Femtech is a term that is short for female technology. It is a term that is being used with increased frequency these days and you might find yourself asking what it is all about. The following information will further explain the specifics of Femtech in a general sense.

It will also go into further detail about Femtech companies, Femtech products, and the future of Femtech. This is a field that is growing rapidly and there are a lot of reasons to be excited about this fact.

What Does It Mean?

To put it simply, Femtech refers to technology that is focused on women’s health. This includes various products, services, and software. Some of the top examples of Femtech products include apps that help women to track their periods and fertility. Addressing health inequalities across the sexes is a big part of what Femtech is all about and this is evident by the products and services that are offered through the field.

Technology that assists with women’s sexual wellness, reproductive health, and pregnancy/nursing care are all key parts of the Femtech realm. Femtech represents woman-centric healthcare within the digital realm. This includes digital and standard healthcare tools that are wearable and generally connected to the internet.

The actual term Femtech was first used by Denmark’s Ida Tin. She is the founder of a Femtech company called Clue that focuses on apps that help women to track their fertility.

How Did It Start?

As we have mentioned, the term Femtech itself was minted by entrepreneur Ida Tin in 2016. When she did this, she gave a name to a field that had already been developing during the previous years. Opportunities to create useful Femtech technologies and products have been growing with the rise of new advancements and innovations.

Though 2016 was the year that Femtech received its name, its history goes back to the start of mobile apps and ambitious entrepreneurs and health care professionals realizing that they can be put to use in helping women to monitor their health.

Femtech Women

As we have previously mentioned, Ida Tin is the entrepreneur who coined the Femtech term. She is also one of the leading figures within the realm of Femtech through the work that she has done with Clue.

The women of the Femtech revolution are making a dramatic difference in improving woman-specific healthcare areas that have been ignored by tech companies in the past. Some of the other most notable women in Femtech currently include:

  • Jill Angelo from Gennev
  • Gina Bartasi from Kindbody
  • Molly Hayward from Cora
  • Kate Torgersen from Milk Stork

These are a few of the most prominent women who are currently making a dramatic impact on the world of women’s health through the development of innovative Femtech products and services. The Femtech companies that they head up and have founded have made some of the biggest impacts within the rapidly growing Femtech sector.


With the Femtech field growing so rapidly, it is no surprise that there are specific companies within the sector that stand out from the pack. Some of the leading Femtech companies that you should know about include:

KaNDy Therapeutics – This British Femtech venture was launched in 2017 and focuses on the development of treatments that help with the management of menopause symptoms.

Ava – The Swiss company Ava is currently developing a sensor bracelet that will help women to accurately keep track of the days when they are fertile with up to 89 percent accuracy.

LactApp – LactApp is a Spanish Femtech company that focuses on breastfeeding. Using this app can help breastfeeding women to navigate the various issues that can arise during the process.

Femtech Products

Femtech products cover a wide expanse of territory when it comes to women’s health. From reproductive and sexual health apps to products and services that help women with menopause symptoms, it is an expansive range of products that currently fall under the Femtech banner. Some of the most exciting Femtech products on the market include;

  • The Ferly App – This app helps to promote female sexual health and pleasure
  • The Cora Product Line – Femtech company Cora is making a big difference in women’s menstrual health through offering a line of high-quality sanitary pads and tampons
  • Pexxi – This is a unique hormonal contraceptive that is new on the Femtech scene but promises to become a major player

Some of the Biggest Investments in Femtechnology

There is no doubt that many investors are starting to take note of the growing possibilities within the Femtech realm. Current predictions indicate that by 2027, there will be more than $60 billion put into the realm of Femtech investments. Some of the biggest investments that have recently occurred in the realm of Femtech include:

  • The Femtech company Ava recently raised €42 in investments for the development of its innovative product
  • The Femtech pioneers at Clue have raised a total of €27.4 as of the current date
  • The UK based Femtech company Elvie focuses on the realm of breastfeeding and has raised more than €45 in funding
  • Natural Cycles is an innovative Femtech company working within the contraceptive realm. The firm has raised €34 million in funding since its launch

Future of Femtech

Femtech is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the tech realm and it has a bright future ahead of it. It is a field that will continue to make innovations that help to provide balance to disparities across genders.

Though it is a young industry at the time, Femtech is expected to continue to grow. At the current time, the Femtech field still needs more investment and funding put into it.

At the same time, industry experts predict that Femtech will continue to experience an exponential level of growth in the coming decade. The current expectations include a doubling in overall scope in the coming years. This is good news for the cause of women’s health.

These Femtech products, services, and innovations stand to make a dramatic difference in women’s issues such as fertility, pregnancy, sex, and menstruation. The future clearly has a place set aside for the rapid growth of the Femtech industry.


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