Here’s how to last longer in bed:

Average time for ejaculation

There are many factors why some men ejaculate at the first few thrusts without enjoying sex fully. Some only last for a minute while others have it between three to seven minutes.

Other men who at first coitus ejaculate a few seconds calling it excitement, while medically it is called premature ejaculation.

When your partner did not even get to relish in the moment and did not even feel your thrusting and pushing inside her and suddenly you had an orgasm, that would be a pity for you both.

Some say this is normal for a couple who have just been at it for the first time, or they can also charge it to the inexperience of the man that would lead to him ejaculating so fast.

Other men had it good, cause they can go at it without blowing their load even for over eight minutes, and they can hold it in with not much effort, these men who last longer in bed are not just lucky, but they can charge it to years of practice.

The length of ejaculation would still depend on the situation where you are having sex, who you are having sex with, and of course, the experience of both people having it.

When both are having quickie sex, then it will just take a minute or two for both of them to reach the peak as the situation calls for it.

How to fix premature ejaculation

Practice building control

Yes, sometimes you needed to ejaculate cause you want to do it, meaning you have control over your urge. But when you ejaculate prematurely, that is another thing because you can’t control your climax instead- your urge is controlling you.

Other men with years of practice have already perfected controlling themselves. Some even talked about thinking about other things while they are having sex (which may be hard to do for some), but for others who tend to feel so much sensation on their organ, this is another idea they can follow.

Some men would know the sign of impending ejaculation and will stop any movement before it happens, as a slight movement will surely set them off to climax.

It may be hard at first, but as they say – practice makes perfect. Even if you are at home, you can try this and see improvement after some time.

Also, it is best to accept that you have issues with it so you can practice sexual control yourself. Sometimes reason, such as less exposure to sex because there is no sex partner may also be the reason. Or you were not brought up the same way as others because of your religious beliefs, but again, with practice and acceptance that you have a problem that you need to face is a big start to finding a solution to that matter.

Getting used to seeing a naked body

This may be an issue for some men, mostly if they are brought up in an old-fashioned household with old ideas in naked women and sex. When they finally see a naked woman, and it is time to make the sexual act, they are over-excited and will lead to premature ejaculation.

However, in this instance, practice will be a big help.

Masturbate an hour before sex

When you have an upcoming date, and you know that it will lead to some quality time in the bedroom, you can release some of that excitement an hour before you leave home.

That way, it will lessen your pent up energy and desires even before you meet your date. This will also ensure that you will not easily get excited with just a touch or a tap on your shoulder.

This will also help, so you will not be too eager when the time comes for some loving in the bedroom.

Spend more time on foreplay

Women can take time to climax, so they also need a lot of foreplay, you are lucky to find a woman who will just need a bit of coaxing before they are ready and willing to go, but for others, they need more time to get in the mood. This is also an advantage for your cause if you are someone who finishes easily, having your woman fast in climaxing too will help you.

Your partner will not be left hanging cause you ejaculated too early, but you will have her finish first before you do.

Switch positions

Men more often than not love the missionary position as they get to push it all in, and they get the upper hand during the sexual act. This also heightened their excitement at seeing their partner’s expression.

When you are in the moment’s heat, you need to delay the gratification process. So if you feel that you are already on the brink of climaxing, have her change her position and let her sit on top of you. Getting her positioned on top would also have an added benefit for your partner as women love to be on top and control the movement, and this gets them climaxing faster.

Perhaps both of you can get busy with some kissing instead. You can also pull out from her first and calm yourself and just romance your partner.

Do whatever you think will delay the climax. Your partner will also appreciate a lot of kissing and more touching in the middle of the sexual act.

This way, you are delaying the inevitable from happening – too soon.

Talk with your partner

Talking while you are having a sexy time will help too. Ask her where she wants to be caressed, kissed, and whatnot. She will be elated knowing you are interested in identifying where she wants to be touched. Talking helps to get your mind wandering and will not get too focused on the act.

Ask her what excites her more and do it, the more space you have between you, the lesser the sensation you’ll have.

This will help to ensure that you are not geting too excited to build up your climax in just one big swoop.

Squeeze when you get too close

This technique is simply to stop you from unloading too soon. When you feel that you are almost near to ejaculating you can squeeze the base or the tip of your penis. You need to squeeze it at the right time just before you feel as if you are ready to ejaculate.

This will delay the climax, and you can again go back to what you are doing. You can then take the time to help your partner reach her climax as well.

The squeeze technique can be practiced even without a partner at home, just learn to caress and get to the point where you are almost about to ejaculate and squeeze the tip, you can observe what happens and from there, you can also practice this from time to time until you get to control your ejaculation.

Quit smoking

Studies suggest that those who quit smoking can last in bed. This will also get your erection going longer. Sometimes the cause of smoking affects not only your lungs, but also your sex life.

Since smoking has a direct impact on your blood circulation, it also compromises the quality of an erection. This may cause you to ejaculate prematurely, cause you can’t hold it in for a long time.

You are lucky if it is just not being able to hold an erection for a long period, while for others, smoking has a more negative impact when they cannot have any erection at all with too much tobacco use.

Take more zinc

Zinc not only helps in boosting our immunity from sickness and boost cell growth, but it is a big factor in helping men with their libido and energy.

