Sometimes, we just want to head online and have a good bit of sex chat with some likeminded adults. This could be on webcam, or it could be via text chat. The problem is that most of the decent chat sites out there are not adult chat sites. This means that if you say something even a little bit ‘out there’, then you may be looking at a ban.

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Thankfully, you have us. We have taken the time to go out there and put together a list of some of the best adult chat sites around. These are the ones that are the absolute best of the best. Check them out!


Everybody has been on Omegle at least once, right? This is the classic video cam chat site. You hit the randomize button and you will be matched up with a complete stranger.

You can either talk to them, or you can move on and chat with somebody else. The choice is completely yours. Now, do bear in mind that there isn’t really a ‘minimum age’ for Omegle.

This means that you do not want to be entering the general chat. Instead, you are going to want to opt for the adult chat option that Omegle offers.

This way you will be matched up with likeminded adults. If you try to do that sort of thing in the main part of Omegle, then you are looking at a long IP ban, and that is going to be awful! Remember; this is one of those adult chat sites where if you want the most success, you are going to need to pick up a webcam.


This is another one of those adult chat sites that tends to allow everybody. However, luckily for you, Chat Avenue does have its own adult chat section, which you can dive into if you want.

Chat Avenue is one of the older adult chat sites out there, so the design is not going to be all that brilliant. That being said, the team at Chat Avenue has been pouring a lot of effort into updating the site as of late.

This means that it seems to be boasting a ton of features that you _need. _This includes a ton of video chats and a private messaging service. Cool, right?


This is pretty much the same style of site like Omegle. This means that you can click random and hopefully find some sexy people that you want to chat to. However, there is one major difference.

The first is a premium membership, which you do not actually need. The second is the fact that there are dedicated chat rooms.

So, if you are in the mood for some college students, then you can head to that room (for example). It, essentially, provides you with more of a way that you can really narrow down the people that you are chatting to.

This means that you should, hopefully, end up with far better conversations as a result.


There are a lot of people who do dismiss iSexyChat as being a bit on the bland side. We are inclined to disagree. Yes. We understand that there are going to be some rather boring chat rooms on iSexyChat.

However, what you must remember is that this is one of the original online adult chat sites. This means that it does attract a lot of people and, as a result, there are going to be a shit ton of chat rooms for you to explore.

We reckon that you could have a ton of fun just clicking from room to room on this website. Hell, it won’t take long before you find one that you love. Our particular favorites are the roleplay rooms.

Nearly every single person knows what they are into in these rooms, and if you have always wanted to learn how to roleplay, you can pretty much pick up some real kinky shit from here. For that, we think that iSexyChat is a ‘must visit’ for us.


From the outside, it doesn’t really like 321 Sex Chat brings a lot to the table. However, once you dive into the site, you will be surprised at just how much awesome shit there is for you to explore here.

We are talking dozens and dozens of chat rooms. In fact, there are so many chat rooms, that we are pretty sure that you will be able to find anything that fits whatever kink you have, no matter how wacky it is, with no more than a couple of clicks on the website.

There is just so much to explore here. One of the things that really love about this website is that it has managed to build up a community.

Once you have found some of the parts of the site that you enjoy the most, we can pretty much guarantee that it won’t be long before you are sticking around there for a long time, always talking to the same people.

You will make a ton of friends here, and that is pretty damn rare for an online adult sex chat site, right?


By all accounts, CooMeet is pretty much a dating site. However, we genuinely cannot think of that many people who use CooMeet for that purpose. Instead, you can think of it as just a well-moderated chat randomizer.

Why is it well-moderated? Well, it is because this is one of only a few websites that seems to do a pretty damn good job at making sure that when somebody says they are a woman, they are actually a woman. Before anybody is thrown into that randomizer, they will have their gender verified.

This means that anybody you want to chat to is going to be 100% the type of person that you want. Although, of course, do bear in mind that this is still going to be a chat randomizer.

You do need to have a good personality, otherwise you will stand zero chance of having people stick around and have a good chat with you, sadly.


