If you are sexually active, then you may be interested in the iPlaysafe App. This is a fantastic app for those that want to share their sexual health status with others. Let’s take a look at it in a bit more depth in this iPlaysafe app review.

What is iPlaysafe.app?

iPlaysafe.app is an app designed for sexually active people.

The idea of this app is that you have an STI test carried out by the team at iPlaysafe. If your STI test comes back negative, then you can share your sexual health status with others.

The whole purpose of the app is to reduce the spread of sexual diseases. The more people that have this app, the more the world will be able to share their sexual health status. The team at iPlaysafe.app dream of a day where everybody will have this app. This may encourage people to take their sexual health a lot more seriously. After all, if you do not have a positive test in the app, people will not sleep with you. Granted, that time is still a long way off, but they do seem to be doing massive things with the iPlaysafe app.

How Does it Work?


When you have signed up to iPlaySafe, you will be asked to order an STI test. Yes. This is something that you will need to pay for, although the cost is fairly affordable.

When you order an STI test, it will be shipped to your home express delivery. You will then complete the test (which involves putting your urine into a small tube) and then ship it off to the STI lab. The lab will then test for the most common STIs e.g. chlamydia. In fact, this app will test for all of these diseases:

  • Chlamydia
  • Syphilis
  • Hepatitis B
  • HIV 1/2
  • Tricomonlasis
  • Gonorrhea

Within 3-5 working days, you will receive the results for your STI test. The app will be updated to reflect your current sexual health status.

Of course, your sexual health status will need to be tested fairly regularly. Luckily for you, the app will send regular reminders if you are due for an STI test, although we are going to talk more about that in a short while.

All of this is accomplished via mail. So, even if you are not using the app the way it should be used, it is probably one of the best ways to have an STI test carried out. Of course, you could always go to the doctor, but part of the reason as to why STIs are so prevalent is because not enough people actually do go to the doctor, likely because there is some sort of embarrassment in getting tested for an STI. Who knows?

How Do You Join?

Joining the iPlaysafe app is actually rather simple. All you need to do is download the app from your chosen app store. It is available on both Android and Apple devices.

Of course, merely downloading the app is not going to be enough to enjoy the full features of the app. In order to do this, you will need to order the STI test. Do bear in mind that this test is currently available only in a few selected countries as this is still the earliest days of the iPlaysafe App. However, they are planning to roll it out even more over the next year or so. If your country is not supported at this time (although, this is highly unlikely), it won’t be long before it is supported!

Once you receive the STI test, which should take a few days, you just need to follow the instructions. It is important that you ship it back as quickly as possible. All of the STI tests will have a unique number attached to them. This means that the lab will know who it belongs to although, of course, your information will remain anonymous.

Within 5-days, you will receive the test results back in your app. This is when you know that you have been fully registered. The badge in the app (more on those in the next section) will display your sexual health status.

What are iPlaySafe Badges?

The main functionality of the iPlaysafe App will be the badges. This is because they will show your sexual health status. You will only be given a badge if you have tested negative at some point. This means that if the iPlaysafe App does not have a badge for the user, they have either tested negative or they have never had a test carried out.

There are three potential badges that can appear in the app:

  • Green Badge Holders: if you are a Green Badge subscriber to the iPlaysafe app, it means that you will have committed to receiving an STI test and completing it every six-months. The Green Page will remain as long as you continue to test positive. This is the highest level of badge that you can currently receive in the app. If you have a Green Page, then it shows that you are showing a huge commitment to ensuring the highest levels of sexual health.
  • Blue Badge Holders: if you have a blue badge, then it means that you order tests as and when you please. It is on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. However, this doesn’t mean that a blue badge is a bad thing. It still means that you have tested negative for a test at some point within the last six months. This means that you can still feel proud to share your badge with other sexual partners!
  • Red Badge Holders: if you haven’t had a positive STI test within the last six months, then you will have a red badge. This means that you are not taking your sexual health seriously. It means that you will need to be tested in the near future. If you take your sexual health seriously, then you will need to take an STI test with iPlaysafe App in the near future.

The whole benefit of the iPlaysafe App is being able to share your test results with potential sexual partners. This means that there are sharing capabilities to share your badge built into the app. Of course, you could always show them the badge and state what it means. However, if we want a world that is more sexually healthy, then we would suggest that you encourage people to download the app themselves. Obviously, you should never be sleeping with somebody that you know nothing about their sexual health status.

Should I Try This App?

If you have multiple sexual partners, and often sleep with people on a casual basis, then you absolutely should be using this app. Yes. It will cost you a bit of money for your initial STI test, but it shows that you have committed to being sexually healthy. Remember; a lot of STIs do not actually have any symptoms in the early days. You could be passing STIs on without actually knowing it. The only way to discover whether you actually have one of these STIs is to get tested.

In fact, even if you do not use the features of the app, then we suggest that you download it anyway. It is probably the best way to keep tabs on your current sexual health. It also means that if there are any issues identified by the testing lab, you will be able to get them sorted out sooner as opposed to later! This is important, because while some STIs are not going to display any symptoms during the early days, they could end up displaying serious symptoms later on.

Of course, it is also great as a way to share your sexual health with other people. While not many people do it when casually sleeping with others, it is highly recommended that you do try and get into the habit of demonstrating that you are sexually clean. This may encourage other people to do the same, and this could only lead to a better world, right?

If you have never had an STI test carried out in the past, then it is vital that you have one taken, especially if you have casually slept with people without knowing their sexual health status. If you are not getting tested regularly, then you are running a major risk. This app has been made especially for you.

You probably will not need to download this app if you are in a committed relationship and you have tested clean for STIs in the past. Assuming your partner is not cheating on you, there is no way for you to get an STI (unless they were not clean to begin with, we guess!)


If you want to know your sexual health status, then you need the iPlay App. It is the quickest way to know whether you have any STIs in your system.It is also a great way to show how clean you are with any future sexual partners.


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