We are 100% positive that there are some seriously sexy celebrities out there that you always wish would end up with a leaked video or two. Sadly, most of the time we are never going to be that lucky. However, there are ways that we can sort-of see our favorite celebrities getting their groove on. We can look for a pornstar lookalike. We have a list of some of the best celebrity pornstar lookalikes on this page.

Some of the women that you see here really play into the fact that they look like a celebrity. Others seem to be blissfully unaware. However, we are positive that this isn’t going to stop you from having a wank over them, is it?

Celebrity Pornstar Lookalikes

Teagan Presley – Britney Spears

If you were growing up in the 90s, then we are almost certain that you would have had a crush on Britney Spears (once she reached legal age, of course). The Hit Me Baby One More Time lass turned heads all over the world. She was probably one of the most popular solo pop stars of the 90s. At several points in her career she has gone off the deep end.

You would have expected her to get into porn, or at least leak a few nudes. But, nope. This lady has always managed to pull herself back up again. Luckily, you have ladies like Teagan Presley that are able to put on some sexy shoes for you instead. This lady is a dead ringer for Britney Spears. She also sits in the AVN Hall of Fame, so you know that she is going to be remarkable at what she does.

Dani Jensen – Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan is another lady that you expected to go off the deep end at some point. We believe that she was probably coming pretty close during her drug-fueled days. She also had a sexy addiction at some point. Luckily for her, she never actually did go off of the deep end. Unlucky for us, though. Thankfully, Dani Jensen looks similar to Lohan.

You probably are going to have to squint a little bit if you really want to see the resemblance. However,it is there, we swear! This red-headed one of the pornstar lookalikes has worked with all of the major porn studios out there. This means that it probably shouldn’t be too difficult to track down some of her content. This way you can imagine Lohan in a variety of different sexual scenarios.

Natasha Nice – Katy Perry

Wish as hard as you want, but Katy Perry is almost certainly never going to be one of those people that leaks a porn video. Despite the persona that this lady gives off when she is strutting her stuff on stage, she is a good Christian girl. Thankfully, Natasha Nice isn’t (despite nice being in her name, obviously!) She is one of those celebrity pornstar lookalikes that you could easily bump into in the street and swear that they are the real deal. She has starred in a ton of content. So, if you have ever wanted to imagine Katy Perry sucking a dick, or getting involved in a lesbian threesome, then check out some of the content from Natasha Nice.

Anetta Keys – Alicia Keys

We assume that Anetta Keys knows that she looks like singer Alicia Keys. If she isn’t, then that is a mighty fine coincidence. She probably couldn’t have ended up with a better porn star name, could she? This lady is no longer active in the porn industry. However, she left us with a decent amount of content when she was at the height of her good looks.

If you watch her videos, then you get to imagine Alicia Keys touching herself. You can also imagine her in a lesbian three-way. Most of the work that Anetta Keys did was for some of the smaller porn studios, but we are pretty damn confident that it won’t be hard for you to find her work. We certainly had an easy time of it.

Jana Jordan – Taylor Swift

You won’t even have to squint to imagine that Jana Jordan looks like Taylor Swift. She is pretty much a dead ringer for her. This lady knows it too. With Jana Jordan, you are going to have a blond, teenage slut. Based upon her videos, she seems to be getting through guys just as quickly as Taylor Swift does. The only difference here is that Jana Jordan probably isn’t writing catchy pop tunes about her sexual experiences.

Would kinda be cool, though. You know, take the whole idea of porn to the next level. Is it just us that wants that? Oh well. Naughty America and Reality Kings is where you can find Jana Jordan’s best work. However, she seems to have worked with a lot of different companies.

Meggan Malone – Kristen Stewart

Alright, so the Twilight movies were a little bit crap. Alright. Alright. They were very crap. However, if you were a woman (or a gay man) you would probably have had a crush on the male cast. If you were a male or a lesbian, well you pretty much only had the choice of Kristen Stewart.

