Sex toys are no longer a taboo topic, some porn shop oddity to be gawked at giggled at with your friends during a drunken late night visit. Sex toys are a 28.6 billion dollar a year business and the business is continuously growing. There are toys that cater to any fetish you can think of, any sexuality or lack of sexuality that you can ponder up; if you can see it causing someone to reach orgasm, odds are there is a sex toy that is designed specifically for it.

Although the U.K. has a larger sex toy industry overall, it is estimated that 50% of American males own and use a sex toy regularly. A lot of industry experts speculate the liberation of women to be a large contributing factor in the normalization of owning and using sex toys in the American household. Once women were free to do anything they wanted to do, it seems what they really wanted to do was actually have an orgasm.

Another huge factor in bringing sex toys to the mainstream public is the fact that online sales offer a level of anonymity that wasn’t afforded to those sneaking into the novelty shop at the XXX theatre to buy their dildos. When you buy sex toys today, they are delivered to your front door, in plain packaging, and only you and some dropshipping associate in Croatia know what you have purchased and how you’ll be using it.

Due to the varied types of sex toys, this list is inclusive of sex toys that are excellent choices for gay men.

Best sex toys for gay men:

Quickshot Vantage by Fleshlight

The Fleshlight is the Mercedes Benz of pocket pussy, and the Quickshot Vantage by Fleshlight is the most compact sleeve that is on the market. The wave-like texture of the Quickshot Vantage is a psychedelic reminiscent visual experience, and the superskin is sure to get you to the point of no return quickly. Completely clear case and sleeve, and it comes with sleeve caps on each end for easy storage. Simply lube up and insert yourself into the Quickshot Vantage. Once you’re done with it, wash it out with warm water, rinse, then allow your Quickshot Vantage to fully dry prior to returning it to the case.

Fleshsack (Fleshlight marketed to gay men)

The Fleshsack is the gay male edition of the Fleshlight, and it simulates sliding into an ass, complete with the feeling of balls slapping on you as you work your Fleshsack toward your goal. Simply lube yourself up and slide inside your Fleshsack. Once you’ve achieved your explosion, warm water rinse and allow it to dry, then return it to its case. The Fleshsack has a total piece length of 11”, with an insertable length of 8.6”. Comes to you in a black case, Fleshsack texture sleeve, butt and balls orifice, and the use and care instruction guide. To clean your Fleshsack, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

Classic Pink Lady Fleshlight

This handheld sleeve with patented superskin interior is designed to simulate the smoothness of a real vagina. It is ideal for the super sensitive erection. There is almost 8.5” of penetrable space, with 10” overall length. It comes with a black carrying case to remain discreet. Also includes vaginal lip extension and use and care instructions with your purchase. To clean your Fleshlight, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

Quickshot Launch- Riley Reid Pack

Modeled after porn star Riley Reid, her vagina and anus are replicated on either side of this fleshlight sleeve. An 8 oz. Fleshlube Water comes with your purchase. The patented superskin sleeve comes with a compact clear case, and end caps for the sleeve are included for storage. To clean your Quickshot Launch, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

Flesh Skins Blue Ice with Case

This toy gives you the same Fleshskins quality at a lower price. The reason for this is because you receive the sleeve only, without the case. Your grip determines the tightness and intensity of your experience. This Fleshskin is small enough to hide anywhere, and no exterior casing means it can handle the thickest of girths. It has a total overall length of 8.75”, with a total sleeve length of 5.35”. To use, simply lube yourself, then open the Fleshskin with your fingers, then slide it onto your member. When you’re finished, rinse it with warm water, and allow it to air dry. To maximize the life span, place it on the drying rod, then once it is dry, put the lid on the case for safe storage.

Blush Luxe Discover Vibrating Anal Plug

This vibrating bullet, with 10 vibrating functions, has 5 speeds and 5 rhythms, and is removable so the bullet can be used alone if so desired. It’s 2 toys in 1. The head and neck of the plug are shaped so that once it is inserted, it stays securely in place. The handle is shaped so that it conforms comfortably to your body, making extended wear comfortable. It is made from pure silicone to be body safe and it’s also phthalate free. Simply press down on the bullet button to select the vibration speed or pattern. The powerful vibrations deliver a deep and throbbing rhythm, and it is waterproof, allowing it to be used even in the tub. This bullet takes 1 AAA battery to operate.

