Eastern European ladies are known for being some of the sexiest women in the world. This is why we were absolutely itching to put together this list of the best Ukrainian pornstars for you. Not that it was an easy job. There were so many women to choose from, and we only had space for 20.

When we put together this list of the top 20 Ukrainian pornstars, we tried to make sure that we had something for everybody….so, we hope that you enjoy all of the amazing women we have packed onto this page. Make sure you go through all of them. Your next favorite lady is just around the corner.

Hottest Ukrainian Pornstars:

Mila Azul

Mila Azul has only been in the porn business for a few years, but this sexy lass has managed to easily crack into the top 400 pornstars on PornHub, and she only seems to be climbing up the rankings too. This made her the perfect one of the Ukrainian pornstars to kickstart this list with. She has medium-sized natural tits and a look that could kill. It is that perfect mix between fierce and cute as fuck.

It seems that most of the work she has done over the years has been either with Teen Dreams or Met Art X. Since she is still only 23-years-old, we have no doubt that more and more porn producers are going to picking her up to work for them. We certainly would. You don’t see a sexy lady like this every day, do you?

Nancy A

Nancy A is a pornstar that we have spoken about before on this website. You should know that when we mention women twice over multiple lists, they are going to be fantastic. This blonde-haired minx has one of the best asses in the business. Her tits are not huge, but they are of a respectable size. Not that you would be looking at them all that much.

You will just be looking at her tight, round ass when it is pounded like there is absolutely no tomorrow. She has mostly starred in porn where she features as a teen (she has that look about her). You are most likely to find her content featured on LetsDoeIt and Ultra Films, although she has dabbled with a few other porn studios over the years too.

Goldie Baby

Goldie Baby is one of the ‘fly by night’ pornstars. This one of the Ukrainian pornstars only produced videos in the business for a little under a year. However, she is heavily talked about. We can see why too. She doesn’t have the biggest tits in the world, but she has that classic ‘girl next door’ look which reminds you that you want this lass…badly. Nearly everything that she starred in involved anal is some way or another.

She really loved to take it up the behind! Despite only being in the business for a short while, she managed to star in content from Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Euro Teen Erotica. We are sure you can agree that all of these are massive companies, so you can see just how in-demand this saucy lady was.

Josephine Jackson

No. She doesn’t have the most Ukrainian name in the world, but we are going to let that one slide. When you are doing porn, it is the looks that count anyway, and Josephone Jackson has a shit ton of those. She has only been in the business for around a year at the time of writing. Her videos have already attracted about 65-million views on PornHub. We guess people love her just as much as we do.

This woman is all-natural, with a pristine ass. Most of the videos are going to feature that ass in one way or another. If you want to see her naturally large titties bounce up and down, then you can check her out on Fake Hostel, DOEGIRLS, Immoral Live, and pretty much every site in the Fake Hub network.

Karina Grand

At just a shade under 6-feet tall, Karina Grand is one of the tallest porn stars that you will see on this list. Her height meant that she actually spent a bit of time working as a model before she became one of the top Ukrainian pornstars. Nowadays, you will find this fuckable blond lass being pounded in the ass (apparently Ukrainian women love that), or perhaps gagging on a massive cock. She has done gangbangs, and even a little bit of lesbian porn.

There seems to be barely a kink that this woman hasn’t covered, and she only seems to just be getting started in the industry. She has starred in content from 18 Videoz, LETSDOIT, Pee On Her, Bang Bros., and My Naughty Album. We have barely even scratched the surface with those companies either. This is a lady that really has seen it all in this business.

Veronica Morre

If we had to give one lady the honor of saying they have a perfect body, then Veronic Morre would almost certainly be in contention there. We don’t think we have seen another woman with skin as smooth as this lady has. She is nigh on perfect. When we aren’t admiring her skin in one of the many solo bate videos she has produced (she has a really tight pussy), then we are watching this innocent-looking lady star in DP videos, lesbian porn, and teen porn.

She has been in videos for Rocco Siffredi, DP Fanatics, and Defloration TV. Sadly, she hasn’t achieved the fame that she deserves in the porn industry so far. However, we are hoping that this is something which is eventually going to happen for her. She more than deserves being able to show her body off to the world.