To us, this mighty fine lady was probably one of the best parts of the Twilight movies. We are glad that Meggan Malone is around. This lady has done a shit ton of work with Vivid and Vixen. This means that you will be able to imagine Kristen Stewart getting railed in a variety of different ways. She is a great pornstar lookalike.

Chanel Preston – AJ Lee

The world of wrestling certainly has had its share of good looking women over the years. However, in recent times, there has been nobody better than AJ Lee. It was a real treat whenever this lady walked out onto the stage. Sadly, she left the wrestling industry with her husband CM Punk. Luckily, Chanel Preston is still around.

This way, we can imagine AJ Lee in all of the positions that we wish we could have taken her in. Chanel Preston, due to her amazing good looks and brilliant talent, has managed to work with some of the best porn producers in the world. So, once again, it probably shouldn’t be that difficult to track down her content.

Austine Reines – Autumn Reeser

Autumn Reeser is probably best known for starring in The O.C. although she has acted in a shit ton of shows over the years. You have probably seen her, but you may not have actually realized that you were looking at Autumn Reeser at the time. If you don’t have a clue what this lady looks like, then go check out a picture now.

We are sure you will find her drop-dead gorgeous. Now, her pornstar lookalike was never all that active in the industry. She only left a few videos behind. However, Austine Reines made those videos in her prime years. So, if you loved the way that Autumn Reeser looked when she was in her late teens, then Austine Reines will be perfect for you.

Liz Vicious- Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne, we bet that isn’t a name you haven’t heard in a while? This is a lady that was a massive hit in the 90s with songs like Complicated and Sk8ter Boi. She then disappeared for a while, only to come back with the pop classic ‘Girlfriend’. We swear she is still active in the world of show business.

Probably not to the same level that she was in the past, but she comes pretty dam close! Liz Vicious looks just like Avril Lavigne. Like Avril, she has disappeared from the world of show business now. However, the internet remembers everything. This means that you can enjoy tons of videos of hers. Her old website still seems to be up too. That way you can see just how much she looks like Avril.

Kety Pearl – Jennifer Connelly

If you don’t know the name, well Jennifer Connelly is the lass that had a starring role in the 1980s movie The Labyrinth. you know, the one where David Bowie strut his stuff on camera for a few hours. She has starred in a few shows and movies over the years but, we reckon that most people are going to remember her from the Labyrinth.

Now, unlike many of these other celebrity porn star lookalikes, Kety Pearl is almost 20-years younger than Jennifer Connelly. As a result, we seriously doubt she broke into the business based on being a lookalike. It just helped! You can find her content kicking around on Defeated Sex Fight and Lez Kiss.

Levee Suicide – Colbie Smulders

Colbie Smulders has been in a couple of hit shows over the past few years. Oh, and a hit movie. You have her starring in How I Met Your Mother. She then went onto Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, plus a couple of movies related to that. Colbie Smulders is so god damn sexy that we reckon any man that looks at her is going to instantly fall in love.

Sadly, there aren’t that many porn stars out there that come close to the way that Colbie Smulders looks (it would be pretty hard, she is virtually an angel), but Levee Suicide is going to come pretty close. It can be quite a challenge tracking down some of her videos, though.

Jenna Presley – Elizabeth Hurley

Our first memory of Elizabeth Hurley comes from the Austin Powers movies. In the spirit of that, we would like to say that Elizabeth Hurley is one of those women that makes us randy to this very day. Now, her celebrity pornstar lookalike is a bit different. You see, her lookalike hated her time in the world of porn. Not because she didn’t love being shagged.

It is because she has turned into the leader of a massive Christian church. She now speaks about her pornstar life quite a bit. So, do not expect Jenna Presley to be stripping down every again. However, luckily, she doesn’t have to. There is already so much content out there where she looks like Elizabeth Hurley that you really don’t need any more.

Jasmine Rouge – Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert is a sexy blond actress probably best remembered for having a starring role in the first season of 24, although she has acted in a couple of different shows and movies since then. Jasmine Rouge, a Hungarian porn star, is probably the closest to Elisha Cuthbert that you are going to be finding in the porn industry.

