For many men and women, there is no need to tell them about the associated benefits that come along with having sex to inspire them to have as much of it as they can. Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities possible for men and women and having an active sex life can help them to feel generally good about themselves.

It turns out that the benefits associated with sex go far beyond the immediate pleasure that one gets when engaging in the act. Sexual intercourse is one of the most fun things that you can ever do in the moment itself and it has an emotional and spiritual quality for many that engage in it.

It is not really that hard to convince the vast majority of people that they should have as much sex as possible. for most people, that is just common sense. Having sex is one of life’s great pleasures and one of the best ways to connect emotionally and physically with your partner. Giving each other mutual pleasure is its own reward in many ways. At the same time, there is much more to sex.

Though many people find the pleasure and emotional connection of sex to be enough of a reward, it cannot hurt to talk about the extra benefits that come along with having sex. There are a lot of them. This is a list that could practically go on forever.

The different ways that you can break down the benefits of a healthy sex life are nearly endless. When it comes to the benefits of sex, there are a lot of them. These are 20 of the best ones that will convince you to have as much sex as possible. That is assuming that you needed any encouragement to engage in an active sex life.

Sex Can Boost Your Immune System

Sex might be one of the most fun activities that you can participate in but it also might just be one of the healthiest. When men and women engage in sex, it gives the body a boost in their ability to produce vital antibodies that can help to protect it from illnesses. Some of the pathogens that these antibodies can help to protect you against include germs such as bacteria and viruses.

It is just one of the many benefits associated with engaging in sex. This probably seems like an impressive added benefit to engaging in an active and healthy sex life but we are just getting started. This is only the first item on a list of 20 leading benefits that come along with engaging in a healthy sex life.

It Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

Another piece of research that further helps to encourage a healthy sex life for men and women is the fact that it might just help to lower their blood pressure. This is what some of the latest research on the topic seems to suggest. It is another great excuse to engage in a nice romp with your partner whenever the opportunity arises. A hot and steamy sex session will get your heart rate up and it will get the blood pumping, but the long-term effects of regularly getting busy can also b a lowering of your blood pressure.

Sex Can Help Lower Heart Attack Risk

The good news about the extra benefits that sex provides to men and women continues. That is because the evidence suggests that women who enjoy satisfying sex lives have a reduced risk of a heart attack. There is good news for men as well. Men who have sexual intercourse at least twice a week are also less likely to suffer from a heart attack. It is hard to argue with such great additional benefits when you are talking about something that so many men and women simply love to do anyway.

It Can Help to Improve Your Sleep

The list of the many ways that sex can benefit men and women continues with another good piece of news. Having sex can help you to get a good night’s sleep. This is because sexual intercourse helps to release hormones that make you feel good. The hormones also help you to relax.

This translates to men and women being able to get a better night’s sleep after engaging in some hot and steamy lovemaking. The truth is that there are few things more enjoyable than having a hot and steamy sex session, an intense orgasm, and then following it up by collapsing into a deep and well-earned sleep alongside your partner.

Sex Is a Great Stress Reducer

When men and women have sex, their endorphin levels, as well as the levels of other hormones, increase. This can help to act as a stress reliever. It is another one of the many things that are great about sex. Having sex can also help men and women to calm down because it counts as a form of exercise. This is another great way that having sex can help to relieve stress for both men and women. The fact that sex is a stress reducer is just one more reason to engage in it as much as possible.

It Relieves Headaches

The next time that you have a headache, you might want to consider having sex rather than reaching for a bottle of ibuprofen. This is because sex just might be one of the best headache relief methods available. There have been neurological studies that have indicated that engaging in some bedroom fun is one of the more effective ways to gain either a partial or total relief of a headache.

Sex has even been shown to have effectiveness at relieving migraines for some men and women. These are some more good reasons to make sure that you are getting busy as often as possible. The next time you have a headache, you might want to seduce your partner into the bedroom rather than reaching for the painkillers.

Having Sex Can Be a Confidence Booster

Sex is fun, can reduce stress, and it can give your immune system a boost. Another thing that sex can boost is your confidence. Both men and women note an increase in their confidence levels when they regularly engage in sexual intercourse. This is probably not too surprising, but it is a great additional benefit to one of the most enjoyable acts that a human can engage in.

When you are having regular sex, you feel desirable and the endorphin boost can help to make you feel more confident about yourself in a general sense. It also takes a certain level of confidence to make the moves that lead to sex. This can also help to give your confidence a boost.

There Are Positive Social Benefits to Having Sex

A healthy sex life offers some great social benefits to men and women. All of the previously mentioned benefits all add up to make a healthier, better rested, happier individual and this can translate into some outstanding social benefits. The confidence boost that one can gain from enjoying a healthy sex life can help to translate into a well-adjusted person that can make new friends and enjoys engaging in social activities.

Having Sex Is a Fun Way to Burn Calories

For many people, working out and burning calories is a chore. For these individuals, there is some good news. Men and women can burn a good number of calories when they engage in sexual intercourse. Another fun and erotic fact is that the hotter and more intense the sex that a man or a woman has, the more calories that are burned.

