It is no secret that YouTube is a tremendous place for those that are looking to educate themselves. Learning about sex is not going to be an exception to this rule. Now, don’t expect yt sex ed to be all graphic and the like. It isn’t. A YouTube sex ed channel tends to talk about the issues, and culture surrounding sex.

Since there will be no shortage of YT sex ed channels out there, we decided to hunt down some of the best for you. All of these are brilliant channels that we absolutely love. So, if you want a sex ed yt channel, then any one of the ones on this list will be a surefire bet. We have eight of them for you to explore!

Laci Green

Let’s start with Laci Green. Not everything that she posts on her channel is going to be yt sex ed, but a good chunk of it is going to be. Rather than diving into how to do the actual sex part, this is a lady that spends a good chunk of her time focusing on the sociological side of the world of sex.

This means things like talking about what it means to be masculine. Covering how sex robots could change the way in which we approach relationships, etc. A lot of this information is interspersed with content that taps into other parts of the world of psychology and sociology.

Of course, she also does a few vlogs here and there too. We are putting this at the top of the list because, despite it not being a proper sex educational channel, Laci Green is just a pure joy to watch every time she posts a video…which is pretty regular.

Hannah Witton

The next one of the YT sex channels that we want to discuss is Hannah Witton. This is a sex education channel that does focus heavily on sex. However, Hannah Witton has gone for more of a female slant here.

Sure, there is probably going to be some content here that may be useful for males. However, a lot of it goes into discussions about period tracking, sex toys, etc. She also talks a little bit about disabilities, transphobia, etc She is a British YouTuber. This means that she tries to tackle things from a British perspective e.g. a lot of the content focuses on social healthcare and the NHS.

We know that this type of content is probably not going to be all that useful for many of the people reading this. However, we still do suggest that you check it out. There is some cool information that could come in useful for those that are looking to conceive, which does seem o be what the vast majority of the content that she produces seems to be about at the moment.


Next up, we have Sexplanations. This YouTube channel tries to discuss the world of sex in a way that is easy to understand. So, think about all of those awkward questions that you may have about sex.

Those are going to get answered on this page. We love the way that the team behind this channel tries to help ensure that everything is explained in an easy manner. It also doesn’t feel as if anybody is talking down at you when you are watching this content. It is just great, informative content.

Thing along the lines of content related to masturbation, going through puberty, understanding sex, understanding erections, etc. The content that you are going to be able to find on this YouTube page is going to be especially useful for both men and women.

Ash Hardell

Next up, we have Ash Hardell. This is a YouTube sex ed page that tends to focus a little bit more on what it means to have nonbinary dysphoria. So, as you can probably guess, this page may not be suitable for everybody that is reading this page.

While it does try to discuss the ins and outs of sex when you have nonbinary dysphoria. However, the thing that is probably going to strike you the most about this page is the fact that it takes a view on the day-to-day life of gender dysphoria i.e. the issues that surround it. A lot of content is in vlog form, but there will be some hard-hitting content that you are going to be able to find every so often here too.

Jackson Bird

Next up, we have Jackson Bird. Again, this is going to be a yt sex ed channel that not everybody is going to be a massive fan of. This is because it focuses on the sociological issues of being a trans guy.

Jackson Bird walks you through the process of his transition. You aren’t going to be getting much of the actual sex education here. Instead, the whole blog is about discussing the sociological side of transgenderism, homosexuality, etc.

It does take place in a vlog form, but it is going to be a real eye-opener into the things that impact Jackson Bird’s life every single day. Every single video that we have seen here is incredibly interesting too.

Sarah Rae Vargas

This isn’t really a sex ed vlog in the traditional sense of the definition. Only a fraction of the content is related to actual sex education. However, a few pieces of quality content do seem to pop up here every so often.

One of the most interesting types of content comes from the fact that Sarah Rae Vargas is a plus-sized girl. So, she tries to talk about sex from that perspective. She also shares a variety of vlogs where she talks about choosing lingerie when you are a plus-sized woman. She also goes into the whole clothing aspect.

Again, this is another yt channel that is probably not going to be for everybody. However, we have managed to find some decent content kicking around here, and this is certainly one of those channels that you may want to like and subscribe to, particularly if you are a plus-sized woman.


Next up, we have AMAZE Org. This is going to be a vlog that is going to be great for just about everybody. This is because this is another vlog that covers the sex questions that you want the answer to but were too afraid to ask.

It does seem as if this is a channel that is aimed at people that are completely new to sex or going through puberty. For example, you have questions like “does having sex hurt” and “can I shave my vulva?” answered.

The AMAZE Org YouTube channel also likes to cover a few extra bits and pieces related to the world of sex in a bit more depth too. For example, you are going to be able to find a ton of content related to the sociological side of sex. For example, in recent years, it seems as if the team behind this has really started to cover the discussion about gender, the stigma of sex, etc.

Even if this is not going to be the type of content that you will watch regularly, since we know that many people reading this will have the answers to most of the qu4estion asked here, this is one of the channels that we suggest that you actively support anyway. This is because it is an incredibly useful channel for those that are learning about sex. The more support you give the channel, the more people that need to see the content get to enjoy it.

Planned Parenthood

We are going to wrap up with Planned Parenthood. We know that this is a name that may turn off a fraction of the population of the United States. However, Planned Parenthood does a lot of good work when it comes to sex education.

All of their blogs are short snippets of content where a real person answers questions related to sex. This means that you can learn a decent amount of information e.g. knowing when an orgasm has been achieved, about masturbation, pregnancy, etc.

Since this is Planned Parenthood, there is a lot of information here that covers things like contraception, etc. It is top quality content, so we do suggest that you subscribe and keep checking back repeatedly.

So, there you have it. Eight of the best sex ed yt channels out there, so why not check out a few of them? We reckon that you should subscribe to at least a couple of them, because you never know what awesome stuff you are going to be able to discover on some of these amazing video channels. We are sure that you will love them.


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