Are you looking for some of the best sperm pills on the market? Looking for the best way to ‘jizz’ more? Fantastic! We are here to help. On this page, we are going to introduce you to eight of the best sperm supplements on the market. Trust us, if you opt for one of these pills, you are going to end up with something that really, really helps you out.

What Are Sperm Pills?

Sperm pills, or semen pills as they are most commonly known, are pills designed to increase the amount of sperm a man produces. Most of the ones available on the market are completely natural products, which means they use various plants and natural ingredients to provide this boost to semen production.

Do Sperm Pills Work? How Do You Choose the Right One?

Sperm pills can work. In fact, the whole key to boosting sperm quantity is to eat as healthily as you possibly can. Since many of the top sperm pills on the market are essentially a nutrient supplement, they are pretty much guaranteed to work. However, you do have to bear in mind that there are some products on the market which stand no hope of working. They are made with low-quality ingredients or, worse, unchecked pharmaceutical products.

Perhaps the best way to find sperm pills that work is to read real reviews of the product. This way, you can start to get a feel for which products are OK to be using regularly. That is part of the reason as to why we put together this page. We want to steer you clear of the poor quality products that are sometimes dangerous to use, and lead you onto the products that are 100% safe. Pick up any of the ones on this list, and we are almost certain it will help you increase your sperm production.

Best Pills to Increase Sperm, Semen Volume:

In this section, we are going to go through eight of the best sperm pills on the market. All of these have been ‘tried and tested’, so you know that if you opt for any one of these, you are going to be ending up with something of exceedingly high quality. Due to several ‘fake’ products on the market, it is suggested that you stick to just one of these eight pills. That way you know you are going to be getting something decent.

Volume Pills

Volume Pills are a product designed to boost so much more than just semen production. If you take these sperm pills, you will be able to enjoy the following:

  • Increased energy during sex
  • Better erections
  • Increased stamina
  • Last longer in bed

It is pretty much a decent sex pill. It does pretty much everything you could possibly want. It accomplishes this through completely natural ingredients, and the need to only take a couple of these sperm pills per day.

One of the major benefits of Volume Pills is that they do not have any reported side effects. It is incredibly rare that a person will be allergic to the ingredients loaded into Volume Pills too, which means that this is one of only a few products on the market that you can take safely. There is no risk.


Semenax is a product that makes the bold claim that it can help to produce more than 500% sperm. While cannot vouch for that number specifically, we can say with certainty that Semenax will increase semen products. It will do this by a considerable amount, in fact.

This product contains all sorts of natural ingredients to give your body the perfect boost of nutrients. Semenax will increase your

Semenax is probably going to be the best product for those that not only want to increase their semen amount but also who want to increase their fertility. Study after study has demonstrated that Semenax really can help to boost the quality of the semen. This means that it has a lot more chance of fertilizing the egg.

Max Performer

Max Performer is probably one of the most popular semen pills online. This is, partly, down to the fact that it is marketed heavily. However, it also attracts a ton of praise for the quality and effectiveness of the supplement.

Once again, this is going to be a natural supplement, so you probably do not need us to tell you that there will be no side effects here. In fact, the production of Max Performer uses ingredients that are of such a high standard that we do not believe we have ever seen a genuine complaint about how effective it is as a supplement.

Max Performer has been designed for those that want that huge improvement while they are in bed. This product, specifically, has been designed to deal with getting you larger and harder erections. It can also help to improve endurance in bed. The fact that it can also boost the volume of sperm you produce is even better!


Maxocum is the first product on this list which is actually dedicated to boosting the amount that you cum. While it does have a few additional benefits, this is mostly only for those men that want to cream heavier loads. This product makes the claim that it can help you to produce 500% more cum.

Now, this is actually a claim that we are more than happy to stick by. If you have low semen production, then Maxocum probably can help you to boost it by as much as 500%. Even people with reasonably-sized loads will probably see some sort of benefit when they use Maxocum.

If that wasn’t enough, there is a ton of evidence that Maxocum can increase your fertility. It results in better quality sperm. Oh, and by all accounts, Maxocum can also have a huge impact on the quality of the orgasm. A lot of men who have taken Maxocum for a few weeks report that the quality of their orgasm tends to go up. And, you know what they say lads, if sex is better for you, it is going to be better for your partner too!


Semenax is a product that sets out with one mission, and one mission only. This is to increase the amount that you cum. If you are not trying to be more fertile, and your performance in bed is already on the decent side, then you will almost certainly want to look into picking up Seminax. This is regarded as one of the best pure ‘cum increasing’ products on the market. You aren’t going to get anything better if cum increasing is your main aim.

Once again, this is a product that only makes use of completely natural ingredients. This means that there will be absolutely no side effects when you take Semenax. In fact, one of the things that really surprised us about Semenax is the fact that it is devoid of any filler ingredients. Literally everything packed into Semenax has been scientifically proven to help to boost the amount a man cums.


Maxatin is another supplement which has really been designed for increasing the strength of an erection, but due to the natural ingredients packed into Maxatin, it really has the benefit of being able to increase other aspects of your sex life too. This means that those that consume Maxatin are able to enjoy the ability to cum more, be more fertile, and last a whole lot longer in bed.