The key to burning a good number of calories off during a sex session is to make it a long one that involves plenty of position changes. Adding in a good bit of moaning and dirty talk can even help to add a few more calories to the final total. This is yet another amazing reason to engage in more sex than ever.

Sex Can Help You to Look Younger

It might be hard to believe, but looking younger is another one of the many benefits associated with regular sexual intercourse. There is some evidence to suggest that men and women who routinely engage in sexual intercourse on average look anywhere from 5 to 7 years younger than they actually are. This is yet more good news that should encourage you to have as much sex as you possibly can.

It Can Provide a Brainpower Boost

Engaging in sex can provide a boost to your brainpower. This is particularly true for older men and women. Older adults often experience a boost to their overall brain function when they are sexually active. They are often able to perform higher on tests that are meant to gauge brain function. It is another reason to make sure that you maintain a healthy sex life well into your older years.

It Could Increase Your Longevity

It turns out that having a great sex life can also help men and women to live longer. Many beneficial chemicals are released into the body during sex and the release of orgasm. This helps men and women out in many of the beneficial ways that have been mentioned already. Regular sex has life-improving benefits that might even translate to living a longer life. You will definitely have a more enjoyable life by engaging in frequent sex. This is another convincing reason to make sure that you are getting busy with your partner as often as you possibly can.

It Helps to Ward Off Colds and Flu

Sex clearly has a lot of health benefits that the majority of people do not think about when they are engaged in the act. Though your sex life might be motivated primarily by carnal pleasure and the connection that it gives you with your partner, it can also help you to battle back against common ailments such as colds and the flu. There is evidence to suggest that having sex a couple of times a week can help out with an immune system boost that makes it easier to fight off the common cold and the seasonal flu. These are a few more great reasons to make sure that you are staying busy in the bedroom.

It Can Be a Great Workout

Could there be any workout routine that is more enjoyable than getting naked and sweaty with your partner? Most workout routines tend to get boring over time. This is not the case with having sex. It is a workout routine that never gets old. When men and women have sex, they are taking advantage of a pleasurable and intimate act but they are also giving themselves a good workout that helps to elevate the heart and get the sweat flowing.

Regular Sex Can Boost Your Fertility

Regular sex appears to also provide a great benefit for women’s fertility. The evidence suggests that the more sex a woman has, the better her chance of getting pregnant is. This is obviously the case during a woman’s period of ovulation but the research indicates that having frequent sex helps to boost fertility in women in a general sense. This is a great excuse for women to have sex all month long with their partners when they are trying to get pregnant.

It Can Also Help to Smooth Out Your Wrinkles

There is some more good news about the ability that sex has to make you look younger. It turns out that having sex helps to release human growth hormone. This HGH can help to keep the skin looking young and healthy and it can help to smooth out those wrinkles that might have developed over the years. The presence of HGH helps to keep your skin elastic and it turns out that getting busy in the sack is a great way to release it.

Sex Benefits Can Include Strengthening Your Bones

All of these points that have been mentioned so far as convincing reasons to maintain an active sex life. With this in mind, here is another reason to have sex. It turns out that regular sex can help to strengthen bones. : This is one of the best reasons for older adults to consider maintaining an active sex life. As we age, the bones tend to get weaker but having regular sex can help to offset this degradation. It is yet another reason that you should be making sure to hook up with your partner as often as possible.

Engaging in Sex Can Improve Cardiovascular Health

Sex is fun, exhilarating, intimate, and pleasurable but it is also a physical workout. Having sex might be able to increase the ability that your blood vessels have to be able to dilate. This can lead to improved cardiovascular health. Both men and women can take advantage of this tremendous benefit.

Who thought that something so fun could also be so good for you. While you are getting hot, freaky, and sweaty with your partner, you are burning off calories, getting your heart rate up, and you are improving your cardio at the same time. Sex is simply nature’s most enjoyable workout routine.

Sex May Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

Prostate cancer is one of the biggest health threats that men face. There is evidence to suggest that maintaining an active sex life can help to significantly reduce a man’s chance of getting a prostate cancer diagnosis. The evidence suggests that it is recommended that a man has at least 21 ejaculations per month to take advantage of the sex benefits related to reducing the risk of prostate cancer.

It Can Improve Your Memory

As we age, our memory often becomes less potent. The good news is that keeping up a healthy sex life can help to offset this to some degree. There is evidence that a healthy sex life is a great way for older adults to maintain and even improve their memories. This is yet another one of the impressive benefits to sex that you might have been unaware of previously.

You probably loved having as much sex as you can but you might not think a lot about the added benefits that it provides you beyond the moment itself. These 20 benefits are a perfect example of how sex helps you out in so many more ways than the pleasure and intimacy that it provides. You might not need extra motivation to get busy, but knowing about these 20 benefits can’t hurt.

Just remember that the next time you get freaky in the sheets with your partner, you are doing something that is beneficial to both of you in many more ways than the enjoyment and emotional connection that you get in the moment. These 20 points emphasize just how amazing sex truly is. You should also feel encouraged to look up many more of the benefits that sex can provide to your overall well being. It is truly one of the greatest blessings for men and women!


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