Tattoos for women are very different from men’s tattoos. Most female tattoos symbolize qualities such as love, tenderness, lightness and beauty. Although, of course, there are exceptions.

It used to be considered indecent for a girl to get a tattoo. However, fortunately, those days are over, and the number of tattooed women is in no way inferior to the number of men.

The original meaning of a female tattoo is to emphasize the beauty and sexuality of its wearer. An additional challenge is to express personality and demonstrate personality traits or interests. Therefore, drawing ideas can be quite diverse: from gloomy Gothic skulls and crosses to bright colorful watercolor style unicorns.

However, despite such a wide range, women’s tattoos still have some common signs and meanings.

Until the modern era, the owners of tattoos belonged to a particular subculture or a special stratum of the population. Tattooed drawings often had their meaning for a long period, with their help people were divided according to status or any achievements. It was then that women’s tattoos began to have their specific function, different from men’s tattoos.

Earlier, however, as now, women used tattoos to decorate their bodies and skin and to attract attention. Tattoos for women are more graceful and aesthetic in contrast to men’s tattoos. Ladies pay more attention to the appearance of the images, rather than its meaning and meaning.

Maybe because of this, women’s tattoos are considered relatively cute and cheerful. What leads beautiful women before they decide on such a bold act? Maybe it is a little rebellious spirit that sits deep inside almost every woman, or a large selection of original and beautiful images in a tattoo parlor.

Today it is one of the most popular ways to make your appearance brighter and more expressive and an effective way to draw public attention to your person. With the help of a tattoo, you can not only highlight your image and add personality to it, but also hide minor defects and imperfections of the skin.

Next, we will consider the most popular places for drawings and a variety of beautiful female tattoos.

A tattoo for women is a rather intimate decoration, and it is not always accessible to the views of others. A miniature tattoo located in the neck area, a unique ornament on the belly or lower back, a sophisticated image on the chest or in the intimate area endlessly fascinate and make their owner mysterious and inimitable. However, there are real and sophisticated connoisseurs of this peculiar art who prefer classic tattoos.

This option is rightfully decorated with the fair sex on the shoulders, shoulder blades and hips. A modern tattoo can cover an impressive part of a woman’s body. To apply a tattoo, it is very important to find a suitable place so that the drawing looks aesthetically pleasing and without much vulgarity.

The male half prefers to fill tattoos on usually bare places, providing the drawing for everyone to see. Ladies most often try to get a tattoo on that area of the body, which can later be easily covered with clothes. The most popular places for tattoos are only five. These places are for the eyes of those closest to you.

Before getting a tattoo, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the “pain map”, which identifies the most painful places for drawing a picture.

For example, the places most susceptible to pain in women are the knees, elbows, neck and the area under the chest. It is worth noting that women perceive point pain much easier than men do, so the process of tattooing will cause only slight discomfort.

The most popular places for tattooing:

Outer collarbone – Minimalistic wavy sketches are great here, the best of them: a feather of a bird, twigs of plants, wreaths with leaves, flocks of birds, swallows. Such pictures attract attention and create interest in a person. A tattoo on your arm will never leave you unnoticed.

However, before the application procedure, it is worth weighing the pros and cons, if you have tattoos on your hands, it will be extremely problematic to go to work in a state institution, because it will be impossible to hide it. However, many corporate offices with such an appearance are not accepted.

Arm parts Tattoo:

A tattoo on the arm is the most common and effective option. The choice of this part of the body has a number of significant advantages:

Hands are a symmetrical part of the body, so you can fill in drawings that complement each other;

A tattoo on the shoulder is easy to hide under clothes;

With a slight change in weight, the picture will not “blur”;

However, do not forget about the possible disadvantages:

The printed images do not like sunlight. To protect them, you will have to regularly apply sunscreen;

Tattoos on elbows, palms and fingers are subject to severe deformation;

The hands and elbows are some of the most painful places.