In the grand scheme of things, Maxatin is probably one of the newest ‘quality’ sperm pills to the market. However, do not let that put you off. This is a product that has been designed, from the ground up, to offer you a decent sex experience time and time again.

This is a slow pill to work, often taking a couple of weeks for you to really start to see the full effects of it. However, when that happens, we promise you that Maxatin is probably going to be one of the best supplements you can use.


Next up on our list is Spermomax, another one of the sperm pills that has been scientifically proven to work, while at the same time only including natural ingredients.

As the name suggests, this is more sperm pills as opposed to semen pills. Spermomax has, mostly, been designed for those men that want to increase their fertility. Of course, because it comes loaded with a plethora of natural ingredients, this boost also means that men can enjoy heavier loads anyway. After all, the whole reason why sperm are better quality is due to the semen that they are surrounded with, right?

Of course, this isn’t even the whole story. Many men that have taken Spermomax also report that they get to enjoy longer and better orgasms. So, if you want sex to feel better, then this product is probably going to be right up your street. It feels absolutely fantastic to cum with this.

To cap it all off; Spermomax is made in proper pharmaceutical labs. In fact, as far as we know, absolutely every single product on this page has been made in an actual pharmaceutical lab. This means that you can trust the company when they say that they are only including quality ingredients. Their entire reputation is staked upon it. These specific pills are made in New Zealand, but they can be found in just about every country in the world on sale, so tracking down some Spermomax shouldn’t be that much of an issue.


We are going to round off by talking about VigRX. This is because it is yet another supplement that is heavily marketed. As a result, it is likely to be one you have heard of. Luckily for you, this is probably one of the best general sex pills on the market for men.

Obviously, you are probably going to be most concerned about the sperm boost and the semen boost. It does both of these well and yes, once again, it accomplishes this through natural ingredients. However, there is so much more to VigRX than just this. If you take this supplement, you will become a whole lot better in bed.

VigRX can boost your overall energy levels. It can also boost your libido. This means that not only will you be wanting sex a whole lot more, but when you do end up doing the deed, you will end up performing a whole lot better in bed. Your partner will love it.

The entire time, your partner is going to be enjoying that big, strong erection that you are now boasting. Seriously. If you want to get better, longer-lasting erections, then VigRX is probably the best route to go down. Hell, there is even small evidence that it makes your penis appear a little bigger. However, this is more likely down to the fact that if you take this supplement, you will be healthier, and this means you will probably be losing weight.

How Long Does it Take for Sperm Pills to Work

This is dependent on the pill. Although, they should all have pretty much the same time frame for them to work.

The thing with the sperm pills on this page is that they are packed to the brim with natural ingredients. The whole idea of these supplements is that they will naturally build up the resources that your body needs to produce semen. This is not going to be a quick process by any stretch of the imagination. In most cases, it will likely be a few weeks before you notice an increase in semen quantity.

Although, this will be dependent on how much you are producing now. If you are producing small amounts of semen, you may notice a faster impact. Some men may see a major benefit in just a few days.

Who Should Use These Supplements – Are they Safe?

Any man could, feasibly, use any of the semen supplements we listed before. However, we feel that the men that will get the most out of them will be those with smaller loads (under a quarter teaspoon) or a touch on the older side of things. While most men could see an increase in their sperm volume, the ones that will get the most out of semen supplements will be those that are not producing a lot, to begin with.

It is also recommended that people consider these products if they are suffering from fertility issues, or trying to get somebody pregnant. They will likely up the sperm count, and make the semen of a far superior quality. This means more chance of it.

Of course, all of the supplements you see on this list are safe to use. This is because we have carefully selected them. If you choose a product not on this list, then you cannot be 100% certain of the ingredients packed into it, and this could just end up being unsafe to use.

Benefits of Using Sperm Volume Pills

Obviously, the main benefit is that they will help to increase your semen production. In fact, this is pretty much going to be the only reason as to why people are going to be picking up pills to boost sperm volume.

Due to these pills also boosting sperm production, there is a strong chance that these pills can help with fertility issues, or speed up the process of getting pregnant. They may be especially beneficial to those on the older side of things.

You will also be pleased to know that semen pills are packed to the brim with nutrients. Even if you do not see an increase in your semen production (and you almost certainly will), you can at least enjoy giving your body an amazing dose of nutrients.

Side Effects

To be honest, there are not that many side effects to any of these supplements. Since most of them are natural supplements, you do not have to worry about that. However, you are always encouraged to go through the ingredients list for each of these products so you know exactly what is there. This will help to prevent any allergic reactions.

Some people may report a headache when they start taking some of these supplements. However, these will be quite minor, and they will often disappear within a few days. This is just your body getting used to the healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients it is getting.


There are a lot of semen pills on the market. Some of them are good, others not quite so much. This is why we actively encourage you to only stick to the eight that we recommend on this page. These eight sperm pills are regarded as the best there are for a reason. Choose one of them, and you can be boosting your semen production in a very short span of time. Oh, and you have all those other benefits to enjoy too!


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