Sex toys are a whole lot of fun. Whether you are using them for solo play or as an enhancement to your bedroom activities with your partner, they can help to heighten the pleasures that you experience during sexual activity. Though they are a lot of fun, they also require some maintenance to keep them in good condition so that they will last you for many future play sessions.

Knowing how to properly clean sexy toy is probably the most important thing when it comes to maintaining these fun adult items. Since they are getting used on your private parts or those of your partner, they are going to end up inevitably needing cleaning. Sex toy play is going to involve having them come into contact with bodily fluids and it often includes them getting covered in lube.

With these previous points in mind, it is easy to see why your sex toys are going to need to be cleaned. For the purpose of good hygiene, it is important that your sex toys receive a good cleaning after each time that they are used. The following information is designed to teach you how to clean sex toy so that you can get the maximum lifespan out of each one.

You Have to Know What the Toys are Made Of

To be able to properly clean sex toy, you have to know what material it is made of. Today’s sex toys that are available on the market are made from a variety of materials that range from silicone and glass to aluminum and stainless steel, among others. Some of these materials are considered to be porous and others are considered to be non porous.

A lot of sex toys also have a mechanical component to them and run on batteries or electricity. Knowing what material your sex toy is made of is essential if you are going to be able to clean it safely and effectively. When you purchase a new sex toy, you will always want to make a mental note of what material you are dealing with so that you can effectively clean that toy after each use.

How to Figure Out the Specs of the Sex Toys?

Knowing how to figure out the specs of the sex toys that you use is an important part of understanding how to clean sex toy. The best thing that you can do is to purchase your sex toys from a reputable site that offers all of this information to you in the product description.

When you purchase your sex toys from a company that specializes in adult products, you can generally get all of this information directly from the distributor. You are going to want to know what the material is that the toy is made from, whether or not it is porous, and whether or not it has electric or battery-operated parts that need to be taken into consideration during the cleaning process.

Generally speaking, sex toys made from non porous materials are considered to be superior is because porous materials can end up getting harmful bacteria trapped inside them that can end up leading to infections and skin irritations if not cleaned properly.

Sex toys made from non porous materials will not allow bacterial to get trapped inside them. These toys can also often be boiled and heated as a part of the cleaning process. Though they do not trap bacteria in the same way that porous material sex toys do, it is still of the utmost importance that they get cleaned after each usage.

Some common examples of sex toy materials include:

  • Silicone – medical grade silicone is considered non porous but other varieties of silicone are porous
  • Stainless steel – this is a non porous material
  • Pyrex glass – a non porous material
  • Non-pyrex glass – this is generally a porous material
  • Vinyl – a porous material
  • Cyberskin – this is also a porous material
  • Plastics and rubbers – these materials are also classified as porous
  • PVC – generally considered to be a porous material

How to Clean Toys Made By Porous Materials

When it comes to cleaning sexy toys that are made from porous materials, taking a simple preventative measure can help to make the process easier and will help to keep the toy from getting exposed to large amounts of bacterial. This simple step is the use of a condom in conjunction with the sex toy.

When you use a condom with a porous sex toy, you take care of a lot of the cleaning work right then and there. A condom can prevent the toy from getting directly exposed to bodily fluids and lubes that must be cleaned. For these reasons, this is a highly recommended step when you are dealing with sex toys that are made from porous materials.

If you have used a condom with a sex toy made from porous materials, then you can often complete the cleaning process by removing it once you are done with it and washing off the toy with warm water and a mild soap. You can also consider using antibacterial wipes on your porous sex toys.

Doing this can help to increase the overall safety factor of using a sex toy made from porous material and it can help to ensure that the toy lasts you for a while. It is also worth considering the purchase of cleaning products that are designed to clean sex toy.

How to Clean Toys Made By Nonporous Materials

When it comes to cleaning sex toys that are made of non porous materials, you must take the actual material into consideration. These materials often include glass and stainless steel. As with other types of sex toys, a mild soap and warm water go a long way toward cleaning your non porous sex toys.

Just as previously mentioned, you might also consider using wipes to clean your non porous sex toys. Another thing to consider is the utilization of UV lights. These lights can help to add another level of protection against the buildup of bacteria.