Rocks Off Rozen Cock Ring And Prostate Massager

This cock ring and butt plug in one is designed to caress the shaft, testicles, and perineum simultaneously. The tapered, silicone smooth, butt plug and 2 cock rings slide to support and hold the shaft while applying testicle pressure. This allows you to have a bigger, harder and longer erection, while applying the pressure to testicles to allow staying power by ensuring you can hold off on blowing your load. With 8 nodules to tease and please the perineum, 7 speeds and patterns controlled by a single button, and vibrations to send ripples of ecstasy through you, it is an all around pleasurable experience. The ergonomic design means you don’t have to remove it to have sex, and you can maintain optimal prostate and perineum stimulation throughout. Phthalate free platinum silicone and ABS plastic, the 7 function 80mm bullet is 100% waterproof, and has a slender tip for smooth insertion. The anal plug length is 8 cm, with 6.3 total insertable centimeters. It has a diameter of 1 to 3.3 cm.

Performance Silicone GoPro Cock Ring

This soft and stretchy ring is crafted for maximum comfort. It has a flat design that fits around your shaft for a no slip grip. Made of body safe, hypoallergenic, satin smooth silicone. It has a multi colored fun design, and the cock ring is easy and quick to clean. Simply rinse with warm water, then wash with Fleshwash, and air dry fully before storing.

WeVibe Verge Vibrating Cock Ring

Designed for solo pleasure or to be used with a partner, this smooth, vibrating silicone ring is designed to be worn around the dick and testicles. It applies gentle pressure and the vibrations work the perineum. It is rechargeable, waterproof, and lasts for a full 2 hours of play. It can also be used with the free WeConnect app to share control from anywhere, and create custom vibrations, or use with other WeConnect or WeVibe products. Wear it facedown for perineum stimulation or face up for clitoral stimulation with your partner. This cock ring has 6 patterns and 4 intensity levels for maximum pleasure. To clean your WeVibe Verge Vibrating Cock Ring, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

Libernator: Top Dog

Versatile, doggy style Fleshlight mount, designed just for the Fleshlight. It is ideal for hands free use or stamina training techniques. Features a wipeable mount with patented microfiber base for non skid use. The Fleshlight is not included with the mount, must purchase separately. However, with the Top Dog, use your Fleshlight the way it is intended to be used: without slipping, and doggy style. To clean your Top Dog Fleshlight Mount, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.


The Fleshpump is designed to enhance sex. It improves performance, pleasure, and power. It’s an automatic vacuum system to gently and safely draw blood gradually into your shaft, causing you to swell and become super erect. The Fleshpump operates with just two buttons, one to pump and one to release. No need to manually pump the Fleshpump. It helps you form strong, and firmer, longer lasting erections. Comes with complimentary lube with your purchase. Has an insertable length of 8”, so it can hold most penises without a problem. It features an electric pump with a quick release safety valve, a soft and supple donut sleeve, and a clear cylinder. It is charged via USB cable.

Mr. Limpy Large (Caramel)

Mr. Limpy is a large, real to the touch, super skin material, bulge assistant. Featuring a 7” long shaft, simply add it to your briefs and impress anyone looking your way. To clean your Mr. Limpy, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

2’9” (85cm) Lap Sex Doll Torso

If you’re looking for a BBW sex dolls, but you’d like less weight to handle, no need to look any further. Made of high quality TPE, the body can be combined with any of the other WM Dolls heads. Oral, vaginally, and anally capable for your use and pleasure. She has a 21.3” waist, 33.9” hips, and she has HH size breasts. Like all WM Dolls, she is completely customizable, from her nail polish color, to her tongue, and vaginal characteristics.

Jasmine/Shakira Sex Doll (Ryan Davis Viral Video Sex Doll)

The sex doll that Ryan Davis made famous with his viral video, this doll features a big ass and big thighs. She’s 5’4, 26.4” waist, and weighs a total of 106.9 lbs. Like all of the WM Dolls, she is totally customizable, from hair and eye color, to the appearance of her labia. She is oral, vaginally, and anally capable to assist you with your pleasure.