Inner Arm – Unlike men, women are not eager to slap in their sleeves right away. It usually starts with a small, inconspicuous tattoo on the arm. In addition, if it comes to the sleeve, then slowly and gradually. These are either animals: lion, tiger, snake, dragon, wolf, and fox. Alternatively, more often beautiful flowers: roses, lotus, peonies, tulips, lilies. Any styles are possible from old school to trash polka.

Upper finger – Rappers and media personalities began to tattoo fingers. If the former hit small badges on the knuckles, then actresses and singers prefer the inscriptions on the phalanges in front or on the side. The second option is interesting because such a tattoo is not visible at first glance. So it won’t be difficult to hide several of these mini tattoos on your arm.

In this secluded place, you can place something personal, not for prying eyes – the name and date of birth of a loved one or children, for example.

There is another original idea: some couples get wedding ring tattoos instead of wearing real ones. It turns out cool paired tattoos for a person and a girl.

Upper shoulder – One of the most favorite places for women is, of course, the forearm. The elbow to wrist area is universal for both sexes. You can stuff whatever your heart desires on your hand. Are you a fan of Japanese culture? Great, choose a sketch of a dragon in oriental or a sketch of a hero of your favorite anime. Do you like cute girly things? Go ahead for a cute cat, unicorn or panda tattoo.

Anyway, there is a picture for every taste:

1. Cultic and runes;

2. Tribal patterns;

3. Owl and deer;

4. Phoenix and Pegasus.

Animals in geometry and line work look superbly.

Wrist- Before hammering a wrist, it is worth thinking very well. Even if you do not talk about getting a job in a reputable company, such tattoos, although cool today, can greatly spoil the quality of your life. Reason: Many people still have a negative attitude towards tattoos, although not as much as before.

Neck- If people in half of the cases hammer a decent piece of the neck, then for women it is very rare. Only strong fans of tattoos do this when other places are mostly occupied.

It is worth paying attention to the advantages of the chosen area:

Attracts the attention of people around;

The image can be harmoniously combined with other body tattoos.

However, such an acquisition has much more disadvantages:

Painful sensations upon application. The face and head are the most painful areas.

Possible problems with employment. Most employers do not take people with facial tattoos seriously.

A small tattoo behind the ear will not be so defiant. Beautiful and invisible to others – ideal for office workers and people who are not ready to draw undue attention to their bodies.

Upper back- Concerning the tattoo on the girl is back, opinions are divided into 2 camps. On the one hand, this is a huge area, and it is advisable to place a huge large-scale drawing on it. On the other hand, women, themselves, do not particularly welcome this, and even men do not like it very much. Therefore, see for yourself and proceed from what you like.

Some also make images along the spine.

Suitable as a large picture:

·Japanese style;

· Engraving;

· Bioorganic;

· Polynesia.

A small pattern can be a horoscope sign (Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn), wings, an angel, a spider or a fish on the shoulder blade.

The advantages of the selected surface include:

The possibility of performing large tattoos;

The image is out of sight of other people. An exception may be a visit to the beach or pool;

The pattern will not change even after a long time.

One of the main disadvantages is soreness, especially if the scapula or spine becomes the final site of application.

 In addition, the clients will need help in caring for the tattoo, since it is almost impossible to treat the back on their own.

Lower Back- The lower back is a rather dangerous place for a woman, since earlier ,only women of easy virtue, were beaten here. Now many people walk around with butterflies, lizards and tribal patterns on the tailbone. It is rather difficult to advise something here based on the drawings. A rare sketch will look out of place here. Therefore, if in doubt, then it is better to bypass the lower back.

This area usually contains very stylish and slightly provocative feminine tattoos. The most commonly used themes are floral designs, various animals and ethnic motifs such as Celtic. Geometric elongated images look perfect on the back surface of the belt; in addition to their main purpose, they also make the waist visually thinner and slimmer.

Many women, under the yoke of public opinion, are afraid to get tattoos on their legs. The Old Believers believe that this is one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body, and there is nothing to spoil such beauty with all sorts of drawings. If you yourself like tattoos on your legs, then do not listen to anyone and be hammered.

