Are you looking for some sexy, naughty Christmas gifts for your better half? Well, luckily for you, we have 21 of the best gift ideas around here. You have 10 options for women, and 11 for men (mostly because we couldn’t decide whether to include ass stress balls or titty stress balls). Any one of these gifts will be great if you are looking for a touch of naughty fun.

Naughty Christmas Gifts For Her & Him

Sexy Christmas (Naughty) Gifts for Her

Stress Balls

We all know what stress balls are, right? They are a brilliant way to relieve stress. You just squeeze them whenever you are feeling a little bit tense. So, what happens if we take that idea up a notch? We end up with these. These are stress balls in the shape of male testicles. Let’s be honest, what woman out there hasn’t wanted to squeeze a pair of testicles whenever they were feeling a little bit overwhelmed with things?

Well, with this product they now can! Not only are these cool little things fun to play about with, but they are practical too. This is one of those naughty gifts for her that is sure to put a smile on the face of anybody that receives it!

Dunking Dickies

Next up, we have a sexy Christmas gift that is, quite frankly, delicious. We have small little cookies in the shape of penises. You dip them into your tea or coffee (hence the dunking part) and you have a decent little snack. These are quite hefty cookies too. This means that you can get a real good dunk on them. You only get a few biscuits inside of the packet, but this is more than enough.

They are incredibly affordable, and they make one of those great stocking fillers. If you are a man buying a gift for his better half, you may want to look the other way, though. We can’t imagine that it is going to be that pleasant for you to watch your woman enjoying sticking a dick into a scolding hot drink. She may get a couple of ideas the next time you piss her off.

Willy Hoopla

Next up, we have a cool little party game. You have an erect plastic dick. A small one, but erect and plastic nonetheless. There will also be a set of rings that can be used. The idea is for the player to toss the rings at the erect dick. The more they are able to get wrapped around the dick, the more points that they earn. A simple gift, but one that is probably going to be a ton of fun for a while.

If you really, really want to take this to the next level, then the man could take part in this little game. They could strip down naked, get a bit hard, and then encourage their lady to toss some rings in their direction. Let’s just hope that she gets more rings onto the dick than not. It would be pretty damn painful for her to miss.


Do you fancy a card game? Want it to be a touch sexier than normal? Brilliant! You have the Intimate card game. While we are saying that this is one of the sexy Christmas gifts for her, this is more of a couple’s game. Each person takes it in turns to draw a card. Each card will have some writing on it. Some of the cards will require the person to forfeit.

Some of them will require the person to tell the truth. Others require them to perform an action. Of course, every single card that you draw will send you on the path towards some sexual fun. This is a game that is highly recommended for couples that want to discover a little bit more about themselves.

After Dinner Willies

It is a Christmas tradition, at least for us, to have a couple of After Eight mints late into the evening. In fact, we are positive that this is something that is going to be a tradition for a lot of people. So, what happens if we took that all to the next level? Here, we have little chocolate mints in the shape of dicks. Because, you know, the best way to take something to the next level is to turn it into a dick.

Your woman could have some chocolate dicks in the evening, and then perhaps a real dick later on? Or, they make a great gift for partying ladies. Either way, you will be ending up with something that is both naughty and delicious. This is our favorite combination of things!

Kama Sutra Dice

Who says that gifts need to be expensive for them to be fun? These Kama Sutra dice are the cheapest gift on this page, but damn are they going to be a shit load of fun if you are able to roll a pair of them. One of the dice will have a location on them. The other will have a sexual position.

The idea is that you roll the dice and then do whatever it says. This is one of those naughty gifts for her that could end up being one of those sexy Christmas gifts that really brings you closer together as a couple. These are the gifts that we like. Oh, and the fact that you are going to having sex, and a lot of it.

Grow Your Own Stripper

This is a dead cheap Christmas gift. However, it is kinda fun. You get a small bit of gel that you toss into a bowl of water and it will grow into a male stripper. Not a real one, mind you. However, it kinda looks cool. This is going to be more of a stocking filler than anything else. However, that is completely fine. Sometimes, all you really need is a good stocking filler. This is a gift that is more going to put a smile on somebody’s face than be an actual gift idea.

Jizz Game

Alright, for this one, we are really going to be creeping into the world of sexy gifts. This is a great game for a group of women. The idea is that you give the dick a good little stroke. You can fill it with whatever liquid you want, but we can imagine that it would take a long time to fill it up with real male cum.

The idea is that people will take it in turns to stroke it. The first person to make it cum (based upon the rules you set at the start) will either be the winner or the loser. It is a fun game that you will likely get a few uses out of. So, this is easily one of our favorite sexy Christmas gifts.

Flickering Touch Massage Candle

With this one of the sexy gifts, we are venturing into the world of seriously sexy. To start with, you have a candle that actually smells pretty good. If you light it, this is easily going to get anybody in the mood for a bit of fun. However, candles that smell good are just about everywhere, right?

Well, with this one, as the candle heats up, it will melt. This will create a massage oil. Obviously, you can then use this massage oil to cover your lover and give them the most relaxing massage possible before, well, you get into a good amount of Christmas fun.

