Let’s admit it, we all crave the company of sexy pornstars. We all hold raunchy fantasies for our favourite adult movie stars. But the moment we step out of the fantasy, reality strikes! That’s when we realise that most of these wonderful pornstar fantasie & fetishes may never come to life. Such a realisation is definitely disheartening and sounds so uncool.

Well, we may not be able to help you get intimate with your favorite pornstar(s) but there is a way you can get closer to fulfilling all your pornstar fantasies without having to spend a fortune. Irrespective of how you look, where you live or work, it is now easier than ever to finally get hold of a life-like realistic sex doll. One can easily spot a pornstar look-a-like sex doll that you can bring home and experience all your wild sexual fantasies.

So, here we are, standing prepared with a fine list of some sexy, sultry, and sensual sex dolls that are ripe for the picking. We have hand-selected 10 sex doll models that can satiate your wildest pornstar fantasies without breaking the bank.

Frankie: Petite Brunette

Dressed in a casual army outfit is a gorgeous petite sex doll made with TPE. If you are into petite pornstars with flat bellies and tiny asses then Frankie is the doll for you. She is a fairly tall full-size sex doll you would love to hang out with.

This sensually adventurous real doll model loves the company of strong and tough men. If you like to play dominant in the bed and holding a slim waist turns you on like nothing else then you will absolutely be thrilled to have her by your side. Although, her outward appearance portrays her as a serious girl who has no time for sex and stuff. But we know that’s far from the truth and this naughty doll secretly craves for a dominating strict partner who can take complete control while making out. One could say she has a sly side to her. Don’t mistake her to be the innocent serious girl for she has a raging sex drive.

Now, to talk about her assets, Frankie is a sexy c-cup doll. She owns a bust size of 32 inches and cute 33 inches life-like booty. She stands 5 feet and 5 inches tall and offers a vaginal and anal depth of 6.2 inches and 5.5 inches respectively.

No matter what part of the world you are in, you can order this doll online and receive a free doorstep delivery. Moreover, there are options to customize this doll to make it look exactly the way you want it. Find out more about Frankie here.

Lindsie: Petite Teen Blonde

Another tiny ass c-cup sex doll for those who love teen porstars and can’t stop fantasizing about making love to them. Lindsie is an excellent doll model if you like blonde teen pornstars with gorgeous facial features. You will love the way she looks at you and tries to show you how desperate she wants to fulfil your wild fantasies.

This free-spirited realistic doll model fancies the idea of adventures and sexual escapades. When it comes to intimacy, Lindsie does not leave much to the imagination. She is bold and prefers presenting her ideas out in the front. So, shy and subtlety are not exactly her thing. You can expect her to make the first move as she is always on the lookout for adventure partners if you know what we mean.

If you like to keep things spicy in the bed with naughty roleplay and extensive foreplays, then Lindsie is your type of girl.

Lindsie has medium-sized tits that measure around 32 inches (81 cm). Her ass is 33 inches (84 cm) and it looks mesmerizing. You won’t get tired of spanking and squeezing her booty. She weighs around 33 kgs (72 lbs) and you can carry her around quite conveniently. All-in-all, she is the perfect choice for anyone who seeks a lasting good time with a sexy small-ass petite pornstar.

Ethel: Tall & Busty

If tall, bold and busty pornstars turn you on and you can’t stop thinking about making out with them, then we have a doll that can help you fulfil this desire of yours.

Ethel is busty, bold, and beautiful, there is no other way of describing this stunning sex doll. She is a fine blend of sexy and grace and that’s why she is so popular among doll enthusiasts. Ethel is hot and her busty physique is like a testament to the same. She has a cougar-ish attitude & persona. She loves to make the first move and often takes charge in bed. You know, she likes being on the top.

But she won’t mind if you take charge and dominate her instead. Ethel can be quite a tease. She loves playing mature and never fails to flaunt her experience. Doesn’t matter how wild your fantasies are, she will always find a way to smile through the entire experience. So, don’t feel shy to invite her in your vivid fetishes. Ethel would love to join in on the action. To turn up the mood, Ethel likes dressing up in sultry outfits that highlight her irresistible body. Something that accentuates her gorgeous breasts and tall physique.

