There is absolutely no denying that the United States produces some of the best porn in the world. This means that American pornstars are some of the best known in the business.

Since there are so many American pornstars out there, it actually made it really fucking difficult to put together this list of the best American pornstars. There were hundred that we possibly could have included. However, we reckon that most people will be happy with the twenty that we have selected. These will likely all be names that you have heard of before.

But if you meant to look at native american pornstars, then this article linked is for you.

We have tried to include something for everybody on this list of the best American pornstars. So, if you are not a fan of one of these ladies (highly unlikely!) then skip to the next one in the list. She may tickle your fancy a little bit more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

Best American (USA) Pornstars in 2021:

Riley Reid

There is no better American pornstar to kickstart this list with than Riley Reid. This is a lady that has really made a name for herself in the world of porn. She has picked up the AVN Awards for both Best New Starlet and the Best Female Performer. The great thing is that Riley Reid was able to pick up these awards in two consecutive years. No other performer has managed that.

It goes to show just how damn Riley Reid is at what she does. If you are interested in fleshlight, then Riley Reid has her own Fleshlight, so you can imagine what it is like to fuck her. You can find her content on her own website. Her fame means that she doesn’t really need to act for major porn studios now, although you may find her dabbling in that on occasion.

Lana Rhoades

If you love pornstars that really know how to deepthroat well, then Lana Rhoades is going to be ever so fucking perfect for you. She doesn’t gag at all. She just accepts that massive cock buried in her mouth. This one of the American pornstars can be found starring in content for a variety of porn producers. In recent years, her content has appeared on Bang POV and Brazzers.

However, like many pornstars nowadays, she has also done a little bit of work for herself. Each and every video this lady pumps out, whether it is an interracial scene, lesbian sex scene, or just straight porn, is going to be absolutely fucking golden. This is a lady that really knows how to fuck good when she is on camera. It is s surprise that she hasn’t picked up more awards than she has.

Alexis Texas

There aren’t really any prizes for guessing which state Alexis Texas comes from. This is almost certainly going to be a name that you would have heard of too. This is because she is regarded as the most popular porn performer in the world. Her social media accounts have millions and millions of followers. There are no stars that come close to her.

Her popularity has meant that she has managed to worm her way into some pretty mainstream movies over the years. Never has a starring role, but more for name recognition. You know, your typical low budget comedy horror movies. If you want to check out what Alexis Texas does best, then her brilliant content can be found on Bang Bros, Ass Parade, and Your Mom Does Porn.

Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechnik may have a name that makes her sound Eastern European but, we swear, she is American through and through. This is another pornstar name that you have probably heard of too. This is because she is a top 20 porn star over on PornHub. This isn’t realöly a surprise, to be honest. This lady is sexy as fuck. She has starred in pretty much every type of mainstream porn that you can imagine.

This includes lesbian porn at Twistys, solo porn at Babe Erotica, fisting at Evil Angel, and POV porn at Hard X. There is something for everybody there. Plus, you get to enjoy watching one of the sexiest women in the world of porn do all of that. This is always going to be a plus, right?

Abella Danger

Next up on our list of the best American pornstars is Abella Danger. This is another name that you will have heard of. This blond lass is currently the number 2 ranked pornstar on PornHub. This means that millions and millions of men and women around the world have feasted their eyes upon her damn sexy body. Her smaller, perky tits are one of the best features.

Now, we do want to point out that she is Ukrainian, but she holds American citizenship. This means that she is more than qualified to be included on this list. We are sure that you agree with that right? Most of the content that she has starred in over the years can be found on Bang Bros. and Brazzers. However, Spy Fam and DTF Sluts will also be a way to check out the content that she has produced.

Nicole Aniston

Do you love your porn stars to be blond, small, and with larger tits? Fantastic! Then Nicole Aniston is probably going to be the best lady for you to be checking out. In recent years, she has managed to score herself a breast enlargement, which means that her tits have only gone bigger. In recent years, she has been known for starring in some awesome porn parodies. However, sadly, these can be a bit difficult for you to track down online. Thankfully, there are still plenty of other videos that you can watch Nicole Aniston in. She has done most of her best work with BBC Paradise, PUBA, and Hot Creampie. This should give you an idea as to the sort of content that you are most likely going to find her featuring in i.e. just about anything that will pay her cash.

