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15 Sexiest Netflix movies that have the best content for adults and that explore the themes of sexuality and eroticism from the most attractive perspective.

They are considered the sexiest movies on Netflix, because they show with realistic scenes the sexuality of romantic couples, of strangers being carried away by desire and those forbidden relationships that become too exciting to be rejected.

They show the creative side of sex and the relationships that are anchored to their way of having sex. The eroticism of relationships between young people and mature people is also a subject that is addressed in some movies, as well as relationships between unfaithful people.

It also shows how relationships can become boring and monotonous in sex, and this causes the couple to look for other alternatives to revive passion and desire. Satisfaction and pleasure are special themes of these films since it shows how relationships and people, in general, seek to be satisfied in this important area of life.

It’s about the pursuit of satisfaction and desires, the plots are exciting, and the stories from the movies are truly eye-catching.

They are films that contain a high level of scenes that unite romance with sexuality. The intensity that this element gives in love relationships is indisputable and how it flies them more powerful, passionate, and attractive.

Below you will see the 15 best content movies for adults that Netflix has. Any movie you choose from this list will be a great start.

Best Sex Movies on Netflix

1. DESIRE (2017) | Watch on Netflix

This is a film that shows eroticism as the forbidden thing that attracts without being able to avoid it. It is the story of the sisters Lucia and Ofelia.

These sisters have made their lives and have been separated for a while, but they meet again for a wedding. Lucia is engaged to Juan, and soon the wedding will be.

Ofelia takes her sister to Andre with her current partner, they live completely isolated in the middle of an Amazon jungle.

Lucia’s husband has an uncontrollable desire since he meets Ofelia and sees her for the first time. Ophelia corresponds to this desire too and between them, a sexual attraction arises that they will not be able to resist.

2. AMAR “LOVE” (2017) | Watch On Netflix

This is the story of Carlo and Laura, both are just 17 years old and experiencing the wild feelings that first love produces. In reality, this young couple love each other and express their love as if there were no tomorrow.

They are very intense and they live a lot of fiery and passionate moments in bed, but their love becomes too stifling for both of them.

A film that expresses the love between two young people who are beginning to experience everything as a couple. A story that includes the eroticism of a couple who are hooked on intimacy, but also on possessive feelings.

3. Newness (2017) | Watch on Netflix

Martin and Gabi are a sexy young couple who have met through a dating app in Los Angeles.

They meet and start a relationship that is entirely based on their sexual adventures and the fiery passion that exists at the beginning of their relationship.

Their relationship reaches the most intense emotional and physical limits, but soon they are enveloped in monotony and boredom. Despite being a millennial couple and having common interests, they feel they need more than just the two of them.

They decide to have an open relationship, in order to solve the problem of boredom, but things get a little complicated.

They will have trouble dealing with an open relationship, and with sex with other people.

4. White Girl (2016) | Watch on Netflix

Leah is a teenage college girl looking to satisfy herself no matter what she has to do.

She is addicted to pleasure and just before the end of the semester in which she is, she begins to take drugs with her partner and her boss.

She is in New York, with the main objective of finding drugs and strong emotions. Leah gets more than she bargained for when she meets the handsome Blue, a Puerto Rican camel.

They create a business around drug sales and soon have a lot of money and a pleasant lifestyle. This couple channels the euphoria of their lifestyle through sex and the passion they have for being together.

One day Blue is arrested and everything falls apart for Leah, who does not know what to do with her sadness, her addiction to drugs, and the cocaine that she still has with her.

5. Love Steaks (2014) Watch on Amazon Prime

In a hotel famous for its luxuries and full of wealthy clients, it is run by a rather irritable and unfriendly team.

In this hostile environment, Lara, a very particular girl who has the task of standing out in the kitchen. A novice arrives on the work team, and it seems that she and Lara begin to fall in love.

This movie contains very erotic and sensual scenes throughout the hotel. The relationship between Lara and the novice may end up being everything they did not imagine.

Their romance will be full of encounters in free hours and moments of madness for passion.

6. Tiger, Blood in the Mouth “Sangre en la boca” (2016) Watch on Netflix

It tells the story of a professional boxer named Ramon, he has been very successful in his career having won the international championships on different occasions, however, he is about to turn 40 and feels that the end of his career is near.

He is married and has several children with his wife; His family wants him to retire from boxing and to start doing some other activity.

While at the gym Ramon meets a girl named Deborah who is also a boxer; this girl is very attractive and much younger than him. This girl makes Ramon regain his vitality and feel completely seduced by this girl’s physique and energy.

He decides to leave his family to continue enjoying the pleasure of being with this new girl, although love and pain are mixed between them.

7. Kiki, Love to Love (2016) Watch on Amazon Prime

This is a movie that shows five love stories, and various ways to have sex for pleasure.

The protagonists of this film are dedicated to discovering the most pleasant sexual practices so that they become part of their lives.

