One of the brilliant things about looking at 90s porn stars is that there are some real famous pornstars mixed up in there. Many of them have gone onto careers outside of the world of porn.

Part of the reason why many of these 90s pornstars are so famous is due to the fact that they came at a time when the internet was just starting to blow up (you can thank porn for that), and porn sales on VHS were at an all-time high.

The fact that there are so many 90s pornstars, most of whom are amazing, made putting together this list of the best 90s pornstars really difficult. However, we are sure you will agree with every inclusion on this list. If you have more favorites, then brilliant! If you are just diving into the world of 90s porn for the first time, then you are starting in the right place.

Aria Giovanni

When Aria Giovanni was growing up, she claimed that many people called her the ugliest person they knew.

She managed to grow into her looks, though. She is easily one of the most beautiful of the 90s pornstars. She isn’t one of those ladies that got into the world of hardcore porn. Instead, she managed to nab a couple of awards at Penthouse, and ended up in all sorts of erotic movies. She even starred in a couple of non-nude reality TV shows, and even a mini web series that involved no nudity at all, although it did involve spoofing porn. She is the quintessential porn star from the 90s. She was easily a shoe-in for this list, and was the first name we wrote down.

Lisa Ann

Lisa Ann has come and gone into the porn industry several times now. In fact, she has retired three times. This means that you have three distinct porn periods where you can see her do something a little bit different. You won’t find her in that many movies from the early part of her career, though.

She only shot once film per month, but since that recording was done with John O’Rourke, you just know those films are going to be good. Nowadays, most people know her due to her return to the world of porn in the early 2000s, after being out of it for almost a decade. She starred in a lot of films as the porn version of Sarah Palin. In recent years, she has been dabbling in MILF porn, and while she has retired from porn once again, you can find her perform on webcam on occasion.

Janine Lindemulder

Continuing our list of 90s pornstars that have achieved fame outside of the world of porn, we have heavily tattooed Janine Lindemulder that starred in many punk and rap music videos in the 90s. You can catch her in the background of both Blink-182 and Eminem offerings.

In the 90s, she was perhaps best known for being one of the Vivid Girls and performing a few awesome videos for Vivid Video. She left the porn industry for a while to become a teacher but, nowadays, she is back in porn and she is working extensively with Vivid Video again. Only, this time rather than rocking the young body from the 90s, she is doing all sorts of filthy MILF shit.

Asia Carrera

Sometimes when we close our eyes, we can remember Asia Carrera’s massive rack. Hell, we just blink to see it. it was one of the highlights of the 1990s. This lady was so good that she was actually the very first person of Asian heritage to win an AVN award for Performer of the Year.

She starred in a whole mix of films at the time. In recent years, you have probably seen her in the documentary ‘When Porn Ends’ where she talked about her career in the porn business. She also talks heavily about how she is a member of MENSA. So, really, with Asia Carrera you have both a sexy lady and intelligence. What more could you possibly want from a lady?

Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick had somewhat of a rocky start when she first entered the porn industry. We won’t go into that, though. Instead, we want to talk about the successes she had. Her first foray into the world of porn was with photoshoots with Penthouse and Playboy. She then started to show in Vivid Films productions. The thing we love about Terra Patrick is that this is a lass that clearly has business sense. She is in control of pretty much all of her videos. She also runs her own porn production company. She makes a shit ton of moolah from licensing. She is truly one of the success stories of the 90s porn era.

Silvia Saint

With over 300 porn movies to her name, Silvia Saint was one of the most prolific porn stars of the 90s. Now, here is the real highlight of her career. She was one of the very first people in the world to have sex while completely weightless. She had to go to Russia to do this and head up in a plane that was sent into freefall.

However, for 20-seconds, she just fucked while being completely weightless. Of course, this film was set on a space station. She is still active in the porn industry and, despite looking like she is in her 20s, she is 44. She only does lesbian porn nowadays, but all of that is good. We certainly don’t mind.

Julia Ann

Julia Ann now does not pretty fucking hot MILF porn, but back in the 90s, she was doing some of the best lesbian porn scenes. She even starred with a few ladies on this list, Janine Lindemulder being one of the main ones. She was another one of the Vivid Girls, and her and Janine Lindemulder made some great erotic dances. This is how they got started properly in the industry.

Despite being in her 50s, Julia Ann is still releasing porn movies regularly. You can also catch her performing on a couple of webcam websites nearly every single day, and that to us is bloody amazing. We love seeing our idols get freaky.

Jenna Jameson

If somebody asked you to name a porn star from the 90s, we are almost certain that they would name Jenna Jameson. She is one of those ladies that has pretty much transcended the world of porn. She got started in the porn business in 1993, and she has won pretty much every single major porn award that she can win.

She then went on to make a porn studio (ClubJenna) which makes a shit ton of cash. She now performs as a webcam model. However, you can also find her appearing in random TV shows, her most notable cameo appearance being in family guy, although she also starred in ECW wrestling for a short while.

Stacy Mora

Stacy Moran is the first lady on this list that hasn’t really been active outside of the porn business. She has recorded a few porn videos, and that is it. However, she was still worthy of inclusion when we are talking about the best 90s pornstars.

This black-haired bombshell sometimes went by the name Racy Stacy. Samurai Sweethearts is where she spent most of her time performing. There is a lot of solo content, as well as some racy fucking videos. Not much content to discover, but we love the look of Stacy Moran, so she had to be included on this list.

