The truth about sex during pregnancy is the fact that it can be extremely enjoyable. Many women find that their libido remains high during their pregnancy. At the same time, pregnancy can make things a bit more complicated when it comes to getting it on.

The good news is that certain sexual positions work quite well during pregnancy. To break it down even further, certain sexual positions are ideal for specific trimesters of your pregnancy. We have put together a list of 14 sex positions that are great for making love while you are pregnant.

14 Best Pregnancy Sex Positions

Sex From Behind – Doggy Style

Doggy style is one of the most popular sex positions and for good reason. It is a position that is great for both partners. This position provides extra stimulation for the penis and can be a great position for encouraging ejaculation. It is also an amazing position for you if you are pregnant. It is a position that is easy to maintain during pregnancy and highly recommended during the second trimester in particular.

The truth is that doggy style is a position that is suitable for any time during your pregnancy. It is important to relieve some of the weight off of your belly when you are on all fours and taking it from your partner. Using some pillows underneath can always help out. The bottom line is the fact that doggy style is one of the best sex positions wile pregnant.


Standing sex with a rear entry is another great position for sex. This position offers many of the benefits of going doggy style but it can be a fun way to spice things up. Some women feel an extra degree of comfort when taking it from a standing position during their pregnancy. A big advantage of standing sex during pregnancy is that it is good for relieving pressure from your back. It is also a good position for slowing things down.

You on Top

The classic woman on top or cowgirl position is another one that is ideal for use during your pregnancy. You can easily control how deeply you are being penetrated when you ride your partner cowgirl. You also get the benefit of easy access for clitoral stimulation. It should be noted that this position can sometimes become more difficult to pull off later in pregnancy. It is still notable as one of the best sex positions wile pregnant.

Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl is a great position for sex during pregnancy and so is reverse cowgirl. Clitoral stimulation is once again a highly recommended option in this position. Like cowgirl, some women find that reverse cowgirl becomes more difficult in the later stages of pregnancy as the belly continues to become larger.

One of the benefits of reverse cowgirl during pregnancy is the option to lay back and use your arms as a form of support while your partner bones you. Whether you are going traditional cowgirl, or reverse cowgirl, both of these woman on top positions can be great for enhancing pregnant sex.

Side by Side

Side by side sex is basically the reverse of spooning. In this position, you and your lover face each other. It is a great position for sex during your pregnancy as side positions, in general, are often more comfortable. This is a sex position that is good for the entirety of your pregnancy but it is particularly beneficial during your third. Side by side positions are also good for incorporating other fun elements such as toys into your play with your partner. It is another reason that it is one of the best sex positions wile pregnant.


When speaking of great sex positions wile pregnant, we have to include spooning. The comfort factor of this sex position makes it one of the best for pregnant lovemaking. Spooning sex is good throughout your pregnancy but it should be noted that it is particularly good for the second and third trimesters. This is because it can help to reduce the amount of pressure that is put onto your belly.

Anal Sex

If you are an anal sex lover who is pregnant, there is good news. Anal sex is perfectly safe during pregnancy and is a great option for positions such as doggy style, standing, and spooning. If you love having a lot of attention paid to your backdoor, you can rest assured that you can continue this fun during your pregnancy. It is another one of the truly great sex positions wile pregnant.

Table Top

The table top position is one of the best moves for your third trimester. This position allows you to become a sexy table top for your partner. The great thing about this position is the fact that it takes the pressure off of your belly. This makes it ideal for the third trimester when your belly has gotten much bigger. You will enjoy the comfort that the table top offers you when you make love in this position during your pregnancy. It is another clear pick as one of the best sex positions wile pregnant.

Scissor Position

During your first trimester, you might want to consider the scissor position for your next steamy romp in the sheets. Many women appreciate the shallow penetration that this position provides during pregnancy. It is a great position to use as a way to get used to the sensation of sex while your body is going through the changes that are brought on by your pregnancy. This is definitely one of the best sex positions wile pregnant for your first trimester.

Leap Frog

You can leap into your pregnancy’s second trimester with the leap frog sex position. This position will have you lying forward with your ass in the air. You can use your arms to support yourself, or you can use some pillows to help. This position is a great way to spice things up a bit during pregnant sex. It has many of the benefits of doggy style but can allow for some additional penetration depth as well. These factors make it easy to see why leap frog is one of the best sex positions wile pregnant.

Edge of Couch Missionary

You can spice up the tried and true missionary position during the first trimester of your pregnancy by going with the edge of the couch missionary position. Your partner will be doing the work in this position. This adds additional comfort that many women appreciate during their pregnancy. To do this position, lie at the edge of the couch or a chair and put your feet on the floor.

You can then spread your legs for your partner to penetrate you. This is a great position for eliminating pressure on your belly and an ideal way to ease additional stress on your body during pregnant sex.


The X-Files is one of the most recommended sex positions wile pregnant for your first trimester. Though you might have more difficulty lying on your back like this later in your pregnancy, it is ideal for this early part of it. You get to lie back while wrapping your legs around the neck of your partner so that they can penetrate you. This is a great way to give your partner extra sensation as it allows you to grip the muscles of your vagina tightly.

The Hot Seat

The second trimester of your pregnancy can be spiced up with the hot seat position. This is another great position for taking pressure off of your belly as it continues to grow. This position allows you to turn your partner into your very special chair. You will love taking up this hot seat during your pregnancy and it is made even better when your partner reaches around to play with your breasts or to rub your clit. This position is another winner when it comes to the top sex positions wile pregnant.


During the second trimester of your pregnancy, you might want to give the spider a try. This facing each other position is good as it does not put pressure on your belly. This is perfect for the second trimester as your belly continues to grow. You can also use a pillow to help give you support instead of relying on your arms. The spider is definitely another option that is notable for being one of the best sex positions wile pregnant.


We hope that you have found this list of the 14 best sex positions wile pregnant to be helpful. Maintaining a healthy and active sex life during your pregnancy can be a great thing. It can also be a lot of fun and these 14 positions will help to make it so. A big part of the fun can simply be trying some of these positions if you have never done them before. You might just find your new favorite position that you want to continue to go back to after your pregnancy. We suggest that you continue to enjoy as much sex as possible!

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