As sad as it may seem, many people are sexually abused. What is even sadder is that many of these people will never get the justice that they deserve. This is because they often do not know who they can turn to.

List of Best Sex Abuse Lawyers in United States

On this page, we want to walk you through the role that sex abuse lawyers perform in the United States. We also want to introduce you to the best sex abuse lawyers in the country. The ones that you will always be able to rely on to give you the justice that you deserve.

What is Sex Abuse?

Sex abuse can take many different forms.

For many, rape is the first thing that springs to mind when they think of sex abuse. However, sex abuse can be anything from light sexual touching, constant sexual remarks, or even sending unwanted images or videos.

Perhaps the best way to define sex abuse is unwanted sexual advances or contact, despite showing that you do not want this contact. This may involve adults as the victim, or it may involve children. The latter is going to be seen as much more serious in the eyes of the law.

Sex abuse is a crime. Not only should you be working with sex abuse lawyers to get the justice that you deserve, but the crime should also be reported.

What Do Sexual Abuse Lawyers Do?

Sex abuse lawyers fill a very important role in the legal system. This is because they are quite often dealing with a very delicate subject matter. They can’t just rush into court and represent the victim of sex abuse. Instead, they need to liaison with the victim. They need to guide the victim through the entire process and act as some sort of protection. Sex abuse survivors should never be working with non-sex abuse lawyers. They will never get the care that they need.

Sex abuse lawyers can help with the reporting of crimes. They can also help to provide assistance to victims while ensuring that justice is properly handed out.

Some of the sex abuse lawyers on this page are not for victims. Instead, they are there to provide representation for those that have been accused of sex abuse crimes. These people deserve to be defended. After all, you cannot ensure that justice has properly been carried out if not everybody involved in the case has received fair representation.

The Best Sex Abuse Lawyers in the United States

Despite the prevalence of sex abuse in the United States, there are very few real sex abuse lawyers. This can often make sex abuse victims feel as if they do not have anybody to fight for their side. Thankfully, there are still some lawyers that will dedicate themselves to helping victims. What follows are some of the best sex abuse lawyers in the United States.

All of these top sex abuse lawyers will have a dedicated part of their practice where they represent sex abuse victims. They will also have many completed court cases, so you know that the representation from them will be good.

Remember, if you are hiring a sex abuse lawyer, you should always talk to the lawyer beforehand. This way you can determine whether they will be a good fit for you or not. As a sex abuse victim, you really have to know that your selected lawyer cares about you.

Jeff Herman – New York, Florida

While their main base of operations can be found in New York and Florida, Jeff Herman and the rest of the Herman Law team are able to offer sex abuse representation throughout the United States. To date, they have won $200-million in damages for sex abuse survivors.

Like many of the sex abuse law firms that you will find on this page, Herman Law operates on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. They are also able to offer their services in Spanish. This means that if you approach them with the details of your case, they will let you know whether they can take it on. They will not get paid unless they win your case, so you know that they are always going to be receiving the best representation possible.

One of the brilliant things about Jeff Herman and his team is that they operate their own investigation unit. This means that they can carry out better investigations into many sex crimes than other law firms. This makes it easier for them to get you the justice that you deserve.

Teresa Li – California

Teresa Li has won several awards for her legal work, and she is often regarded as one of the best lawyers working in the state of California. Despite her young age in comparison to many lawyers in the state, she has a wealth of experience under her belt. She is the only lawyer on this list that will be able to offer services in Chinese.

The law offices of Teresa Li are not just dedicated to sex abuse. They deal with a whole host of different types of representation. Her specialty, however, is in child sex abuse and sex abuse related to those with disabilities. She can also help with issues related to sexting in schools, which can cause several problems in California.

She does not offer sex abuse victim services to adults. Instead, she has spent her time gaining experience in one area in order to ensure that she can always provide the best representation for those that she works with.

Teresa Li operates on a no-win, no fee basis. This means that you will have peace of mind knowing that she is always going to be offering you the best possible representation.

Law Office of George C. Ruiz – Texas

George C. Ruiz and his team provide legal representation in sex abuse cases in Texas. Based in San Antonio, the law office can provide representation no matter where you are located within the state.

Unlike many of the law firms on this list, George C. Ruiz does not really provide representation to sex abuse victims that are seeking damages from their abusers. His offices will provide representation to those that have been criminally charged with sex abuse crimes and wish for the best representation possible.

Of course, they will not be able to take on every case. Those that need representation are advised to get in touch with them. They will then determine whether they will have the skills to take on that particular case.

Outside of this, George C. Ruiz can provide representation in family law matters. The termination of parental rights is a big one here, as well as custody of children. If sex abuse is a factor in either of these cases, then his law office can help.

All of their services can be offered in Spanish. Despite only launching in 2015, this is regarded as one of the best family law firms in the San Antonio area. This is due to the quality staff members that George C. Ruiz has managed to bring into his firm.

Law Offices of Jason Turchin – Florida

Jason Turchin has several law offices located throughout Florida.

The entire company is dedicated to helping the victims get the justice that they deserve. Over the years, the Law Offices of Jason Turchin have provided successful legal representation in over 5,500 cases. In each case, Jason Turchin and his team were fighting for the rights of the victim.

