Who doesn’t love themselves a good celebrity sex tape? There is something about watching these top celebs get banged in hot videos that is quite mesmerizing.

Here, we want to introduce you to what are some of the most famous homemade sex tapes of all time. A lot of these people were famous when the movies were released, and others managed to build their fame upon the movies. Most of these people were probably not paid a cent for the movies, but mostly that is because they were leaked without their permission.

We had a lot of different porn movies to go through when we were putting together this page. It seems that more celebs than you would ever believe have released their own homemade sex tapes. No doubt some of them were trying to capitalize upon the success that some of the other people have had with their videos. However, we are fairly confident that our list of movies here is the best of the best. Not so much in terms of video quality. Some of them are absolutely woeful, but in terms of their fame and the impact, they have had on the world of porn.

All of these movies were scandals at the time. Some celebs claim that the videos were not even their sex tapes. All are famous. You will probably have heard of most of the ones that you find on this list, to be honest. So, let’s dive in, shall we?



Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee have an incredibly famous sex tape. It came out a long time ago now, but Pamela Anderson is still doing interviews on the back of the success of the tape.

The most recent one is where she insists it wasn’t a sex tape. Instead, she insists it is just a part of her being naked while on vacation. They just so happened to be having sex on the tape. We don’t know about you, but this sounds pretty much like a sex tape., right?

This porn movie took the world by storm, and that shouldn’t really come as a surprise. You had a world-famous rocker banging a world-famous actress and model. Money was bound to be made.

Whatever the reasons behind the movie, and however it ended up being leaked, this is a movie that is going to go down in history. There is barely a person alive who cannot claim that Pamela Anderson is hot, right?


Kim Kardashian was semi-famous before, all thanks to her Dad’s legal representation of OJ Simpson in his much-famed trial. However, let’s be honest, Kim owes pretty much all of her fame and fortune to the release of this movie. Kim Kardashian, Superstore, features Kim having sex with Ray J. In recent years, Kim has admitted that she was high as hell when she was being recorded. Weirdly enough, this movie has a ton of rumors around it. Kim claims that she didn’t know it would be leaked, but other claims have been made that she got together with her mum and they colluded to unleash the movie upon the world in a bid to make Kim famous. Whatever the story, it is fair to say that this movie completely changed the world of reality TV. It is probably one of the most-watched porn movies in the world.


In 2005, a sex tape starring Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain was released. This movie wasn’t particularly interesting (in our opinion), but it was a real game-changer for Colin. At the time, he was an alcoholic. He claims that he hadn’t had sex while sober for many, many years. This video was absolutely no exception. He was drunk throughout. It was then released without his permission. However, he saw himself in that movie and realized he needed to get clean. He claims that one of his biggest regrets of that movie was the fact that his mother was likely to see it. The Colin we see now is a completely different Colin, and he has the leaked video to thank for that.


Let’s be honest, who hasn’t heard of ‘One Night in Paris’? It is probably one of the best names for a porn movie ever. In this movie, Paris Hilton is porked by poker player Rick Salomon. This movie, as great as it is, caused a little bit of a hubbub in the world of porn. Paris Hilton claims that the movie is a result of sexual abuse, and that she hasn’t received any money from the release of the film. She claims that she would never have approved the release anyway. It was done behind her back in order to capitalize on the reality show she had just starred in. Since it is one of the most famous celebrity sex tapes of all time, this is one that is probably not going to be disappearing any time soon. People will be watching this movie for decades, even if the best part of the movie seems to be filmed in night vision, which is awful for home made sex tapes.


Oh boy, the story surrounding the Kevin Hart sex is a massive story in itself. At the heart, you have two married people. Neither of them are having sex with their spouse in this movie (i.e. it is a cheating movie). The woman in the movie Montia Sabbag claims that Kevin tried to leak the movie to boost his fame. Not sure why, as he was pretty famous at the time. She then sued him for millions and millions of dollars. Her claim was rejected. We think the big question here is why people were watching a Kevin Hart sex tape to begin with. Let’s be honest, he does look great but he isn’t exactly a sex symbol. This is a movie that most people seem to have forgotten about as a result.


Want to make a sex tape that gets you famous? Well, you make it with one of the hottest porn stars in the world. Farrah Abraham teamed up with James Deen for her sex tape. Weirdly enough, this wasn’t what made her initially famous, though. She was pretty famous for being underage and getting pregnant and starring in MTV show ’16 and Pregnant’ followed by ‘Teen Mom’. Of course, when you are already famous for having sex, you may as well take it to the next level. She earned about $1-million selling her video, which certainly isn’t too shabby. She apparently has other porn movies in the pipeline too.


Katie Price, a famous model in the UK, has had at least one porn movie released. This one featuring her and Dane Bowers. However, it is a sex tape that seems to have fallen out of the public eye in recent years. Probably because her fame is dwindling. However, by all accounts, Katie is planning to release more sex tapes in the future due to a downturn in her income. It is claimed she wants to help fund a divorce that she is still paying through the nose for.


It seems that the Kardashian family love producing a good sex tape. Blac Chyna may not be a Kardashian, but she dated Rob for a good while. That being said, Blac Chyna is one of a few people that have had sex tapes leaked that claim not to be the one in the movie. We don’t know whether she is the one in the movie or not, but it certainly looks like her. It is famous, mostly because she was a top reality star in the US.


This movie stars Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger and F1 driver Lewis Hamilton. Obviously, it was going to cause quite a stir. Although, this movie doesn’t really show any sex. None at all, in fact. It is just her and her boyfriend hanging out in bed, clearly in love.


Kendra Wilkinson is a Playboy model. Well, she was. She has gone onto other things since then. She has a little bit of a different story to some of the other celebrities on this list, though. This is because she is probably the only one who has tried to sell her own celebrity sex tapes. In fact, she made a company completely dedicated to it. There are at least two released videos from her, although there are said to be many more floating around that have yet to be produced. One of these from when she was 18-years-old. There wasn’t really any scandal here. It seems as if Kendra has pretty much embraced every porn leak that has come her way.

So, there you have it. If you want the best celebrity sex tapes, check out any of the ones on this list. We are pretty damn confident that you are going to be enjoying an awesome porno if you do.


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