Magnetic Panty Vibrator

This magnetic panty vibrator is strictly reserved for the naughtiest women out there. It makes a good couple’s gift. In the packaging, you have a small magnetic strip. The idea is that this magnetic strip will be placed into the panties. On top of this, you will put the magnetic vibrator.

This means that a woman can walk around all day with the vibrator teasing her to orgasm. This is something that you are probably going to really need to be adventurous to try properly. However, if you are looking for one of those sexy Christmas gifts, we can’t really think of anything better than a magnetic party vibrator. Can you?

Sexy Christmas (Naughty) Gifts For Him

Blow Job Undies

Alright. So your woman has offered you a blowjob. Brilliant! Now, you have to tear your pants off, followed by your underwear. It is a process that takes mere seconds, but when you have a willing woman ready to wrap her mouth around your dick, then it feels like an eternity. So, why not skip one of those steps? With these blowjob undies, you have a cool hole that you can just poke your dick out of it.

This means all that you need to do is remove your pants. This is going to be one of the best naughty gifts for him if he is one of the guys that always seems to be begging for a blowjob. Plus, you are going to be giving him a real subtle hint about whatever fun is going to happen later in the bedroom.

Ball Scratcher

Have you ever had your man complain that his balls are itching a little bit too much? Tired of him forcing his hands deep into his undies to give him relief? Well, why not get him an executive ball scratcher? This sophisticated (or not) gift will allow him to scratch his balls with elegance.

Just let him shove the metal spoon into his underwear, and he will be good to go. By all accounts, it should provide a nice bit of relief too. This is a real fun sexy Christmas gift as it comes loaded into a nice little presentation box which, of course, is just what you want when you are handing a gift over, right?

Stress Bum

It is a stress ball in the shape of an ass. That is pretty much all there is to say about this one of the naughty gifts for men. If your man feels a little bit stressed, then he can give this thong-covered bum a little squeeze. It is incredibly relaxing. It is probably a great gift to pick up if you tend to be the sort of person that complains a lot about how your man squeezes your bum too.

Stress Boobs

Men tend to either favor asses or boobs. We have already talked about the stress bum, but if they are a titty man, then they are going to probably want to have some stress titties to have a play about with instead. The principle is the same. You have a pair of soft knockers that you can squeeze to your heart’s content whenever you are feeling overwhelmed with life…or you just want to squeeze a pair of tits, but you simply can’t find one in a close location.

Naked Apron

Does your mah spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Well, this naked apron may be just the ticket when it comes to Christmas gifts. Well, assuming that they are not leaning over a naked flame. As the name suggests, this is an apron that will have a picture of a naked man on the front. A cartoon one. Don’t worry. However, we are almost certain that cartoon body is going to look better than any body that your many is rocking. It is so damn muscular. So, hey., ladies.

You can just get your man to put this on and encourage them to look as sexy as they possibly can be. Just imagine them with a body like that. Oh, and at the front you have a large, plush dick. It is an extra add-on. This is why we wouldn’t really recommend somebody being over a naked flame while wearing this. You probably do not want to have that dick catch fire, right?

Extra Long Penis Apron

Yep. We have another apron here. Rather than be a muscular man, this apron simply says “Sexy Machine” you then have a massive plushy dick hanging from the front of it. When we say massive, we really mean massive. This is the type of thing that could easily be rivaling a well-endowed horse. Again, you probably won’t want to be standing too near a naked flame with this one. However, if your man has always complained about having a dick that isn’t long enough, then they can try this out for size.

Inflatable Boob Slippers

Next up on this list is some inflatable boob slippers. Pretty simple stuff. You blow them up, and you walk around with a pair of titties on your feet. Now, obviously, they are not going to be as comfortable as real slippers. But, hey. Who says that they need to be? If somebody is walking around and can look down and see a pair of titties everywhere they go, we are going to say that they are living a real nice life.

Boob Soap

Next up on our list of naughty gifts for him will be some boob soap. This, as the name suggests, is just soap in the shape of boobs. This is going to be a great stocking stuffer. Your man can then rub a pair of tits all over his naked body the next time he showers. We know that this may not necessarily sound like the most appealing thing in the world but hey, at least it is not going to be another woman’s tits, right?

Naughty Lingerie Set

You know the best way to deliver a gift to a man? By sticking it on a woman that is ready and raring when it comes to sex. This naughty lingerie set is probably going to be one of the best gifts any man can unwrap on Christmas Day. Just make sure that it is on you. That way you can have a little bit of sexy Christmas gift fun for everybody.

Sexy Golf Ball Set

Have you got a man that loves to golf? Well, brilliant! They can try this sexy golf ball set on for size. There is a sexy woman on one of these balls, with the words “get in the hole” on the other. We can’t imagine that these are going to be performing too well for somebody that enjoys taking their golf seriously. However, they are still going to look good on the shelf. It also shows that you are taking their hobby seriously, and that is one of the things that matters when it comes to gift-giving, right?

Blowjob Tokens

The last gift is a set of blowjob tokens. The idea is that you give your man the tokens. They can then cash them in whenever they want a blowjob. Again, a simple gift, but we are positive is one of those gifts that every single man out there is probably going to be appreciating.


So, there you have it. A complete list of some of the best sexy Christmas gifts on the planet. Have a look at a couple of them. We are sure that you will be able to find something that is perfect for you or for your spouse.


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