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We all go through a time when sex life seems to be stagnant, which is absolutely normal. Multiple job obligations, paying bills, raising children well can put sex life on the back burner.

Fortunately, there are many resources that can ignite intimacy. Having a full sex life again is fundamental to living in harmony.

Good sex benefits all areas of life: the immune system is strengthened, we are in a good mood and the bond with our partner is greatly improved.

As the most important sexual organ is the brain, here are the 10 best sex quotes to improve your love life.

1- “Come closer , until I no longer know where I end and you begin”: this sex quote reveals the importance of emotions during sex. The truth is that you can only have an amazing sex life if you are in love with your partner. Many people think differently and it is absolutely respectable. You have to keep in mind that sex is a complete experience that involves the mind, body and spirit, so it is important to have a strong bond with your partner.

2-“Screw stress, have sex”: this sex quote reveals something that medicine has long proven, as sex eliminates stress. Not only that, it relaxes the muscles, eliminates nervous tension and generates happiness. That’s why, when we live difficult situations, it’s essential to have good quality sex with our partner because that relaxes the mind and we see the difficulties with a new perspective and we will surely find solutions to the problems.

3-“Go down on her and you will be rewarded”: this sex quote reveals how much women like to receive oral sex. Thanks to this practice, women feel loved and revered, so it is logical that they then reward the one who makes them feel so happy. Much has been written about how happy men feel when they receive oral sex, but little has been written about the enormous pleasure that women feel when they are given oral sex. Many men think that women don’t care much about that, which they don’t. It’s time to dispel that myth and take women to the paradise of pleasure.

4-“Currently sexually destroying you in my head”: this sex quote reveals the importance of sexual fantasies in love. It all starts when we think about the person we like so much and all the physical and psychological sensations that he/she generates. The best thing to do is simply to tell her/him what she/he generates for us. The other person will be flattered to know the beautiful feelings that he/she produces in the other person.

5-“Good girls go to heaven, bad girls make you feel you are in heaven”: this funny sex quote talks about “bad girls” in the best sense. In reality, the phrase refers to the fact that “bad girls” have no prejudices, fears or taboos that can harm their sex life. Therefore, they have a healthy sex life that fully satisfies them. It is important to know that all women are capable of having a satisfactory intimacy, they just have to release the sex appeal that they have inside and let themselves be carried away by the emotions that their partners generate.

6-“I like it when you do it like that”:  this sentence reveals how important it is to tell the other person how much we like what they are doing. Knowing that one is generating pleasure in the other increases one’s self-confidence and motivates one to keep pleasing the other. When our partner is giving us pleasure it is very important to tell him/her, since the other one might not know if what he/she is doing makes his/her partner happy. Praising our partner’s sexual performance generates a complicity that strengthens the bond.

7-“I promise you to always be by your side. Or under you. Or on top”:  this sex quote tells us that we like our partner anyway. Telling him/her how much we like him/her is very important to strengthen the bond in a stable relationship. Many times the passage of time deteriorates the couple, but if we work to maintain the passion in our relationship, the flame will continue to burn. 

8-“You might be tired after everything we did in my dream last night”:  this phrase reveals that we like our partner so much, that we think about him/her even when we are asleep. If we want the couple to last through time, we have to express the feelings he/she generates. A healthy communication generates a healthy bond because the relationship flows naturally, without grudges or assumptions that only produce confusion. We have to imagine how happy our partner will feel knowing that he or she is the protagonist of our deepest dreams, and that we think about him/her all day long. That will make our relationship prosper and love grow day by day.

9-“P.U.S.S.Y. Push Until She Screams Yesssss”: this is one of the most fun sex quotes that exists and reveals that a man wants to give the best of himself, so that she feels pleasure. This phrase is ideal to send her through a WhatsApp message, so that she laughs and knows how desirable she is. Remember that humor is something very sexy that should be cultivated within the couple, since it generates complicity between both. The best thing of all is that you will never get bored of being together and you will miss each other a lot when you don’t see.

10_”I will kiss you in the rain, so you get twice as wet”: this phrase humorously reveals the importance of kissing in intimacy. As time goes by, the couple must work to keep the romance alive because it influences the quality of sexual relations. Romanticism beautifies sexual relations and increases pleasure for both partners. Romanticism will never go out of fashion, the only thing that changes are the ways we communicate with each other. The social networks and diverse applications can be our allies to express what we feel for our partner and that he/she feels loved.

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