For many non porous sex toys, you can also consider the use of boiling water. It is important to not use boiling water if your sex toy has mechanical parts that will be destroyed if subjected to this sex toy cleaning method.

These are a few of the key considerations for cleaning your non porous material sex toys. It is again recommended that you consider the purchase of a quality sexy toy cleaning product that is designed specifically for this use. At the end of this article, we will provide you our picks for some of the best sex toy cleaners that are currently available for purchase on today’s market.

Regardless of Materials, Wash and Dry Them After Each Use

It should be considered your general rule of thumb to clean all of your sex toys after each and every use. This is the best way to ensure that they are properly maintained and will last you for a while. It is also essential when it comes to stopping the buildup of bacteria.

After each sex toy use, the toy should be wiped down with soap and water as a bare minimum. Beyond this, many sex toy users take the extra precaution of wiping their sex toys down before each use as well.

When you are dealing with sex toys made from porous materials, the importance of wiping them down after each use takes on a new level of importance. Those that are using their sex toys in a setting that includes multiple partners, or for the creation of adult content should always go through the full cleaning process after each use. This includes using a high-quality sexy toy cleaning product.

How to Store Your Items

Properly storing your sex toys can go a long way toward helping you keep them clean and free from bacteria so that they will be ready for their next use. To keep your sex toys clean, you want to store them in a place that is hygienic.

This might be the very same boy that the toy was delivered to you in. There are also many other options such as satin and silk bags. Pyrex and glass storage containers are also good places for storing your sex toys.

There are even UV light storage chambers that are currently available on the market. These chambers help to disinfect your sex toys after they have gone through the other cleaning processes that we recommend. The main thing to remember is that proper storage is a part of the overall process of keeping your sex toys clean so that they will be ready for use when you want to play with them next.

Sex Toys Cleaners

As we have previously noted, there are some great sex toy cleaners that are available on the market. These cleaners can make the process of cleaning sex toy much easier and more effective.

With this point made, these are our top 3 picks for the best sex toy cleaners that you can use when you need to clean sex toy. These products have consistently been rated as effective by the sex toy users that have utilized them to keep their favorite items clean and free from bacteria.

Dr. Bronners – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

The first item on the list of our top 3 sex toy cleaners is Dr. Bronners – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap. This is a product that can be used for a variety of items such as laundry and your dishes.

It can even be used on your skin and hair. Beyond this, Dr. Bronners is a great product when it comes to cleaning your sex toys. It is made from organic oils and is also non-GMO and Vegan friendly.

The Dr. Bronners product is highly concentrated and so you will want to dilute it when you are using it to clean your sex toys. To be specific, it is around three times more concentrated than most liquid soap products currently available on the market.

A bottle of this can provide you with soap for many sex toy cleaning sessions since the product is so heavily concentrated. All of these factors make Dr. Bronners – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap a great sex toy cleaning product that we highly recommend.

LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray

Our next high recommended sex toy cleaning product is LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray. This product is made with sex toys in mind and has been put to the test by countless sex toy users around the world. It is a fast-acting product that is free from paraben and alcohol.

Another great thing about LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray is stated in the name. It is a convenient spray-on product that is easy to apply to the sex toys that you are cleaning with it. All of these actors have helped to earn LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray consistently good reviews from those that have put it to the test in cleaning all of their favorite sex toys.

UVee HOME PLAY – Complete Care System for Pleasure Products 

A third product that we highly recommend for cleaning your sex toys is the UVee HOME PLAY – Complete Care System for Pleasure Products. As the name suggests, this product is designed specifically to help you in keeping your favorite sex toys clean and safe.

This product utilizes the power of UV light to effectively sanitize your sex toys and it has some other great features as well. Using this great product allows you to kill up to 999 percent of the harmful bacteria that has gotten onto and into your sex toys.

It only takes 10 minutes for this process to work and it is even effective against COVID-19. Beyond this, the UVee HOME PLAY – Complete Care System for Pleasure Products is also a place to store and charge your favorite sex toys until you are ready for them again.

This product is capable of killing the bacteria that cause STDs such as bacterial vaginosis, chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, and more. These are all factors that make this one of the best sex toy cleaning products currently available on the market. It is definitely one that we highly recommend you check out.


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