

Of course, a bit of nudity every now and then probably wouldn’t go amiss either. Webcam modeling is so profitable, that you will actually find that many people who star in pornographic films will make a LOT more cash once they venture into webcam modeling. The porn is pretty much their side income.

Escort Sites

Contrary to popular belief, escorts do not always offer sex. Most of them do, but a lot will offer nothing more than the ability to escort you to social events and on dates. There are plenty of escort sites out there that both men and women can sign up to in order to offer their experience.

It is fair to say that if you want to be an escort, you need to be seen as a bit classier (so people will want to be seen in public with you, particularly at fancy social gatherings). You may not need to offer sex as an escort, but it is certainly going to help you when trying to find a job.

Escort sites are fantastic for those who want to offer private services without the use of an agency.

Pornographic Films

This is one of the more ‘traditional’ of modern sex worker jobs. The porn industry is a bit more difficult to crack into than it was in the past, mostly due to free porn sites reducing the amount of cash that porn studios can make from their productions, but if you are good at what you do, then there is a LOT of work to go around still.

Bear in mind, that starring in pornographic films is often regarded as one of the most difficult of sex work jobs. People really do underestimate just how much work goes into a pornographic film. Oh, and having sex with dozens of different people per week is not always going to be ideal either.

Selling Clips and Underwear

If you fancy doing something a bit more ‘private’, then you could look into the option of selling your underwear. There are people around the world who are willing to pay a LOT of cash for your used underwear. It is the scent that gets them going. And yes, ladies, this does mean that there is probably going to be a buyer for your period-stained underwear too.

A lot of sex workers in the underwear selling trade will also sell private clips of themselves to buyers. You can think of it is as like a pornographic film, just a little bit more ‘personal’. Most of these videos will be masturbation and the like, but a good blowie and sex vid will probably get snapped up rather quickly too.

This is a great way to break into the sex industry. There are so many places you can start selling your clips and underwear today.

Phone Sex Operator

If you have a sexy voice, then a phone sex operator may be great for you. While business isn’t particularly booming in the phone sex operator industry right now, it is a profession that is easy to get into.

There are plenty of sites willing to recruit you. With this job, you will be talking ‘sexily’ down the phone to people. They will be telling you all their sexual fantasies i.e. what they want to do to you, and you need to play into those fantasies.

Brothel Work

When you work in a brothel, you will often be working as a group of girls (and sometimes men). People come into the brothel, you have a drink with them, try to seduce them, and eventually, some may make you the offer to pay for sex with you. You will then go into a room in the brothel and ‘do it’. Brothels are (mostly) a safe place for sex work, and they tend to be rather high-end.

Massage Parlor

Massage parlors have become pretty synonymous with the term ‘brothel’, but they aren’t. Many people will see a massage parlor as a lower-quality version of a brothel.

Not all massage parlors will offer sex, and nearly all of them will do exactly what they say on the tin e.g. offer a massage. Massage parlors tend to operate in places where actual brothels are illegal.

They are a front, albeit a very obvious front, for sex work. Some won’t offer full sex as an option. Many of them are going to offer a ‘happy ending’ i.e. they are going to give you the ultimate form of release at the end of your massage.

Exotic Dancing

Exotic dancing covers a number of different areas. When we talk about in relation to sex workers, we are normally talking about people who love to do a bit of stripping and maybe offer a good lapdance every now and then. This is a difficult business to crack into.

Not only do you need to look good, but you need to be able to dance incredibly well too. That being said, exotic dancing does offer some pretty good financial benefits once you factor tips into the equation.

Peepshow Performing

While it may not be as popular as it was before, the good old peepshow still exists, albeit in only a few select locations around the world. The peepshow can cover a number of different types of work.

Some peepshows show films, while others may hire professionals to do stripteases that people, looking through viewing holes, can feast their eyes upon. It is going to be exceedingly difficult to find sex worker jobs in the peepshow performance area now.

A lot of that niche has been filled by exotic dancing, as well as the internet.


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