Adele Adelia

We wish that we could tell you a whole bunch about Adele Adelia. However, sadly, she is one of those pornstars that doesn’t really share much about herself. The only way that you are going to learn about this lady is if you watch her porn. Luckily, this cute teen has one of those bodies that you are going to be more than willing to want to watch, so you will really get to know her. intimately.

Most of her porn features anal (we told you that Ukrainian pornstars love this!), but there will also be a bit of lesbian porn mixed in too. You can find her content on Massage-X, Young Sex Parties, Young Busty, and Euro Teen Erotic to name but a few places.

Ivana Sugar

If you love blond-haired, blue-eyed Ukrainians, then you will have found your dream woman in Ivana Sugar. This lady is the sort-of lady that you would never be able keep your hands off of. When it comes to blowjobs, this is a lady that knows what she is doing. You can tell that she was sucking cock a long time before somebody picked up a camera and told her to do it for money.

You can tell that she has been taking thick dicks up her ass since then too. This is is clearly a lady that really fucking enjoys sex. Due to the amount of sheer flexibility this lady has, you will find her starring in content like Anal Acrobats. Because, you know, she doesn’t take it through the backdoor, but she has to be flexible about it too. Private Black and Exposed Casting are other places to find her videos.

Bethany Benz

Hands up if your really love DD tits and a juicy round ass. Are your hands up? Brilliant! Let us point out sexy Ukrainian pornstar Bethany Benz. All of the ladies that we have spoken about on this page so far have been 100% Ukrainian, but this lady is 50% Nigerian, which means that she is going to be bringing something a tiny bit different to the table. Don’t worry. It is still sexiness.

If you want to see an ebony girl get drilled from behind, then this is going to be the lady for you. You can find her content on sites such as Devils Film, X Empire, and Elegant Angel. Once again, this is only scratching the surface of all of those awesome places out there to find sexy Ukrainian pornstars.

Lola Bulgari

Lola Bulgari is another sexy Ukrainian with some African blood in her. Although, this time we couldn’t possibly tell you where she comes from. Not through not wanting to know. Oh no. It is more the fact that any time we try to find out some more information about her, we are so mesmerized by her amazing looks that we can’t really think straight. We just end up watching her porn.

It doesn’t seem as if she has spoken about her heritage online all that much anyway. Most of the content that this round-tittied slut has starred in can be found on FakeHub. However, she has also dabbled in offering her beautiful looks on platforms Mom XXX, POV Bitch, and Massage Rooms.

Erica Black

If somebody asked you to describe an Eastern European woman, then we are pretty certain that you would end up describing somebody that looks similar to Erica Black. She has that typical Eastern European vibe about her. Jetblack hair, sexy looks that are unrivaled, and eyes that you could get lost in forever. Once you see her beautiful freshly-shaven pussy be fucked hard by a massive cock, then you know that you are in love with her.

She has done a little bit of everything, although some of her best videos have featured her being fucked by an old dude. And when we mean old, we mean around a grandpa’s oldness. You can find Erica Black content on Daddy4K, Fitness Rooms, and Sexy Hub, to name but a few.

Elle Rose

Some of the videos that Elle Rose stars in will also bill her as Ella Rosa, so bear that in mind if you want to track down some of the awesome content that she has been featured in. At the time of writing, Elle Rose is pretty new to the porn industry . She is only 22. However, she has already attracted the attention of some of the best porn producers in the world.

You can find her content over on Reality Kings, Babes, Teen Erotica, Rocco Siffredi, Massage Rooms, and Public Agent. There are plenty of sites where you can enjoy her body, and we wouldn’t be surprised if she went onto become one of the most successful Ukrainian pornstars ever.

Milena D Sunna

Do you like hairy teen pussies? Well, Milena D Sunna may be for you. This woman regularly produces solo bate videos with that hairy pussy on show. However, she also has a few videos which are nothing more than another woman just shaving her pussy, making it nice and pristine for the next throbbing cock to enter her.

This beautiful lady is probably one of the youngest looking and the most innocent ladies that you find on here. None of the content she has ever produced has ever had a cock in it. It is going to be sensual solo bating, or a bit of kinky lesbian porn. She only has a few videos out there, but all of them are going to be so brilliant.

