Do you love food?

Do you love naked women?

Brilliant! Why not combine both of those passions into one, neat little package? Let us introduce you to, adult cooking show and the idea of naked cooking. is an online content network that has hot ladies cook in their birthday suits.

These are genuine cooking shows. You will learn how to make some proper dishes, but the models just so happen to be naked while they are cooking (one would hope they don’t burn themselves, right?).

It is probably one of the most unique concepts we have seen for pornographic content.

Let’s take a little look in more depth.


While we do not know the real name of the person behind Naked Bakers, she refers to herself as NG.

She has been doing this since 2017 and has produced countless videos since then. A good chunk of these videos is fronted by NG, but she has also worked with 24 models on the production of her content. It is quite a content network now.

We have no idea how she came up with the idea of Naked Bakers, but it is a brilliant concept. We do know that she was thinking about it a little bit before she launched the product.

Then, one day, she decided ‘let’s do this’, headed on over to Patreon, got some seed money to produce the first videos, and naked history was made! The channel has been going from strength to strength since.

It is worth noting that you are never going to see the faces of the models doing the naked cooking on Naked Bakers.

Their identities are kept secret. We suppose the main aim of this is to help ensure that when the models are wandering around in public isn’t going to have “hey, you’re the lass from Naked Bakers” constantly hurled at them.

However, it also has the side benefit of you being able to focus on the actual cooking part of the show. Sure, the bodies are fantastic but, as we are about to see in this review of, the quality of the show is sky high, nudity aside.


Naked Bakers was originally devised as a naked cooking show and, for the most part, this is still the bulk of content that Naked Bakers produces.

Each week, Naked Bakers creates some awesome cooking shows. You will be taught exactly how to make a brilliant recipe ‘from scratch’.

One of the wonderful things about Naked Bakers is the fact that it actually does feel like a cooking show.

The video production never makes the nudity the main focus. The main focus is on producing a quality bit of educational cooking content. You just have a little bit of extra eye candy to focus on.

If you can tear your eyes away from the amazing looking models, you will be able to learn a little bit about cooking.

The dishes are never going to be all that complicated. They tend to be rather simple in their ingredients too. This makes it an awesome cooking show. Far too many cooking shows expect you to have a storeroom full of exotic ingredients.

Not Naked Bakers. Honestly, if this type of show was stuck on TV, it would receive a lot of praise for the simple, but tasty recipes. Here is a small smattering of some of the recipes that have popped up in recent months:

  • Bacon Hash Brown Egg Cups
  • Lemon Pie
  • Chocolate with THC (yep, a spot of marijuana baking!)
  • Banana Bread
  • Over 60 more baking videos (and a lot more to come!)

Honestly, it is a good mix of recipes. You will be picking up a fair number of decent cooking techniques by the end of it. Yes. We know that this is something that we have said repeatedly, but we genuinely do feel as if this is an amazing cooking show. You will learn how to be a better cook.

The concept has expanded a little bit beyond cooking in the past year or so. Now, Naked Bakers is uploading gardening content, travel-related content, and a whole lot more.

By all accounts, they are going to start getting heavily into reading and ASMR too, so we are excited to see what they do in those niches. All of this content is just as educational and tasteful as the baking content. To us, this is a concept that can have limitless potential.

Oh, finally, we do want to note that all of the nudity in these shows is completely tasteful. You aren’t going to be seeing somebody thrust a dildo into their pussy while they try and make a bacon sandwich. It is just nudity.

Nothing more than that. We know that we have referred to it as porn on this page, but it isn’t. It is just somebody cooking in the buff. Just like you and I would do if we woke up in an empty house in the middle of the night with an empty stomach. The only difference is that you and I don’t look half as good as these girls do.


If you head on over to, you will probably notice that you do not have access to that many videos from the site. This is because the video content library is for ‘Patreons only’. This means that you will need to be subscribed to their Patreon to access the videos.

Access starts at just $10 a month, which isn’t that much at all. It is pretty much the same as a Netflix subscription, but this content is a whole lot better.


This is why Naked Bakers needs your support. This is a lady with not only a banging body, but a banging brain. She has massive ideas for her network, and she is constantly bringing in new models to help create awesome content for her dedicated Patreon subscribers.

A brand new video is being pumped out every few days. As we said before; the content on Naked Bakers nowadays is so much more than just the baking. She is producing gardening shows. She is doing video blogs. You have public flashing videos. You even have naked cleaning and a healthy dose of shopping too. We have no doubt that she has only just begun to scratch the surface of the type of content she can produce. We envision a massive television network with every show featuring nothing more than nude models. It certainly would make life a lot more exciting, don’t you think?

If you have been around watching Naked Bakers since 2017, you will see how far the content has come. Back then, the content was filmed on nothing more than an iPhone set-up. Nowadays, it is done with full video production, with countless models having a go at helping to produce the content.

This is a network that is really going places, and the content is improving with each and every video that is put out. This is why they need your support. A network like this can only grow with your pledges through Patreon and similar services. After all, as brilliant as this content is, there is no traditional TV network out there that will touch it with a bargepole.


At the time of writing (and for the foreseeable future), it is 100% free to follow Naked Bakers over on OnlyFans.

This account is mostly going to give you updates on the life of NG. However, she also shares a good number of erotic photos for free.

You may even get a few snippets of upcoming content for the main Naked Bakers website. Since it is free to follow, and we have no doubt that you already have yourself an OnlyFans account, you have absolutely no excuse to check it out.

Even if it is the only type of support you can provide for this amazing concept, it is still supporting. It tells Naked Bakers that this is an idea you truly believe in. It helps to spread their message a little bit further.

Do note that the images that you find on OnlyFans are a bit more ‘hardcore’ than the Naked Bakers show. This is because NG decided she wanted to get into a bit more erotic photography. Plus, we guess that he showing off her amazing body is going to be good marketing for her business, right?


If you want more info on Naked Bakers, and to give a bit of support for this amazing concept, then we suggest you hop on over to their website at

If you want to have full access to the treasure trove of content and, once again, show your support then visit their Patreon where a donation of just $10 per month will give you access to tons of videos and photographs. Trust us. Once you have experienced naked cooking, you won’t be watching the Food Network channel ever again. You will now want all of your cooks to be naked. Social Accounts:

Nake Bakers Reddit

Naked Bakers Onlyfans

Naked Bakers Youtube

Naked Bakers TikTok

Naked Bakers Twitter


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