Talking about her exact measurements – she has juicy h-cups with perky soft nips. Well, her tits are massive and we mean 39.4 inches (100 cm) massive. Next comes her ass that is 43.3 inches (110 cm) wide and will be a delight for anyone who is into big booties.

This big ass busty sex doll is an excellent choice for those who love watching step-fantasy and MILF porn. If big breasted thick pornstars keep you heart racing then don’t think twice and bring Ethel home. She is worth every penny you will spend!

Omega: Majestic Beauty

Oh my holy lord! Those were the only words that escaped our mouth when we first saw Omega. Boy, she is the epitome of sexiness. Honestly, at our first meeting, we forgot to breathe and that says a lot about her. Omega is a sex goddess and trust us, you would love to worship her sexy life-like physique.

She is one thick woman that can leave you drooling for hours. Well, she certainly took us by surprise and we are sure this life-like sex doll can fulfil innumerous sexual fantasies. What makes it all the more better is that she is packed to the brim with lust. She loves flaunting her perfect curvaceous physique and enjoys the idea of men getting all worked up.

Who wouldn’t love a hot chick swaying around her majestic ass & a pair of marvelous breasts? Omega is a pretty straightforward chick which makes her extremely seductive. She loves springing into action without wasting much time. So, if you like bold, curvy and busty adult stars, then this is the doll we recommend.

She is a k-cup doll with tits measuring 39.76 inches (101 cm). If you think her tits are huge then wait till you get a glimpse of her thick 41.73 inches (106 cm) ass. This sex doll is loaded with tons of surprises. You will definitely enjoy her company. Learn more about Omega here.

Agnes: Japanese Hottie

If you enjoy watching & fantasizing about young Asian hotties then this is the doll you need to check out. Agnes is a beautiful and cute looking Japanese sex doll. Comparatively shorter height with flawless facial features and an innocent look make this sex doll highly desirable. If watching a short-heighted Asian pornstar in a sex scene excites you then you will definitely fall for this marvelous love doll.  

If you ask us, Agnes looks too human to be called a sex doll. She takes realism to never seen before heights. Agnes is breathtaking, to say the least. Her eyes, lips, hair & skin leave you mesmerized. What makes her all the more sexier is her calm and confident demeanour. Her gentle smile and vibrant aura can completely capture your attention.

It becomes apparent that a lot of effort was invested in bringing out the ultra-realistic physique of Agnes. JY Dolls deserve all the praise for their wondrous job. What makes Agnes all the more special is her hybrid nature. She is a part Silicone and part TPE doll. Her head is structured out of Silicone while her body is made of TPE. So, you have the best of both worlds right here. Thanks to a silicone-made head, her skin feels ultra-realistic and is going to stay intact for years to come.

Agnes is a g-cup love doll with 30.71 inches of breast. Her ass is 91 cm thick and looks adorable. You can customize Agnes to include more realistic TPE material, change the color of skin, eyes, pubic hair, etc. This will convert her into a completely unique Japanese doll made exclusively to pleasure you & fulfil your wild fetishes.

Find out how you can customize Agnes to make her look like your favorite pornstar.

Jeannie: Tall & Curvy

Jeannie is one of the most breathtaking beauties on our long list of pornstar look-alike sex dolls. She is indeed blessed with a body that resembles the built of many popular adult stars. Thanks to her tall height and a perfectly shaped ass.

You know there are times when we encounter someone so beautiful that we forget to blink and breathe. Our fated encounter with Jeannie was certainly one of those times. She is just so beautiful. Her hair, eyes, and plumpy lips just caught us off guard. Jeannie is undoubtedly beautiful but what adds more to her allure is her sophisticated style. She is bold and straightforward but isn’t loud or flamboyant.

She possesses a rather calm demeanour that pours more to her sexiness. She doesn’t have to invest much effort in arousing and likes building up that sexual tension. In the bedroom, however, this sophisticated lady turns into a hungry tigress. Jeannie has a bottomless appetite for intimacy. You might need to stock up on that precious stamina of yours. Jeannie fancies the idea of variety in intimacy. She enjoys roleplay, foreplays, and anal.

Talking about her assets, Jeannie has 31.89 inches of breasts. Her ass measures 37.4 inches (95 cm). If you love tall pornstars with nice thick booty and perfect natural boobs then Jeannie is the right companion. You will have loads of fun watching her ride you while you enjoy the beauty & serenity of her facial features.