Lena Reif

Lena Reif is one of those ladies that is all about the sensuality of porn. We suppose the eroticism. Pretty much every single video that she stars in seems to heavily focus on the more artistic nature of sex, as opposed to the pure, raw fucking. This isn’t surprising, really. She has a body that is nigh on perfect, and she wants you to enjoy every single damn inch of her.

This means that she wants to take it slowly. Sure, Lena Reif does have some tiny titties in comparison to some of the other ladies on this list, but she is a woman that you will want to watch over and over. Luckily, there are plenty of places that you can do this. Check out her porn on Ultra Films, Viv Thomas, Vixen, and The White Boxx.

Nessa Shine

For some reason, a lot of Nessa Shine’s videos start with her eating. We aren’t quite sure why. She isn’t a BBW. Quite far from it, in fact. Maybe she just enjoys eating? Hell, to us it doesn’t really matter. This long, frizzy-haired Ukrainian lass just gives us more time to look at her before she ends up with a cock inevitably buried inside her tight snatch. All of her best content can be found on Paradise Films, but you will also find a video or two kicking around on Nubiles, Rip That Bitch, Teens Analyzed, and Teens Privat.

Try to watch as much content of hers as you can. Whether it is the lesbian threesomes, solo content, or just her enjoying a big dick. The more you watch her content, the more she is encouraged to stay in this business…and this is exactly what we want.

Shrima Malati

Shrima Malati has a slightly tanned complexion in comparison to some of the lovely Ukrainian pornstars that we have talked about so far. However, we are positive that you knew that based upon her name. This woman is sexy from head to toe, and she has that perfect natural body. In recent times, it seems that most of her most amazing content is going up on her OnlyFans.com page, which goes to show just how easily accessible her videos are.

However, you will also find a decent amount on Scew Me Too and Sweety X, so there will be no shortage of places to get to know her and, trust us, once you have seen the way she looks, you really are going to want to get to know her!

Rita Akira

Now for something completely different. While it is tricky to find out much about Rita Akira, with this lady, you have a sexy Asian lass that comes from Ukraine. It is actually surprising to us that there is so little information out there about her. This is because she has starred in a decent number of porn films, and she has done a fucking amazing job in them too.

Honestly, we cannot get enough of Rita Akira. She is the woman of our dreams. She only stars in porn with men, so you are never going to see another woman in sight. Luckily, you probably wouldn’t want to anyway. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of Rita Akira.

Emily Bloom

Emily Bloom doesn’t get fucked on camera for the sake of being fucked on camera. Because she is an actress at heart (she studied for this in LA, but it didn’t work out), she is more into the artistic nature of it all. Some of the videos that she stars in have been beautifully shot. You will be able to enjoy the raw female form. She has a beautiful set of naturally large breasts too.

She can be found in many locations, but she managed to get her start with Playboy after appearing as a webcam model for a while. If you know Playboy, then you will know that they only choose the best models to work with. Nowadays, you can either find her producing content for herself or perhaps on Yonitale.

Nikki Waine

Nikki Waine is your typical Ukrainian pornstar on the look front i.e. she is hotter than words could ever describe. However, she brings a lot more to the table than just her good looks. This lady is fucking flexible, and a lot of the videos that she has starred in have focused heavily on just how damn flexible she is. Most of her videos involve her stretching her legs in seemingly unnatural positions before she is given a good fuck by a willing cock. You can find her content on Exposed Catalog, VIP Sex Vault, and Exposed Casting, to name but a few.

Veronica Belli

Yes. She has an Italian name. Yes. She currently lives in Italy, however, she has a Ukrainian heritage, and was born and raised there. All of the ladies that we have talked about so far seem to be in the teen category, or at least more ‘normal’ porn (i.e. that golden age between 20 and 25). Veronica Belli, on the other hand, is all about the MILF porn. She isn’t too old at the time of writing, just 35-years-old, but this is seemingly enough to be classed as a MILF.

Not that we mind. We still get to enjoy her amazing body. Most of the content she stars in has been produced by herself, although she has worked with some top Italian producers too. This includes Roby Blanchi.


So, there you have it. A list of the best Ukrainian pornstars. We hope that you enjoyed all of these ladies. We certainly do! If you don’t like all of them, that is fine. We all have our own tastes. However, we are sure that you can agree that we have talked about some of the hottest women in the world on this page.


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