As with the arms, you can hammer the entire leg. However, this is rarely seen in women.

Nevertheless, the rest of the tattoos on the lower limbs of women, probably even more than men.

Upper Thighs- Summer, sun, heat. A girl in a short skirt and two bows on her hips passes by. Yes, any man will turn his head and forget where he was going.

The patterns located in these areas should not be located across the entire leg and be relatively small. Images of snakes and dragons, feathers of beautiful birds and tattoos of a similar theme will look great on long female legs.

While some stubbornly defend the purity of women’s legs, others, on the contrary, decorate them with tattoos. The beauty and sexiness of women’s legs can be enhanced with designs such as garters, bows, and imitation stockings.

Drawings on the upper thigh are also common. Usually there is a massive sketch on the floor of the leg and going up the body.

These tattoos became popular in 2019 and are still in vogue today.

Ankle – Very few people score the shin. This either is an ornament, or patterns like a mandala, or dream catchers. In general, this part of the body is very painful when applying paint under the skin; therefore, it is not particularly in demand, among both women and men. Women like to get tattoos on their feet. Such drawings look very feminine. It is important that the drawing is graceful, of fine lines and does not clutter up the leg. On the ankle, inscriptions, hieroglyphs and other symbols look great.

Belly – The female belly is rarely painted. Almost no one makes massive drawings, but you can fill something small. Most often, these are representatives of the flora, flying insects or funny drawings in an unconventional style.

In some cases, women specifically get tattoos in this place to hide the scars and stitches after surgery.

The belly is a good place for a tattoo on women. The drawing on it looks beautiful and elegant.

 However, there are a few unpleasant points to keep in mind:

The tattoo “blurry” during pregnancy or with a sharp increase in weight;

Sports and wearing tight fitting clothing is contraindicated during the recovery period;

The stomach is one of the most sensitive places on the body.

A rather sensitive skin surface is located here, so the process of getting a tattoo on the lower abdomen is quite painful. If the girl nevertheless decided on a tattoo in this area, it is worth considering that any loss of physical form will lead to deformation of the picture and it will lose its original appearance. In this part of the abdomen, images of fruits and berries, wild cats and wolves are usually applied.

Rib Cage– The very chest of a girl is rarely hammered. Only very brave and risky individuals take such a step. However, a tattoo under the breast is a completely different matter. Usually these beautiful patterns imitate lace and bend around female forms. Combined with chic underwear, it looks very feminine and sexy.

Collar bone – Minimalistic wavy sketches are great here, the best of them are: a feather of a bird, twigs of plants, wreaths with leaves, flocks of birds, swallows. Such pictures attract attention and create interest in a person.

Front ribs – On the side and ribs, inscriptions in Latin and other languages are good. Also on the side, different symbols are appropriate: star, note, treble clef, heart, sun, moon, etc.

Intimate parts- Quite a frequent occurrence – a tattoo on the pubis and bikini area. A suitable drawing is chosen for such a place: cherries, flames, a pirate flag, and weapons. It is still nothing.

However, some go further and cover the entire crotch area with a pattern. In addition, sometimes even the buttocks. They come up with such unusual sketches in order to successfully fit a female organ into them.

In conclusion, it is best to give up tattooing on the body in some places, such as:

Elbows, feet and palms: drawings in these areas will not last long;

Face, head, hands: for those who have a strict dress code at work;

Back, neck: these places should be discarded for people with a low pain threshold.

A tattoo is a serious decision, the consequences of which will last a lifetime. You can remove a tattoo only through surgical intervention, after which unattractive scars and marks will most likely remain.

That is why it is important to choose not only a sketch of the future work, but also the optimal places for tattooing, since the healing of the skin after getting a tattoo is a rather long process and requires careful care. Therefore, if you want to achieve a mind-blowing result, do not skimp and you need to contact only trusted masters. After all, a tattoo will become your integral part of you and your image.


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