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Pick up lines as most people view it are corny and cheesy. I say they are not. It depends on how you use it. Maybe you are interested in someone and want them to get the hint that you are interested in them sexually but don’t know how to have them knocking at your bedroom door. In this article you will learn some effective dirty pick up lines for your lover, crush, or partner! 

List of Dirty Pick Up Lines For Him & Her

Dirty Pick Up Lines for Him

Women have the power already to seduce a man just with their appearance and looks but if you are the kind of not knowing what to say or wondering how your friend Jane Doe can get John Smith in bed faster than you can, I have a trick for you. These pick up lines will send a man drooling at your doorstep (maybe not drooling, but you get the gist). 

You are Definitely on my To-Do List Tonight

Whether you run into a guy you been admiring since day 1 or on the phone with your lover and he asks you. “What are you later?” Hit him with that “You are definitely on my to-do list tonight.” If you are in person you should say it with a cute giggle at the end. Make your voice really soft and “airy”. This is an effective pick up line if used at the right time and your guy will definitely get the hint!

What’s Your Name Again? I Need to Know What I’ll be Screaming

This pick up line is definitely a favorite! If you use this line it will definitely make your lover feel very masculine and send him straight to the bedroom. He will feel that manly ego of his and want to take you down before you know it ! 

You Look Like you are a Very Hard Worker. I May have an Opening You can Fill

Most men like to think of themselves as hard workers and the provider of the home. So using this pickup line will send them into a frenzy of excitement! It’s cute and it’s quirky!

Nice Package. Let Me Help You Unwrap That.

Men loves it when you compliment their size all the time. They take pride in their manhood. To make this pickup line even more effective, make a moaning sound such as “Ooo…Nice Package Daddy or Papi (or whatever name you desire). Let Me Help You Unwrap That. Trust me. He will thank you later…or now depending on where you guys are at! 

Dirty Pick Up Lines for Her

You often think women are more discreet when it comes to sexual encounters or anything pertaining to sex in general and women are discreet but trust me, women love getting excited just as much as you do (even if they don’t admit it). So if you are a nerd trying to get a certain women of your interest in bed or a lover but don’t really know what to say, keep on reading. I got your back bud !

Are You a Swimming Pool, Because I like to Dive in You

Just by saying this, if she isn’t already wet this pick up line will definitely do the trick but if she is already wet this will only make her wetter. 

I’m not a Dentist, but I Bet I can give You a Filling

Be fun and flirty with this. After you and her had a couple of dates and maybe you take her back to your crib and doing some Netflix and Chill, softly whisper in her ear. Make sure to do it at the right time though, don’t just do this randomly or she will just think you are some perverted creep. 

Are You an Elevator? Because, I’ll go Up and Down on You

You could easily insert this if you and your lover are out and about and you can say something on the lines of “Hmm, I don’t feel like taking the stairs then casually look at her and say “Are you an Elevator? Because, I’ll gladly go up and Down on You. Insert some flavor into it ! Don’t sound robotic

Are Those Pants on Sale, Because they’re 100% off at my Place

This is a cute one. This is perfect if you take her shopping but make sure no one else is around ! 

Top Best Dirty Pick up Lines (Him & Her) 

Now these pick up lines are the type of lines when you are not playing any games and you want to get down to business quick fast and a hurry! They are the dirtiest of the dirty. 

I Would Love it if Your Cream was in my Coffee

This line in genius especially if your lover enjoys themselves some Starbucks! 

I Must be a demon, because I’ll Suck your Soul Out

This pick up line is a bit more on the raunchy side, saying this line will get your results quick! 

I Hid All the Chairs so You Could Sit On my Face

Don’t say this line if there is chairs in sight. You should hide some chairs for real, especially if your lover notices all the chairs are gone and says “Where are all the chairs?! or Where can I sit?” Then bam! Hit them with this line or you could say “You can sit on my face mami ” Make sure to add some cute name you call your lover afterwards. They will love it! 

Damn That ass is Brighter Than my Future

Women dream and aspire to have a nice big round bubble butt. Complimenting their bum in a nice flirty way will do the trick. Maybe she is stripping for you in the bedroom and she turns around and whoop there it is! 

Is that Ass a Basketball, Because it can Bounce up and down My Court

Another one shedding spotlight on that booty. This is perfect is your lover always takes pride in their bum or talks about their bum a lot. This would even be a bonus if they love basketball too. Wink Wink. 

I have 206 Bones in my Body, Want to Give me Another?

This is perfect, because we all know men “get hard” and they like to bone. Throw this line and the man in your life will take you down! 

I hope you and your lover enjoy all of these dirty pick up lines I have in-store for you. Be careful when using these though.

You must use these at the right time, the right setting and the right mood.

Use the really dirty ones for someone you know well or someone you know you will have a one night stand with. These are meant to be flirty, fun and attractive. Do not be a creep. Happy pick up lining! 


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