Have you heard of naked house cleaning? Wondering whether it is a job that is going to be good for you? Wondering how you can actually find a naked house cleaner if you want to hire one? Well, read on. Absolutely everything that you need to know can be found on this page!

What Are Naked Cleaners?

Naked Cleaners are pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. You are a cleaner that works naked.

Honestly, the job isn’t that different from being a typical cleaner. You are there to clean somebody’s home. You just earn a bit more money because you are doing it naked. It is meant to be one of those ‘sexy’ jobs, just like being a stripper. However, unlike being a stripper, you do not have to do any sort of sexy show….unless you want to. You are there to clean.

One of the main reasons why people become naked cleaners is because it pays a massive amount of cash. Some women who work as naked cleaners are earning $100+ an hour to do nothing more than cleaning. Obviously, you are going to have to be naked when you are cleaning, but for a lot of women, this isn’t going to be an issue.

How Do You Become a Naked Cleaner?

If you really want, you can just wake up one day and say “I want to be a naked cleaner” and start marketing the hell out of yourself. There are probably plenty of women that do that.

You shouldn’t find that many issues promoting your services. As long as you are not offering actual sex, then any websites where you normally find cleaning services e.g. Craigslist and the like, should be a completely fine place to advertise. You may want to steer clear of Facebook, they aren’t massive fans of this sort of thing.

Some of the most successful naked cleaners that we have seen will even have their own website that they use to promote the services that they offer. You probably won’t be starting with your own website, but it would probably be good to eventually have one if you really want the business to be rolling in later on.

Do bear in mind that this is a business. This means that if you do decide to start offering a naked cleaning service, you are going to need to start paying attention to the laws in your local area about running a business. Yes. This means paying taxes. Since you are going to be promoting your services heavily as a naked cleaner. you cannot avoid taxes. You will be caught out.

Of course, all of that is a bit later on down the line. If you are planning on becoming a naked cleaner, then we suggest that you get a feel for the business by joining one of the many naked cleaning agencies out there. Since this is a brand new concept (in the grand scheme of things), a lot of agencies have started to appear, and they are starved for people that could potentially be working with them. Try to sign up to as many of these agencies as you can and see what work begins to roll in.

It is worth noting that it doesn’t matter what you look like. There is going to be some naked cleaning work out there for you. Remember, everybody has their own individual tastes in what they want in a woman, and that applies even when it comes to cleaning!

Obviously, you do still need to be a decent cleaner. If you aren’t, then you are probably not going to be having any sort of career as a naked cleaner.

Is It Legal?

In most locations, there doesn’t seem to be any law against being a naked cleaner. After all, if you are cleaning naked, you are simply wearing your uniform. Nobody can control what uniform you are wearing in a private establishment, right? That would be ridiculous. Obviously, there would be issues if you were cleaning outside, but no naked house cleaning will involve that.

The only time that this will become illegal is if sex is part of the offering. However, once again, this is going to be dependent on where you live. If you are in a location that allows prostitution, then this shouldn’t be an issue either. However, that being said, most naked house cleaning services will never involve sex in the first place.

It is worth noting that the only legality that we have spoken about here is with regard to the nudity part. When we were researching this article, we discovered that there are some places that require you to be licensed if you want to become a professional cleaner. This is due to the chemicals that you will be handling.

It may be worth looking into the various rules and regulations for your area before you begin. However, once again, if you are planning to work with a major cleaning service at the start (which you should be), they will be able to help you with the legal side of things, one would hope.

How Do You Start?

To be honest, this is the sort of job where you would wake up one day and say “woah, I want to be a naked cleaner” and then you will be fine. As we said in the previous section, you may have to do a bit of research into the laws in your local area with regard to cleaning, but we are sure that there won’t really be anything too crazy preventing you from doing this job.

Our suggestion is to get signed up with a naked house cleaning agency as soon as possible. Most cleaners will go through an agency anyway, so it only makes sense that this is where a naked house cleaner starts. This is still a brand new industry, but we are sure that most towns and cities will have at least one naked housecleaning service.

Once you are signed up to an agency, you can sit back and wait for the work that they offer you. You can also promote your services on Craigslist, etc. In our opinion, you should always be promoting yourself alongside the name of the agency i.e “to book contact (agency name)”. Firstly, this ensures that you are going to remain in the good book of your agency, and they will send work your way. The second is because most of these agencies will carry out checks on the potential client, which helps to protect you.

Of course, to become a cleaner, you will need to have some cleaning supplies. This doesn’t mean big equipment like a vacuum cleaner. You will likely be able to use the vacuum cleaner of your client. Instead, you will need cleaning chemicals, etc. Since you are going to be in the nude most of the time, ensure that you do a bit of research into the cleaning chemicals that you should be using. The agency that you work for may actually be able to give you a couple of suggestions here.

Other than that, it is a case of just sitting back and relaxing. If you have a look that clients that want, which you almost certainly will have, then you will have a couple of clients in nearly no time at all. Once you have a client, it is a case of heading to their property, stripping down and cleaning their place for the agreed amount of time. That is it.