Patricia Ford

Patricia Ford is a Hawaain pornstar from the 90s. The bulk of her time was spent starring in productions for Playboy. This should give you an idea of just how damn sexy people thought she was (and probably still is, although we haven’t seen a recent photograph of her). Due to the contract she had with Playboy, she only starred in a few videos with them.

This means there isn’t that much content out there. She also appeared in various Playboy calendars. She did try her hand at ‘proper’ acting at one point, but it seems as if that didn’t really take hold for her. At the time of writing she has been retired from the porn business for 14-years. She isn’t coming back. Luckily, she left a lot of excitement out there.

Holly Body

Holly Body is one of the most ‘shapely’ of porn actresses included on this list. She has boobs that would blow your absolute mind. She has around 110 porn videos to her name, as well as some self-shot content. While we haven’t seen all of her videos, we can tell you that we are positive that anything she has starred in is amazing. She is one of porn’s golden girls. While she hasn’t been active in the industry since 2005, her videos still generate a lot of buzz online. You can see why we absolutely had to include her in this list of the best 90s pornstars, right?

Chasey Lain

If you Google Chasey Lain, you won’t actually find out anything about Chasey Lain. At least not for the first few search results. This is because The Bloodhound Gang put together a pretty damn awesome song about her in the 90s. It was all about asking her whether they could eat her ass.

You know. The normal thing people ask through song lyrics. She got started in the porn business when she was 18, and she is still performing to this day. Most of the stuff she films now is incest lesbian porn under the title ‘Mommy and Me’, which is a series from Filly Film Studios.

Jilly Kelly

Jilly Kelly performed in over 50 full-length movies in her career. Using the money she made from this, she went on to form her own porn production company, which produced even more.

Sadly, her fortunes took a turn for the worst during the formation of the company and she went bankrupt. Now all of her content is owned by Penthouse, and they have released a decent amount of it. Of course, those issues haven’t stopped her from being one of the most famous porn actresses in the business. She has several AVN awards to her name.

Ashlyn Gere

Alright, Ashyln Gere doesn’t have the prettiest face in the porn business, but it can be argued that she has one of the most rocking of bodies. You will find her in over 200 movies from the 1990s. However, many people will also know her due to the work she performed away from the porn business.

Perhaps her biggest being a starring role in an episode of the X-Files (you can’t get much more 90s than that, can you?). She hasn’t been active in the porn business since 2009, but there are some mutterings that she may be heading out on the road with her exotic dancing again.

Taylor Hayes

Taylor Hayes got started in the porn business in 1995. She worked exclusively with VCA Pictures for a while. However, acclaimed porn director Seymore Butts clearly saw something in her, as he started to produce a ton of movies around her. She didn’t perform that much in the 1990s, but everything we have seen of hers is great. Most of the best stuff came when she joined Vivid Entertainment at the end of the 90s. She is now one of only a few people to sit in the AVN Hall of Fame.

Briana Banks

Briana Banks was highly active in the 90s, but you may not find that much porn attributed to her. This is because up until 1999, she was known as Mirage. However, she got breast enlargement surgery, and since her look changed, she decided that she needed to shake up her name too. She was active until at least 2010, when she won an AVN award nomination for having one of the best DP scenes of the year. In fact, she has been a regular feature at AVN awards, with nominations and some wins for everything from ‘outrageous sex scene’ to ‘best group scene’. So, Briana is a lady that covered a lot of bases.

Nikki Tyler

Nikki Tyler is another lady that got into porn through Penthouse. Although, she quickly expanded her scope and starred in movies with other studios. Perhaps the main reason why she is remembered from the 90s, however, is due to the things that she did off-screen. Nikki Tyler was in an intense lesbian relationship with Jenna Jameson for a few years. She is now fully retired from the industry, which is a huge shame. We miss her tits. We see no chance of her coming back, but at least we still have tons of videos of her rocking those massive bosoms.

Nikki Kennedy

Sadly, it is tough to find out information about Nikki Kennedy nowadays. However, for us, we still think of her when we think of porn in the 90s. She was a British actress (or she was really good at putting on that accent!) and for her, the more hardcore the porn was, the better. You could find her starring in a lot of porn from lesbian, bondage, and a bit of DP. Sadly, she never won any awards, which means that she is one of the forgotten names from the 90s. However, if you are lucky enough to track down some of the content she has produced, you are going to have a lot of fun.

Kobe Tai

Japanese 90s porn star Kobe Tai has often been regarded as one of the hottest Asian porn stars in the business. It isn’t hard to see why either. In 1997, she won an award for being one of the best newcomers to the business. In 2000, she was one of the rare people that have managed to secure two nominations in the same year at the AVN awards. Outside of porn, she even sang on a Marilyn Manson album! She hasn’t done that much in recent years, but you can find her entire content library with Vivid Entertainment.

Racquel Darrian

As sad as it may seem, we now have to wrap up this list of the best 90s porn stars with Racquel Darrian. During the early part of the 90s, you would only find this brunette performing all-female films. However, after a ton of offers to star in some proper fucking, she teamed up with her husband and done a ton of scenes. Although, she isn’t really remembered quite so much for that.

Scenes with the same people repeatedly can get a little bit boring. The real excitement in her career came when she took the decision to break away from her husband. Sadly, she never achieved huge stardom in the porn industry due to the limited number of films she starred in, but she deserved it. This is why we are wrapping up this list with her.


So, there you have it. A list of the best 20 pornstars in 90s porn. Go check them out. We are positive that you will enjoy each and every one of them!


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