The protagonists as they immerse themselves in the world of pleasure and feelings, their fears disappear like the taboos that they had had until now.

It becomes an exciting and exciting plot at the same time, with a lot of sexual content to learn from. Harpaxifilia, elifilia, and somnophilia are just some of those peculiar practices that the protagonists discovered.

8. Duck Butter (2018) Watch on Netflix

The story of two women who have a very boring love life, and are unsatisfied.

Since they meet, a growing romantic but at the same time very sexual attraction begins to emerge between them. The desire between the two of them is inevitable until they decide to go intimate.

They make a kind of pact, in which they prepare to spend 24 hours together and locked up, to have all the privacy that is possible at that time.

Your goal is to find a new type of privacy in your experience. They are 24 hours of continuous intimate relationships, with a little drama.

9. American beauty (1999) Watch on Amazon Prime

Lester Burnham is a man in his forties and in crisis. He lives an unsatisfied life at work and no longer has a passion for his wife named Carolyn.

The relationship between them has become very boring and he is no longer really interested in renewing his feelings with his wife. Everything changes when Lester meets an attractive friend of his daughter.

Obviously this girl is much younger than him, but he is willing to impress this girl at all costs.

Lester is now obsessed with his daughter’s friend. Lester has wet dreams with her, although he sees her as something unattainable, he begins to be more sure of himself to attract the attention of this girl.

10. Between Sheets ” Entre Sabanas” (2008) Watch on Amazon Prime

Paula is a very attractive woman who is about to get married. She is very sure that her boyfriend is sleeping with another woman to take advantage of his bachelor party.

She wants revenge and decides to have a sexual adventure with a man named Roberto, who is a complete stranger to her. This turns out to be a very exciting and daring experience for her, and she has no regrets whatsoever.

This couple who is about to get married is having prohibited relationships and sexual encounters with other people, however, Paula wants to make an even bigger and more striking drama.

11. Damage (1992) Watch on Amazon Prime

It is a film that shows from the most real side, love within a very dangerous adventure.

Stephen Fleming is a family man, with a mature age and is also a British politician. He meets Anna, a young French woman with whom he falls completely in love.

The problem is that he is married and she is engaged to another man, and to add drama to this movie Anna’s fiance is Martyn, Stephen’s son.

Anna and Stephen have been unable to quench the love and desire you feel. The love between them turns into a sexual obsession from which neither of them dares to leave.

The fate of this couple is frustrated at keeping a romance hidden from the world’s eyes.

12. Sexual Chronicles of a French Family (2012) Watch on Amazon

It is a film that reveals a look at the way in which sexuality shapes the lives of people, and of a family in particular.

These are three generations of a French family who talk about their sexual experiences and the most hidden desires they have had.

It all starts when the son of the family is found masturbating while in a biology class. His mother asks the family to speak openly about this issue.

Everyone in the family begins to talk about their sexual experiences. This boy begins to experiment with a girl from classes with whom he falls in love, the uncle usually visits a prostitute, and his sister explores new and more adult loves.

13. Nymphomaniac I (2013) Watch on Amazon

This film is about the story of a nymphomaniac woman, told from her own perspective.

One day she was on a street, wounded and unconscious, and to her luck, a man passes by who decides to pick her up and take care of her wounds. He is single and curious about how this girl had come to be in this street situation.

He cares about her life and she tells him the full story of their conflict-filled relationships. She is a girl who has gotten into many extreme situations thanks to her obsession with sex.

14. Secret of a passion “The Reader” (2008) Watch on Amazon

In this movie, sex occurs after an exchange of readings. It happens in Germany in post-war times and tells the story of a teenage boy who falls in love with an older woman.

The two of them have many sexual encounters, which for Michael Berg had a deeper meaning than for Hanna Schmitz. Their intimate encounters are full of much eroticism and liberation.

15. Bruna Surfistinha “Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl” (2011) Watch on Amazon

It is a film that reflects the biography of a woman who was a prostitute for 3 years.

Her name is Raquel Pacheco, and she is a Brazilian of just 21 years old. She comes from a wealthy family and ends up becoming a best-seller after editing a book with the stories she has on her blog.

This book contains all the sexual experiences you experienced while you were a prostitute.

A film that stages a life story with very peculiar sexual experiences.


These are the sexiest Netflix movies, which have a content composed of erotic and passionate love.

The different plots that you will find in these 15 movies will keep you hooked and entertained during the movie.

They are the most viewed and highest rated movies about sex and relationships on Netflix. They are an example of the reality of human relationships and of the passion that arises between people.

In this content, you can discover many facets and forms of sexuality between people. Forbidden love, unbridled sex, obsession, lust, and passion are central themes in all of them.

It is a content that you can enjoy and that you can learn from. These are films that freely explore different scenarios that are usually taboo on sexuality.

They are films with a realistic and attractive look at relationships, love, and sex.


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