It is important that you actually put the effort into cleaning here. We know that we have said this several times so far, but people are not hiring a stripper. They are hiring a cleaner who just so happens to be naked. A lot of these homes will need the services of a regular cleaner. If you do a good job, then you may be able to get some stable work from just 4-5 clients per week, sometimes a little bit less if you are charging at the upper end of the scale. Basically, the women that really succeed as naked house cleaners will be the ones that are able to put the work in.

Does it Involve Sex?


Naked house cleaning is just that. It is cleaning a house naked. Nobody is having sex with a normal house cleaner. Now, that is not to say that there aren’t house cleaners that do have sex with their clients. However, it is going to be rare. It is also not going to be expected of you.

Remember, if you do cross over into having sex with your clients, then other rules will start to apply. These rules could make what you are doing illegal, so try not to cross that barrier, OK? We don’t want you to end up falling foul of the law!

Potential Risks & How to Protect Yourself

Obviously, you are going to be naked inside of somebody’s home. You will often be left alone with them.

Now, the majority for people that hire naked cleaners will not touch them at all. They will actually respect that these people have their own boundaries. However, you will find the odd person that isn’t like this. Of course, you can say that you have a no touching rule as much as possible (it is important that you have one), but they may not listen.

It is important that if you are working with a new client, you have some sort of ‘exit plan’. We hate to say it, but you need to know where the exits of the building are at all times. Of course, you should also ensure that at least a couple of people know where you are working at all times. This way, if something does end up happening, you have people that are out there to help you out.

If somebody is making you feel uncomfortable when you are offering your service, then you should leave the property. Your contract will likely give you the right to do this. After all, nobody should feel uncomfortable when they are working.

Due to the potential issues of women being put at risk, a lot of the top naked house cleaning companies will actually carry out background checks on any of the clients that they work with. Again, this is another reason why you should be working with one of the bigger companies before you have the knowledge that you need to go out by yourself.

Beyond this, the main risks to you will actually be related to the chemicals that you are using. You are a cleaner, after all. Your skin will be completely exposed, so you probably do not want to be getting any harsh chemicals dripping on you. If you are a cleaner, then you may want to avoid using bleach and the like. Go for quality substitutes. A lot of the top naked house cleaners will actually use natural cleaning supplies. They are a bit more expensive, but since you are getting paid more to clean in the nude, we are sure that you can splash the cash.

If you do have to use harsh chemicals, then wear gloves. Yes. We know that putting on gloves is going to mean that you aren’t naked for a short period of time. However, your health is really going to be at risk here. Unless you have a person that is a fan of seeing hands while cleaning, we are sure that it isn’t going to be a problem. As long as they can see your tits or whatever, then they should be fine. Just let them know that you are going to be putting on some gloves ahead of time.

How Much Should You Charge for the Service?

To be honest, it is completely dependent on where you live and, sadly, how ‘in demand’ your services are going to be.

Obviously, you are expected to actually clean the property. Don’t expect this to be a job where you can be lazy. Yep. People are paying cash to Google you, but they also are paying you to do a cleaning job.

The ‘going rate’ for a naked house cleaner will be between $30 and $100+ an hour. The lower rate will be for those people that leave their underwear on, while the more expensive services will be for those that get completely naked and clean the home.

If you are working for a naked cleaning service, which you probably should do when you are just getting started in the business, they will be able to determine that rate for you.

Do note that it is going to be unlikely that you will be receiving tips for the work that you are putting in. We are sure that there are some people that are more than happy to throw a few extra dollars your way. However, as a naked cleaner, you will be paid such a high income anyway, most people do not see the need to tip.

Once again, we do want to point out that you shouldn’t really be doing anything extra for the money that you are charging i.e. sex as in most places in the United States this can open up a can of worms on the legal front.

Naked Cleaning Service – Where to Find One

Finding a naked cleaning service isn’t anywhere near as difficult as you may think. Well, not if you live in a larger town or city.

Since there are a lot of cleaning services popping up recently, a quick Google search will give you a ton of different options. You may also want to search through sites like Craigslist.

As with any other business, you will want to do your research to ensure that you are working with a quality company. This means checking out reviews online, just like you would with any other business.

Do bear in mind that some companies may have a bit of a slower processif you are a new client. This is to ensure that their women are protected. They may want to carry out a background check on you. However, as long as you have not committed any major crimes in the past, or any crime related to sex, you will likely pass the background check.

Other than this, just choose the woman that you want to clean your home. Set up a date that they can come and clean it, and then watch them. Do not touch them. If they do a brilliant job, then fantastic. Hire them again!


Naked cleaning may be a new industry, but it is a big one, and it is only going to be getting bigger. Whether you are a woman looking to become a cleaner, or a person löoking to hire their very first naked cleaner, you will have plenty of options available to you. Just bear in mind that you will need to take a few precautions to ensure that everybody involved is properly protected.

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