This 36-year-old blond lass hasn’t really starred in that much porn (despite being highly ranked on Porn Hub), but that is cool. She has starred in enough to help us get our end away. You can find her content on BF vs GF and Hot Babes Plus.

Sadie West – Emma Stone

Emma Stone is probably best remembered for starring in Zombieland, Easy A, and Spiderman. However, she has also been in plenty more. This lady has that typical ‘girl next door’ look. She also has that gravelly voice. It sort of adds to her sexiness. Now, you aren’t going to find a porn star that replicates her voice, but Sadie West is going to come pretty damn close on the looks front.

This lady has had both blond and brunette hair over the years. Of course, if you want to see her rocking that Emma Stone look, then you will need to look for her brunette color. You can find this content on ChickPass, Black Ice Pass, and Hood Fuckers.

Charlotte Stokley – Gillian King

Alright. Alright. Gillian King may be really pushing the definition of celebrity. She has only starred in one movie. However, we are pretty positive that a lot of people fell in love with her when she starred in How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. Therefore, she is a good addition to this list. This blond lady’s celebrity porn lookalike is Charlotte Stokley. yes.

Charlotte has starred in more movies than Gillian King, albeit ones that are primarily of the naked kind. This lass is so good at what she does that she won the AVN Award for Best Lesbian Scene in 2020. You can now find her strutting her stuff on Cam4 on an almost daily basis.

Camilla Bella – Jordana Brewster

While Jordana Brewster got started properly with her acting career when she starred in All My Children, she is probably best known for her role in the Fast and Furious Franchise. Brazilian pornstar Camilla Bella is probably the closest that you are going to get to finding a lady that looks like Jordana Brewster.

She hasn’t starred in that much content yet, but there is enough out there for you to have a couple of wanks. Combat Zone XXX and Doghouse Digital seem to be where you can find most of her content.

Brittany O’Connell – Kari Byron

For many, Kari Byron is probably the main reason they turned into Mythbusters. It was a real treat when this sexy redhead decided to wear a figure-hugging outfit whenever she carried out her experiments on screen. Kari Byron’s pornstar lookalike is a bit different from the other pornstars on this list, though.

You see, Brittany O’Connell started and ended her career long before anybody had ever heard of Kari Byron. This means that you can’t really suspend your belief and pretend that it is Kari Byron being fucked on camera. However, Brittany O’Connell still looks similar to Kari, so if you want that sort of thing, check out her content.

Little Caprice – Kate Mara

Kate Mara is probably best known for her starring role in House of Cards (the Netflix remake, not the British original!). You don’t even have to squint to imagine that Czech pornstar Little Caprice looks like her. Well, a younger version of her. Little Caprice has been a real hit in the porn industry too.

She has picked up AVN awards, and she was even given an award by Playboy. This means that not only are you going to be watching a celebrity lookalike of one of the sexiest people in the world, but you are going to be enjoying some damn awesome porn too.

Danni Cole – Kristin Kreuk

Kristin Kreuk is best known for her role in Smallville, which is some time ago now. Busty babe Danni Cole is the closest that we are going to get to a lookalike of gorgeous Kristen Kreuk. Luckily, her content can be found pretty much everywhere. It is mostly on Mofos, Vivid, Fantasy Massage, Big Tits at School, and Team Skeet. Plenty of types of content to explore here, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to find something that tickles your fancy.

Tori Black – Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester starred in Gossip Girl. She did a mighty fine job of it too. Sexy Tori Black is her pornstar lookalike. This lady looks fucking fantastic. She fucks good too. She was the very first lady to win the AVN award for Female Performer of the Year twice in a row! Her content can be found on Cam Soda, Love Her Feet, Vixen, Tushy, and 1111 Customs.

So, there you have it. A list of the best twenty celebrity pornstar lookalikes. Why not check a few of them out? Actually, scratch that. Check all of them out. We are positive that all of them are going to make you horny as fuck.


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