Heard of Bella Thorne? Wondering why so many people are looking up Bella Thorne nudes on top porn websites, but you still don’t have a clue who she is? Read on! We are going to try and explain everything for you.


At the time of writing, Bella Thorne is a 22-year old American actress and singer.

While she acted a lot in her younger years, it wasn’t until 2010 that she came to people’s attention. This is when she was handed her own Disney TV show: Shake it Up.

In this show, she was paired up with Zendaya, also a highly-searched for person on porn sites, although as far as we know, there are no real Zendaya nudes out there.

In this show, Bella played the role of an aspiring dancer who starred on a TV show. This is a pretty simplistic plot, but it was the Disney Channel, so can you really blame it?

After Shake It Up (as well as during), she went the pretty stereotypical Disney Channel route and started to appear in various TV shows on the channel, as well as a couple of ‘Made for TV movies’.

She probably released a song or two, because we all know just how much Disney loves those sweet music royalties (you can thank Miley Cyrus and High School Musical for opening up Disney’s eyes to the money they can make there!)

At some point, she left the Disney Channel and started to star in a few more adult-orientated shows.

This includes an episode of Crime Scene Investigation, and a couple of episodes of the short-lived Scream TV series.

This introduced her to a whole new audience. Between 2014 and 2020 she has been starring in movies and TV shows like crazy. Even if you do not know who Bella Thorne is, we are 100% sure that she has appeared in a show that you have heard of, or even regularly watch.

Perhaps the movie that she is probably best-known for, and one that probably triggered people searching for Bella Thorne nudes is ‘The Babysitter‘, a movie on Netflix.

While she wasn’t a main character in this film (spoiler alert) she is killed off pretty quickly in the movie), a good chunk of her character is just how damn sexy she is.

Honestly, at times it seems as if she is just begging you to look at her nudes. We think that it was this movie, shortly after she hit 18, that really increased the number of deep fakes made of her.

Nowadays, she is performing on stage as a singer and a dancer, while at the same time starring in a lot of TV shows and movies. She is also highly active on social media, which is no doubt introducing more people to the wonders of Bella Thorne.

Oh, and in terms of her sex life? Yep. She makes no secret about that. She recently came out as pansexual, and she WAS in a polyamorous relationship with a top female YouTube star, which is no doubt introducing her to more people. The whole bisexual/pansexual thing is probably also introducing some pretty filthy thoughts into the minds of porn lovers.


To understand why people look up these nudes, it is probably worth knowing a little bit about what she looks like, right? Yeah. We know that she is famous enough that you can just Google a picture of her, but still.

She is a red-headed lass (massive in the porn industry), with a slim, svelte body (massive in the porn industry!), and a stunning pair of knockers (no surprise she is massive in the porn industry!).

Oh, and she is famous.

A lot of the reason why people Google her is because she is famous.

Think about it for a second. Do you really feel that there are any celebs out there who haven’t had their nudes Googled at least once? Think of the most hideous celebrity in the world, and we can guarantee that a few thousand people have searched for their nudes at least once (hello Gary Busey nudes!)


Come on. Look at her. Every since this woman hit 18, porn sites have been rife with searches for Bella Thorne nudes. This is probably because a lot of people grew up watching her in TV shows. Pretty much the same happened to Emma Watson once she hit 18.

Of course, Bella Thorne probably didn’t help herself. She has been in some movies such as The Babysitter, where a considerable focus on her character in the movie was the size of her tits. Obviously, she has never starred in porn or anything like that, but it is fair to say that some of the movies she has been in as of late do oversexualize here.

That being said, in 2019, Bella Thorne released her nudes to the internet.

This is because somebody was threatening to release her nudes, so she decided to take control of the situation and put her own nudes out there:

It caused quite a stir on the internet at the time. As a result, we have no doubt that a lot of people are looking at Bella Thorne nudes because not only is it pretty much the only celebrity that you can guarantee is really nude in the picture (i.e,. not a fake).

But she is one of only a few celebrities that released the images themselves. This means that you can pretty much look at her nudes guilt-free. These are not leaked images.

They are images she has chosen to share with the world.

Of course, as we stated earlier, most people likely just want to look at her because they grew up with her in their life. She is also an incredibly sexy lady, and there are very few people out there who do not actually want to look at incredibly sexy lasses like this, right?


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