While the company does not operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, they are able to provide you with a free consultation. All you need to do is call them and they will tell you, honestly, whether they are going to be the right team to represent your sex abuse case in Florida. Their prices are incredibly affordable, and if you win your clam, you won’t have to pay a penny to them. Instead, the losing side will pay for the costs. This ensures that you are able to obtain 100% of the compensation that you are entitled to.

It is worth noting that the Law Offices of Jason Turchin do not provide representation in all sex abuse cases. So, if they cannot help you, then you may wish to work with some of the other attorneys based within Florida, of which there are many.

Hach & Rose – New York

With over $400-million worth of settled claims to their name, the Hach & Rose law firm are among the most prolific of sex abuse lawyers on this list. While they do not just focus on sex abuse victims, they are brilliant at providing representation in this area. This is one of only a few personal injury law firms located in the state that are able to deal with the latest changes to the New Jersey Child Sex Abuse Law which came into force in 2019.

This law enables child sex abuse victims to sue their abusers to gain compensation. In our opinion, there is no firm better to work with than this. Hach & Rose know just how delicate working with child sex abuse victims can be, and they want to ensure that they are offered the best representation possible.

Hach & Rose is a no-win, no fee law firm. This means that sex abuse survivors will not have to pay them any money unless their case is successful. This is great because it means that sex abuse victims really will have access to the justice that they truly deserve.

One of the reasons why Hach & Rose come so highly related in the state of New York is due to the personal approach that they take to your case. You won’t be dealing with a call center like you would with other no wins, no fee law firms. You will be working directly with your lawyer, and they will always be there to provide you with the answers that you need.

Balkin and Mausner – Illinois and Washington D.C.

While not a dedicated law firm for sex abuse, the law firm of Balkin and Mausner can help sex abuse victims claim compensation as part of personal injury damages.

As a no win, no fee law firm, Balkin and Muasner will not require any payment from you. They believe that the only person that should be paying for your injuries should be the one that caused them. This means that you can focus on your day-to-day life, confident that you have a crack team of lawyers working diligently on your case to ensure that you get the justice that you deserve.

This is a law firm that is very selective about the type of cases that it takes on. Therefore, if Balkin and Mausner are willing to provide you with representation, then you know that they are going to be providing you with the best representation possible. This means that you know that you have a strong chance of winning your sex abuse claim.

Patrick M. Farrell – Ohio

While Patrick M. Farrell’s law firm can provide you with limited representation in civil claims, the bulk of their work is focused on defending those accused of sexual crimes in Ohio. After all, those that have been accused of a crime do deserve representation in court to ensure that justice is carried out.

Patrick M. Farrell and his team of lawyers have been providing representation for accused criminals within the state of Ohio for over 30-years now. This means that if you work with his team, you can be sure that you are receiving the best representation possible. It will ensure that justice is carried out.

Patrick M. Farrell is going to be a better choice than any public defender that the court system provides you with.

Vindicate Law Firm – Washington

Vindicate Law Firm is a law firm dedicated to those that have been accused of crimes such as sexual abuse. This can include assisting with the expungement of crimes from a criminal record.

The Vindicate Law Firm has been providing representation for those accused of all sorts of sex crimes from over 20-years now. Of course, while they have not always been successful with their defense since many of the people that they represent are guilty, they always do work hard to ensure that justice is served properly.

This means that those accused of sex crimes can be sure that any penalties that they do receive fit the crime. The Vindicate Law Firm to argue on your behalf.

The Vindicate Law Firm does have several different lawyers working in their law offices. Each of these lawyers will have their own practice area. However, there may be a small overlap in cases. The large size of their team means that you will always have multiple lawyers assisting with your case to ensure that you are always going the best sex abuse representation in Washington possible.

Kelly Law Firm – Arizona

John Kelly, owner of the Kelly Law Firm in Phoneix, Arizona, can help sex abuse victims claim compensation from their abusers in the state.

The Kelly Law Firm will not be able to provide representations in sex abuse cases due to the limitations of Arizona law. However, they do offer a free consultation service so you can determine whether they are the right law firm for you.

The company has a string of successful cases to their name, often resulting in multi-million dollar settlements. All of their cases will not require payment from the claimant unless the case is successful. This means that if you do not win your claim against your abuser, you will not have to pay a single cent to the Kelly Law Firm.

Of course, this does mean that the company is going to be a bit more selective about the cases that it takes on, but it also provides you with the reassurance that if they do take on your case, they are going to be able to provide you with the representation that you need. It also demonstrates that there is a high likelihood of you winning the case.

Sidkoff, Pincus, and Green – Philadelphia

While their main area of expertise is not in sex abuse cases, the team of lawyers at this company has decades of experience in this business. This means that they can provide a limited amount of representation for sex abuse victims within Philadelphia. If you are unsure as to whether they can provide you with the representation that you need, then just get in touch with them. These are some of the friendliest lawyers in the state.

The company is able to provide representation in both state and federal courts. This includes providing defense services for those that have been accused of sex crimes. Due to the wealth of lawyers working for the company, they are always going to be able to find somebody that is a good fit for your particular case. This company thrives on providing the best representation possible, which is why they are the most successful law firm within the state of Philadelphia.


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