Eva Notty

We admit that Eva Notty is probably not going to be everybody’s cup of tea when it comes to the best American pornstars. However, we did promise that we would include something for everybody here, so she is very much deserving of a place on this list. Eva Notty has quite a stern look to her. You know, the type that looks like she could pierce you with a simple look of her eyes.

Personally, this is something that we find so god damn beautiful. It probably does help that Eva Notty has a massive pair of knockers too. They are always going to be going down a treat in the world of porn, aren’t they? You are going to find Eva Notty’s content mostly on Bang Bros, JOI Babes, and Lil Humpers.

Piper Perri

Pipe Perri is yet another name that you will have heard of. We challenge you not to fall in love with this cute, short blond-haired minx the very first time you feast your eyes upon her. There is a reason why she is so damn big in the porn industry. Luckily, her short height benefits you. It means that she is really well-positioned to get down on her knees nice and low to give a great blowjob.

However, this isn’t all that she is going to be doing. She has also put together some damn amazing sex scenes over the last few years. You can find the majority of her content kicking about on Tiny 4K (great if you want to experience her the way she is meant to be experienced), Only Teen Blowjobs, Spy Fam, Bang Bros, Twistys,. and Dogfart Network. Although, that is just scratching the surface of all of the places she has been.

Brandi Love

Brandi Love got started in the porn industry exceedingly late. At the age of 31, in fact. However, the second she made her first video, she became an instant hit. Nowadays, Brandi Love is one of the most in-demand MILF pornstars in the business. Not only is she sexy, but you are going to really find it difficult to pull your gaze away from her epic 34DD tits.

At the moment, she is one of the top 10 pornstars on PornHub. Climbing up the ranks is exceedingly difficult for a MILF pornstar to do. Mostly, because people on PornHub tend to favor the younger models. Therefore, this goes to show just how in-demand this lady actually is. She has worked with Moms Teach Sex, MYLF, Mommys Girl, and Wet VR. She has also produced her own porn in the last few years.

Veronica Avluv

It is very, very rare for a pornstar to have their own Wikipedia page. Once they do, you know that they have made it in the porn business. Veronica Avluv has her own Wikipedia page. However, we doubt that you are going to be hanging around that page for all that long.

This is because you probably want to start to dive into the huge world of porn that she has starred in over the year.s Most of it more recently where she is a MILF. In fact, she is so good at MILF porn that she actually picked up the MILF Porn award from AVN. You can find her content in a variety of places. However, if you want to see the best of it, we reckon that you should be heading to Anal Mom and Family Hookups.

Lena Paul

The second we saw Lena Paul’s tits, we instantly fell in love with her. These are natural tits too. Apparently, they are are 32DDDs. We had absolutely no idea that this was a size, but we guess that Lena Paul proved otherwise. Lena Paul is actually one of the more unique pornstars.

This is because most of the pornstars in the business have to doll themselves up a little bit for the porn that they star in. Lena Paul has to do no such thing. She is naturally beautiful, but she always tries to go for the more natural look wherever possible. This means that in some videos you will find her with a freshly shaven pussy.

In others, you are going to see her with a full bush. In some videos, you may even notice a little bit of chunk on her. She just does whatever she feels like, and she has probably earned the ability to do that. Her best content can be found on Girl Cum, Dark X, and Deeper.

Kendra Lust

Yay! Another one of the best American pornstars that you have probably heard of before. This is because this lady is a huge fucking name in the business. This isn’t just because of the massive tits that she rocks either. It is because she puts on a tremendous show on camera. This lady got started in the porn business after she was a massive hit on webcam.

She is probably the dream pornstar too. She was originally a nurse. Probably a real damn sexy one too. In recent years, Kendra Lust has mostly starred in MILF porn. She is so good at it, that she was voted as the best MILF pornstar on the Bang Bros. network. She has also won the same award with ABIZ.