Next up is Meet in Chat. This site is only a year and a bit old, so we almost didn’t include it on this list. However, after browsing about Meet in Chat for a while, we very quickly realized that this was a site that we loved. Since it is so new, it isn’t getting a whopping number of people visit it.

However, it has managed to build up a fairly decent community. If you are on Meet in Chat, there is going to be a lot of cool people to chat to over the plethora of chatrooms that they have.

Like some of the other major chat sites that we have mentioned on this list, you will start to become very familiar with some of the chatters. In our opinion, this is always one of the best types of chat room out there.

After all, chat rooms are all for having fun and making friends, right? Do remember that Meet in Chat is strictly a text chat site. If you want to get down and freaky on webcam, then you will need to go elsewhere e.g. Skype.


While the other sites that we have mentioned on this site do work well on mobile devices, none of them are ‘quite there’. There always seems to be an issue or two that pops up.

Although, let’s be honest, can you blame these sites? Converting chat or video discussion to mobile devices, without using an app, is pretty damn difficult. This is why we were so impressed with Flingster.

This is pretty much a site that has been designed from the ground-up to run on mobile devices. Everything about their video chat is going to be ridiculously smooth when you are there. Oh, and don’t worry.

This doesn’t mean that you will not be able to use it on your normal computer. Once again, the site is going to do a pretty damn good job when it comes to that, and this means you can chat no matter where you are.

Once again, this is another site that will try to match you up with people of the opposite sex, which means you are going to end up with more ‘productive’ conversations…if you catch our drift.


Alright. Chatzy is probably one of the blandest looking adult sex chat sites we have ever seen. It is just a black page with some white text. However, once you start to use the site, it will become clear that the team at Chatzy spent a lot more cash on building up the actual tech part of the site.

If you are here, then Chatzy boasts hundreds of chat rooms. You may think that they are going to be empty, but they are not. Hell, you will be surprised at just how many people are going to be using Chatzy on a daily basis.

There is just so much awesome shit to explore here that we seriously do think that this will become one of your main websites at some point.

The part that we loved is that Chatzy tends to tap into kinks that other sites do not seem to touch. So, if you have what you feel is a really, really weird kink then Chatzy will probably have a room or two you can jump into. That way you can have a chat with other likeminded individuals.


Next on our list is Dirty Roulette. This site is just a chat randomizer. However, since literally everybody on this site is in the mood for sex chat, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find somebody that you want to talk to.

However, you do need to bear in mind that the vast majority of people who are kicking around on Dirty Roulette are going to be males. So, you may need to click through a shit ton of people before you find somebody that tickles your fancy.

However, we promise you, sooner or later you are going to be able to find somebody that is ridiculously fucking hot, so this won’t be an issue!


Chat Roulette was one of the original sex chat sites and, to be honest, it probably grew far quicker than anybody could have imagined. It launched, and then seemingly had millions of users overnight.

This is one of those sites that has taken a heavy stance against nudity, so if that is what you are in the mood for, then you will need to head elsewhere. Chat Roulette is for when you stumble across other likeminded adults to have a bit of a chat with. Probably not the ultimate sex chat site in the world, but it certainly has enough people to keep you excited.


This site has been kicking around since the 1990s, so you do have to forgive the design of Chatropolis a little bit. There is no denying that this is one of the best places online to head if you are interested in some good old-fashioned sex chat, though.

Hell, this is probably one of the better sites for it. The community here is tight knit, particularly if you head to one of the smaller chat rooms, but in our experience, they are always going to be more than happy to welcome you with ‘open arms’.

Chatropolis is a site that you really should be visiting at least once in your life.


So, there you have it. A complete list of the best adult sex chat sites out there. Remember; there is something for everybody here.

This means that if the first site that you stumble across doesn’t tickle your fancy, we can promise you that there will be others that will.

Take your time and click through them. You never know what sort of sexy shit is waiting for you in these chat rooms. Trust us. A lot of them can get pretty bloody dirty.


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