You may not be aware of it, but National Sex Day is a real thing and it is coming up soon. It is a tradition that is gaining in popularity each year and this really is no surprise. National Sex Day is all about celebrating sex in all of its wonderful forms.

There are few people out there that do not enjoy sex in one form or another, and so it makes sense that there should be a day that truly focuses on promoting all that is good about sex and sexuality.

One of the most important things to remember about National Sex Day is the fact that it is a sex-positive event. This means that it is a day that is all about being open and tolerant in your sexual attitudes. National Sex Day is the perfect way to promote a sex-positive attitude that helps people to build a healthy attitude around this most beautiful and pleasurable of acts.

National Sex Day is an entire day devoted to the wonders of sex, regardless of your sexual orientation or your gender identity. It is the perfect time for partners to show their appreciation for one another and to build intimacy. It is also the perfect opportunity to spread a positive message regarding the act of sex itself.

You might not need an excuse to get frisky with your partner, but it never hurts to have yet another reason to engage in this amazing activity. The following information will provide you with everything that you need to know about this year’s upcoming National Sex Day.

When Is National Sex Day?

In case you were not already aware, National Sex Day takes place on June 9. You might have noticed that this can already be written out as 6/9. Trust us when we say that this is no accident. 69ing is just one of the many sexual activities that you can get up to this June 9th as a part of your National Sex Day celebration. There are many ways to enjoy a fulfilling National Sex Day, and we will cover them below.

How to Celebrate National Sex Day? Tips

You might find yourself wondering what you can do to celebrate National Sex Day. In some ways, this question is self-explanatory. We are talking about National Sex Day. The best way to celebrate the occasion is to use it as the perfect excuse to get up to all kinds of naughty, sexual fun.

The day represents a perfect opportunity to celebrate everything that is great about sex and to connect with your partners/partners. It is also important to remember that there is no reason that you cannot celebrate this erotic holiday on your own as well.

If you do not currently have a partner, National Sex Day can certainly be spent enjoying some self-pleasuring activities. Beyond this, we have a few suggestions that you can consider as ways to get the best experience out of this most erotic of days. The following points are our suggestions for how you can celebrate this year’s upcoming National Sex Day.

Buy a New Sex Toy – One of the best ways to celebrate this year’s National Sex Day is the pick up a new sex toy that you can enjoy solo or with your partner. The good news is the fact that there have never been more sex toy options available than there currently are now.

This means that you can get creative in searching for something new and different. Taking in new sexual experiences is a perfect way to enjoy National Sex Day and the purchase of a fun new sex toy certainly can fit the bill when it comes to this. The options are nearly endless when it comes to the many different sex toys that are currently available to purchase online or at your local adult store.

Talk With Your Friends About Sex – Our next suggestion for how you can celebrate the June 9th National Sex Day is to simply talk to your friends about sex. National Sex Day is a holiday that embraces the concept of being sex-positive. One of the best ways to promote the spirit of sex-positivity is to simply spend some time talking with your friends about sex and the importance of embracing a healthy attitude around the subject.

Try Something New – We also recommend that you spend this year’s National Sex Day trying something new. This could be a new sex position or trying something new in a solo setting. One of the most amazing things about sex is the fact that there are so many ways to have it. Why not spend this day of sexual celebration by trying out something that you have never experienced before within the sexual realm.

Spread the News on Social Media – Yet another great way to celebrate this national sex holiday is to let others know that it is coming up by posting about it on your social media feeds. This is a great way to get more individuals on board with the popularization of this sex celebration. The power of social media is the perfect way to continue to clue more individuals into the fact that sex has its own national day of celebration.

Sex Positions to Try for National Sex Day

As should be fairly clear by now, the best way to truly celebrate this year’s upcoming National Sex Day is the get down to the sex itself. We recommend that you spend this upcoming June 9th by trying out these fun and adventurous sexual positions.

National Sex Day should be about appreciating all that is wonderful about the act of sex. It should also represent a chance to try some new sexual positions that you might not have tried in the past. The following sex positions are some of our recommendations that we feel you should try as a part of spicing up this year’s National Sex Day.