King Cock Double Trouble Dildo

This bliss molded, convenient U-shaped dildo is made in the USA. It makes DP or alternating with a partner totally easy. Made from flexible PVC, you can purchase it in small, medium, or large. The small is .5”, the medium is .8” and 5.5” long, and the King Cock large has a 1.1” and 7” length diameter. You can find the right size King Cock for you and your partner, or just for you. To clean your King Cock Double Trouble Dildo, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

Frisky Fox Tail Anal Plug

Tapered and designed to fit both experienced and new anal play seekers, this flexible TPR plug is ready to just add lube and go. The Tshaped base and slender neck make it capable of staying in place throughout your activity. It’s 4.5” with 4” of insertable length. It’s 1.5” at its widest point, and it has a t shaped safety base for easy retrieval.

Titan Men Anal Stretcher

The 6” tall stretcher is made of smooth and flexible, cushioned PVC. It is shaped as a cone for maximum expansion capabilities. Start easing the 1” tip down to the 2.5” base. It is vac u lock compatible. Simply add lube to ease in. The ridges provide a good feeling with the extra texture giving you stimulation and satisfaction. To clean your Titan Men Anal Stretcher, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

Vibrating Enhancer Sleeve

This sleeve adds girth and length, and gives wild vibrating sensations. Made of flexible TPE, the sleeve has a removable bullet vibrator. The inside of the sleeve has stimulating ribs and nubs to pleasure your shaft. The exterior is textured to deliver stimulation with each and every one of your thrusts. It makes your shaft thicker and longer. The single speed vibrator takes 3 LR41 button batteries, which are included. Simply clean with warm, soapy water after use and allow to dry prior to storage. The bullet can also be removed to be used separately as a clit stimulator for your partner. To use solo, simply apply lube and insert yourself into the sleeve.

Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal

Molded after Sasha Greys pouty lips and tongue, this 5 1/2 “ flesh stroker has a single hole that creates natural suction designed to feel just like receiving oral. With raised pleasure ridges, UR3 realistic skin, molded single entry of non phthalate soft and stretchy TPE. Has a 2” width for insertion. To clean your Deep Throat Pocket Pal, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

TENGA Egg Lovers Heart Textured Male Masturbator

Crack open this egg and find a soft internal sleeve with embossed hearts that are designed to deliver intense stimulation. It stretches up to 12” in length, and it comes with TENGA lube. All of this action from an innocent looking egg, nobody will guess what you really have in your pocket. To clean your TENGA male masturbator, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

You can customize your stimulus and compression with USP variform internal textures on the TENGA Fliphole Masturbator. There are 3 buttons on each side to up the internal pressure. With a partially flexible casing, a massage head, and textured bumps and nodules, it’s meant to be an experience. The sleeve is 6.5”, and it is fashioned of soft, cushioned TPE material. It also comes with a drying dock. To clean your TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator, simply rinse with warm water, then allow it to air dry. Be sure to allow it to dry thoroughly prior to storage to maximize the life span.

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  1. I would like to point out a part of the sex toys you talk about in your post. And that is in regards to Fleshlight, Fleshsack, and Fleshjack.
    Well the Fleshsack is a version of the Fleshlight that has balls that hang down as well, but you state that it’s a version of the Fleshlight made for gay men. That is just not correct at all. As you don’t mention the Fleshjack at all and that in fact is the Fleshlight option they created for gay males the only major difference being that they use gay porn starts to model the sleeves after and that they are either the mouth or anus options as opposed to mouth and vagina options of the Fleshlight. And at least when it was released the Fleshsack was only shown on the Fleshlight site and not the Fleshjack site. Thus it was created and marketed for straight males predominantly rather then it being made to be a gay version for the Fleshlight.
    Of course one would say it has a set of balls, and thats true but those balls on that masterbation sex toy is for the straight heterosexual males. While many may argue that the reality that like this toy, porn that was made with transexual actors or ” chicks with dicks” was always mainly created for and marketed to heterosexual straight males .
    None the less if course any male can choose to use any of the 3 models and all their options that they want .. as it really doesn’t matter. But the reality that the Fleshsack was not the gay version of the Fleshlight as that was the Fleshjack as it has been in the market long before the Fleshsack. So hopefully you might think to make note of that in a corection to your previous information in this blog post…. Thank you

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