Elsa Jean

At 24-years-old, Elsa Jean has only really just gotten started in the porn industry. However, this blond beauty is clearly going places. She has been featured in Playboy, so you just know that people love her. This lady is best known for starring as a schoolgirl in some of her videos.

This is because she does have that cutesy, teenage look. However, you can find her in a huge amount of different types of porn. This includes content from Tushy, Deeper, Pure Taboo, and Bang Bros. So, yep, she has starred in content with some of the biggest porn studios in the business.

Dani Daniels

Yet another one of these American pornstars that has her own Wikipedia page. She has earned that page at a relatively young age too. Most pornstars need to wait until they are in their 40s to get a page. This lady managed to get hers in her early 30s. This goes to show the massive impact that she has had on the porn industry. In recent years, this lady has been producing her own porn.

However, since she is one of the PornHub girls, a lot of it ends up on PornHub too. She currently sits as a top 30 model on that site. She has starred in content for Penthouse, Naked News, and Bang HQ. She does both lesbian and straight porn.

Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova is highly active in the porn business. However, this isn’t the only thing that she does. You can also find her streaming on Twitch. She has even starred in documentaries that talk about her experiences in the porn industry. So, this is almost certainly a name that you will have heard a few times over the years.

Most of her content over the years has been featured on Digital Playground and Twistys. However, this is one of those lasses that has managed to work with all of the major porn studios at some point in her career.

Alexis Fawx

Holy shit. The tits on Alexis Fawx are so god damn beautiful. This is a lady that was almost a dead cert for this list the second that we feasted our eyes upon her. At 45-years-old, you are only ever going to find Alexis Fawx starring in MILF porn now. Sadly, she started a little bit too late in the industry. This means that you cannot really find any content from her younger years. Most of her content can be found spread across the Bang Bros. Network, Girlfriends Films, and Moms Teach Sex.

Anya Olsen

Do you love your women to be short, cute, and with tiny little titties? Well, then you are going to find that Anya Olsen is as close to perfection as you can possibly get. Because this lady is so tiny, she often finds it pretty damn difficult to stick a massive cock in her sometimes. There is just something amazing about watching her pussy get stretched on camera which seems to get us going every single time. You can find her content on Digital Playground, ATK Galleria, Tushy RAW, and Lubed.

Krissy Lynn

If you love your girls to have a more natural look, then Krissy Lynn is going to be the best American pornstar for you. While she isn’t classed as a BBW, she does have a more natural look to her body i.e. she isn’t going for that pure model look. We love that. We do love our natural pornstars. It probably helps that the look of her skin is incredibly smooth too.

In fact, we reckon that she has some of the best-looking skin in the business. One of the things that we love about Krissy Lynn is that she is always so perky when she is on camera. She always seems to put a smile on our face long before any clothes have come off of her. Our smile just gets a lot wider at that point. Most of her best content can be found at Digital Playground.

Cory Chase

Cory Chase is a fantastic MILF. At 39-years-old, she is deep into MILF porn now. She has that awesome Mom look about her. Cute with glasses. This means that you will often find her starring in stepmother porn. Although, to be honest, it doesn’t matter what you are watching her in.

Those massive knockers are going to be a real treat. She produces her own content, but you can also find her starring in content for Luke Longly. She hasn’t really worked with the major porn studios, but there is enough top-quality porn from her out there that you won’t have much issue watching something of hers.

Sara Jay

Let’s wrap up this list with another MILF pornstar. You have Sara Jay. This 43-year-old is so incredibly busty. Like, you would forget that she has a face once you are looking at her tits. She has that typical MILF look about her. Her style is not going to be for everybody. She isn’t conventionally pretty, but she has that look that makes her seem like she controls the room every time she enters it. Her best content can be found at GS Porn, as well as the stuff that she has produced herself.


So, there you have it. The best American pornstars in the world. Check out all of them. We seriously doubt there is a single person on this list that you won’t fall instantly in love with!


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