Find out more about this tall and curvy sex doll.

Genny: Curvy Bombshell

Genny is a bombshell that will trigger your lustful instincts. She owns a really voluptuous physique. To call her hot would be a gross understatement. She is way beyond that. Her hourglass body can drive you crazy. It would be fair to say that it’s literally impossible to resist her. From her breasts to her ass, everything feels too tempting.

The best part is Genny is well-aware of her sexiness and she loves to flaunt it. Genny is that bored housewife who’s looking for some “infidel” adventure. You can’t blame the lady as her husband is always out of town. All she asks for is a little more attention for she too has needs. Genny likes getting straight to action and in this case, action means taking you straight to the couch and then you can use your imagination.

Genny is a k-cup sex doll with 39.37 inches (100 cm) tits. Busty, isn’t she? Her ass is 33.86 inches (86 cm) wide and you will absolutely enjoy tapping it. This is a stunning doll for anyone who likes curvy and voluptuous pornstars. If you watch MILF and cheating housewives porn then this might be the perfect doll companion for you.

Find out more about Genny now!

Jenise: Fit & Flexible

Jenise is the perfect babe and we say that without flinching. She has a toned body with nice, sexy assets. Plus, she is saucy and sultry in her style. This girl is unfamiliar with inhibitions. So, shyness and subtlety go right out of the window. She loves to exercise and is a fitness enthusiast. But there is another reason why she sticks around the gym. Yes, those hunky dudes flexing topless. She gets off on that.

Nevertheless, the feeling of horniness remains mutual. Guys love to check her out when she runs on the treadmill. Watching that ass sway while she runs her miles is a treat to watch. Jenise loves to talk sexy. With her, you won’t have to wait for those hints as you most probably find her on top of you before you know it. This girl is fast and that’s just the way we like it. One thing that we must mention is her hyper-realistic design. You might even confuse her to be an actual person.

Jenise has tits that measure 36.61 inches (93 cm). If you think that’s impressive then wait till you see her muscular 37.8 inches (96 cm) ass. This sex doll is an excellent choice if you find yourself fantasizing about toned, flexible and muscular female adult stars. If you enjoy watching yoga porn or gym sex videos then you should definitely consider owning this marvelous TPE sex doll.

Tala: Thick MILF

If thick curvaceous mature pornstars keep you hooked to the screens and you can’t stop thinking about your favorite MILF pornstar. Then this sexy MILF sex doll is exactly what you need. No wonder this naughty love doll is quite popular among doll lovers.

Curvy, voluptuous, thick, busty and what not! We could go on all day long trying to praise Tala. Simply, words aren’t enough to explain her beauty. Tala knows how and what tickles the erotic instincts of a man. She is bold and we mean she holds no reservations towards coming upfront and asking you out. Tala likes men who are hard to get. A guy who is taken would be her favourite prey. It is fair to say that she likes tasting that forbidden fruit.

The thought of seducing a tough guy into her bedroom greatly excites her. But she is also into men who are aggressive and are eager to take charge of her body. It might be hard to imagine that a woman like her would ever be submissive. But she likes to try new flavours of intimacy and is always open to experiments. This naughty MILF doll is all you need to finally start fulfilling your fantasies. The best part is that you can order her online and she will last for years to come.

Now, to uncover the majestic measurements of this beauty. Tala is an N-cup real doll with 41.34 inches (105 cm) tits. However, it’s her 50 inches (127 cm) ass that steals the show. If that isn’t sexy then we don’t know what is!

Zaria: Curvaceous Beauty

Beautiful and busty, that’s Zaria we are looking at. Those are rare occasions when you get to use the word – drop-dead gorgeous. With Zaria, it is that rare occasion. Your heart might skip a beat when you meet her in person. Zaria does not come out as loud or fast, she prefers taking things in a rather calm way. But that’s until she gets comfortable around you. Because behind that innocent face lies a sex-starved hottie. Zaria likes to play innocent while she plans on how to take you to her bedroom where she can rub those massive jugs on your face. Who says dolls can’t fantasize?

Breast size of 38 inches and a 43 inches ass make her look stunning from every angle. You will love to spank her thick booty while fondling her firm soft breasts. This sexy love doll is an ideal companion for anyone who likes pornstars with natural curves and erotic love making skills. You won’t be disappointed to bring Zaria home.


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