Zinc plays a vital role in male fertility as a reduction in zinc in male poses infertility risks. It is ideal for a highly sexual male individual to take their zinc supplement to keep their sexual function at a normal level. Their libido will also improve, and one thing that zinc will help men with, are issues with premature ejaculation.

As with anything, it must be taken in moderations as too much zinc may also have its consequences such as nausea, diarrhea, metallic taste in the mouth, and sometimes vomiting.

Adding magnesium

Magnesium is also important in sexual health. As with men with issues in premature ejaculation, they must incorporate as much magnesium and zinc in their diet. This will lengthen their time before the climax. These foods are oysters, yogurt, spinach, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, dark chocolate, almonds, among others.

Stop-start method

This can be practiced with your partner. Stimulation to your penis is needed and when you feel that you are about to explode, let your partner stop the stimulation and just let yourself relax till the feeling of ejaculation goes away, and then you can start the activity again.

You can also be on top of your partner when you try this technique, so you have to stop your movement altogether and again, let the feeling of climax go away, and then you can continue the activity.

Daily exercises (Kegels)

Weak pelvic floor muscles may cause you to experience premature ejaculation. Pelvic floor exercise is available to help strengthen these muscles, such as Kegel exercise.

Try stopping your urination in midstream as the muscles doing this is the pelvic floor muscles.

You need to practice this exercise and learn to perfect the technique of contracting your muscles as if you are holding your urine. You can do even do this exercise while sitting, walking, or even standing up or lying down.

When you are to urinate, you can also try holding your urine for a few seconds instead of spilling urine instantly.

Make sure you are focusing only on your pelvic floor muscles, not flexing your thighs, buttocks, abdomen while doing the Kegel exercise.

Try with supplements

There are supplements in the market that promise to help with premature ejaculation, and they say it will help with the reproductive health of a person. You can check which of those will live up to its reputation. Some supplements may include magnesium, selenium, manganese, copper, and calcium.

Use of sprays and topical creams

Some available numbing creams and sprays are being sold in the market and accordingly helps in lessening sensation to the penis. It usually contains anesthetics such as Lidocaine and is supposed to be applied to your genitals, specifically the tip of the penis, half an hour before sexual intercourse.

Some do not believe that this is effective, but it is up to you to try and decide if it is for you or not.

There is no harm in trying what works cause that is the only way you can find out which is best for you.

Use of condoms

Although some men are not particular in wearing condoms as they say it lessens the sensation during intercourse, this is another way for you to dull the sensation you feel on your member. This helps because your skin is not fully in contact with your partner’s genitals, which can help decrease the sensitivity of your penis.

A condom is like another form of topical cream as it lessens the sensation you feel on your penis when you are wearing it. You can buy a thicker condom or those with numbing cream inside to lessen your sensitivity plus sensation on your member, this will somehow help in lengthening your time before you orgasm.

How your partner can help you?

You need to talk it out with your partner so you’ll know how to last longer in bed. Make your partner understand your situation, but if you are already enjoying your time in the bedroom – your partner may already have an idea.

You can both gain from treating this issue, and it would be better if you help each other address it.

You can also do the exercise with the help of your partner, such as letting them hold your penis so you will not be too excited every time your partner hold it during sexual activity. This way, you can get used to feeling your partner grasping it- tightly even, and you will not be overly excited all the time.

While you are having sex, you can also let your partner stay on top of you and let them do the stop and start technique. This way, it will be easy to prevent ejaculating early.

These are just some simple techniques, but will require the cooperation of your partner. It is something that you will both benefit from once you get past this slight obstacle in your relationship.

If your partner is involved with you and is willing to invest much in the relationship, they will support you.

Do I need medical help?

Although some can address the issue with practice and self-control, other men are not so lucky since they need some help from a medical professional for premature ejaculators that can’t seem to manage the problem.

Common treatment may work for some, but for others, they require medication.

Some doctors may compel you to take antidepressants as it treats depression, and at the same time, it delays ejaculation. Other men swore to feel the difference after a week or two of using the medicine. One thing to consider about this medication is the side effect, which includes diarrhea, fatigue, light-headed, and excessive sweating.

The doctor can prescribe other medicines, but may require a good bill of health before they allow you to take it as it is not for those with heart, liver, and kidney problems.

Talk with an expert

You can have a couple’s therapy where you will both explore your relationship issues with the help of an expert. This is a big step for some men, as having others know of your issues, presents some effects in your self-image that may somewhat be awkward for other men.

But since having a fruitful relationship is more important to you, and it will surely help you face what’s causing strain and anxiety in your relationship.

You will then receive some advice to follow that will, in time, help you resolve the key problem.


Premature ejaculation maybe just a normal occurrence to some and a complaint that is commonly heard from some women when they mention their partners.

Sometimes there are underlying issues why some men ejaculate prematurely, it may be just a one or two-time occurrence, while for others, it maybe a longer issue that must be resolved.

If it is not a normal occurrence, then you and your partner are safe, and you can charge it to a busy day at work, or stresses in your life.

For a premature ejaculation that seems to happen all the time you are having sex, you may need to face the issue and see what is causing you to climax too early.

By admitting to yourself that some steps must be made to resolve the problem, you are saving your relationship and your self-esteem at the same time.


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