Relationships are becoming more demanding. Everyone doesn’t want to be a nuisance especially when it comes to their sex life. That is why you will see people looking for alternatives to how they can make the best of their relationship.

Therefore, aphrodisiacs have been in the spotlight because most people have been seen to have shown interest in aphrodisiac foods and even pills.

In this article, I will help you understand more about aphrodisiacs. Read on and find out.

What is Aphrodisiac

Aphrodisiacs are substances that increase sexual behavior, pleasure, and desire. These substances are available in a variety of synthetic chemicals, foods, spices, and plants. Normally, they can be classified according to their chemical properties which can be categorized into natural while others are synthetic. Alcohol can be classified as natural aphrodisiacs which fall into two categories of non- plants and plant-based substances. 

Synthetic products are those that are manufactured like ecstasy to mimic a natural substance. Additionally, they can also be classified as per the effects because they contain properties and psychological effects on a person that increases sexual pleasure. Most Aphrodisiacs contain muscle-relaxing properties that bring hormone stimulation wish increases the blood flow. It is also important to know that these substances affect someone’s behavior and both males and females can have a boost of estrogen and testosterone levels which improve general sexual desire.

Aphrodisiac Foods

There are aphrodisiac foods that you should not miss out on when you want to have increased sexual desire. You might have come across these foods but you probably didn’t know that they are good aphrodisiac foods. So let’s get into it.


Watermelon has been widely known to be aphrodisiac food. It works great in improving blood circulation by bringing Viagra-like effects on the body. This brings sexual sensation which boosts aggressiveness.


I know you might have heard about the honeymoon and you’re wondering what is the relationship with honey right? Well, honey has been proven to be among the aphrodisiac foods which is associated with an increase in testosterone levels in men.


The phallic shape of bananas gives a hint that it must have a relationship with increasing sexual desire. It contains the enzyme bromelain which influences testosterone production. It also has vitamin B and potassium which also increases energy levels.


Chocolate has a sensational aroma which causes a spike in dopamine which is known to increase sexual pleasure.


Avocado has been known for its reputation as an aphrodisiac food. It also contains vitamin E which improves skin texture.

Chili peppers

Peppers are considered to be natural aphrodisiacs because they stimulate dopamine and endorphins which boost blood circulation and increases sexual desire.

Olive oil

Olive oil has had a long-term health effect because it is rich in antioxidants. It also boosts testosterone levels which greatly influences sexual desire.


They are responsible for improving blood circulation and it also contains flavonoids and anthocyanins which helps in erectile dysfunction.

Aphrodisiacs for women

Women have complex sexuality but it doesn’t imply that when libido is gone it will never come back.

However, it may take a little longer time to bring it back by nourishing the body’s to revive juicy ovulation and more sexual feelings.

Therefore, spicy food offers great aphrodisiacs to women .This is because they are vasodilators that allow more blood circulation to make the heartbeat a little faster hence increasing sexual desire.

It is also vital to know that women are wired differently and they require more brain interaction to boost their sex drive. That is why some supplements like Ginkgo Biloba can be very effective in giving women better orgasms.

Natural aphrodisiac

Natural aphrodisiacs have some components which have been widely used in the manufacture of drugs. These aphrodisiacs are mainly found in food substances.

The good thing with natural aphrodisiacs is that they have little side effects but it is always important to consult your doctor on how you can go about it. This is because not all plants or supplements containing aphrodisiacs are good for your body.

Others might be toxic which requires you to be vigilant enough and make a healthy choice to ensure that it does not lead to any underlying medical conditions.

Aphrodisiacs for men

When it comes the use of aphrodisiacs men are not exceptional. This is because sexual matters affect both genders and men also required to have a boost in sexual desire. Therefore, there are natural aphrodisiacs and supplements that men can use to boost their testosterone levels.

Some of these aphrodisiacs for men include a rosemary soybeans marshmallow and pygeum.

Aphrodisiac drugs

Men and women have been looking for ways to revive their sexual health. That is why aphrodisiacs are not new across ethnicity, cultures, age groups and race are because everyone wants to have a better sexual life.

Therefore, some drugs have been manufactured purposely to be used as an Aphrodisiac. Some of these drugs include Bremelanotide which is administered through injection and it causes spontaneous erection in men.

Melanotan II can also be used as an Aphrodisiac for both men and women. It offers alternative uses such as being used as a weight-loss drug or skin Tanner. 

Additionally, there is sildenafil which is popularly known as Viagra. It is taken orally and it is mainly used as a sexual enhancer because it increases blood flow into the penile tissue causing an erection.

Other drugs that can be used as Aphrodisiac include Yohimbe, vardenafil, and tadalafil.

Therefore, research has shown that most people use sexy enhancers like Viagra to increase their sexual performance.


If you’re suffering from premature ejaculation, poor sexual performance and low erection quality then aphrodisiacs can be good for you.

However, before you use aphrodisiacs it is important to ensure you are living a healthy lifestyle by avoiding drugs such as alcohol and other practices which lowers your sexual performance.

Additionally, if you choose to use the aphrodisiacs it is important to make a consultation with your doctor for proper guidance.


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