Standing Sex

There is a lot to love about standing sex. We recommend this position for your upcoming celebration of National Sex Day. Standing sex can take on a few variations. Both can lead to a truly orgasmic experience that can help to make June 9ths a day full of pleasure.

Standing doggy-style sex is fun in its own right. It can be a part of a fun romp with your partner. It is also the ideal position for getting in a quicky. Even if you do not have a lot of time available in your day, you can celebrate National Sex Day with some hot and steamy standing doggy. It is an easy way for you and your partner to get off together even if you do not have a bed available.

As you can probably guess, standing doggy sex involves much the same position as standard doggy, but without going down to your knees. The receiving partner can bend over a table or a chair. They can even bend down and grab their ankles. The giving partner will penetrate in much the same way as they would in a standard doggy position.

You can spice things up even further with a standing sex position that is often referred to as stand and carry. This is kind of like riding in cowgirl position but involves the giving partner lifting up the receiver and taking them fully off their feet while penetrating.

You can grab your partner by their butt cheeks while they wrap their arms around your body. If you have the physical capability to pull this one off, it is a great one to try for this year’s National Sex Day.

Pickup Sticks

Pickup sticks is another fun and inventive sexual position that we recommend you try out this upcoming National Sex Day. You will want to have a bed available for this acrobatic sexual position, but a dryer or a table might do fine as well.

When you do pickup sticks, the giving partner will pick up the receiver with their hands cradling their ass as well as the backs of their thighs. From there, the receiver wraps their legs around the giver as well as wrapping their arms around their shoulders and neck. You can use the bed for support as the receiving partner.

From there, the receiver can bounce away on their partner’s cock to their heart’s content. This is another fun one that we think you should try in the spirit of new things and National Sex Day.

The Masseuse

Why not play the role of a masseuse for your partner this upcoming National Sex Day. There are so many great variations of erotic massage out there and they can help to make this day of sex celebration a truly special one. You should consider giving your partner an erotic Yoni massage that will help them to get in touch with their body while providing them with an amazing and relaxing feeling.

We recommend pulling out all the stops and bringing out the massage oils and the candles. You might as well go all-out. It is National Sex Day after all. Why not spend some of the day giving your partner an erotic massage that will have them relaxed and ready for even more erotic fun.

69 Position

It really would not be a proper National Sex Day celebration if you left out a good 69 as part of the fun. After all, National Sex Day falls on June 9th. We have already pointed out that this equates to the number 69.

You probably know the drill here, but in case you do not, the 69 will turn you and your partner into a pair of sex numbers as you both burry your faces in each other’s genitals while delivering simultaneous oral pleasures to one another.

It is hard to argue with a position that allows you both to receive oral sex at the same time and since the date of National Sex Day is literally 6/9 you simply must engage in one before all is said and done.


Why not conclude your National Sex Day romp with some sensual and erotic spooning. This classic sex position is a great way to really connect emotionally with your partner. The receiving partner and the giving partner take up the role of a pair of spoons sitting on top of one another in this beloved sexual position.

The great thing about spooning is that it works for both vaginal and anal sex and so there is plenty of adventurous opportunities here. This is the perfect sex position for concluding a day where you celebrated all that is amazing about the wonderful world of sex.

All of these sex positions can help you to turn this year’s National Sex Day into a truly memorable, and more importantly, pleasurable experience for you and your partner. Also keep in mind that if you do not have a partner to celebrate this day with, there are plenty of great ways to self-pleasure that can help you to get in touch with your sexuality.


This wraps up our discussion about this year’s upcoming National Sex Day. You will want to save the date. The good news is that it is easy to remember. Just keep 69 in your head and you will remember that June 9th is National Sex Day.

National Sex Day is all about celebrating the beauty and pleasure of sex in all of the wonderful forms that it comes in. You might not need an excuse to have sex, but National Sex Day provides you with one anyway. Make sure that you spread the word about this upcoming celebration of all things sex.

National Sex Day is all about the spirit of sex-positivity. You can do your part in promoting a sex-positive attitude by promoting this national celebration of the erotic. You can also do your part by simply having plenty of good sex as the primary focus of your celebration.


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