Honestly, if you love the whole ‘discovery’ aspect of porn, then you are going to love xHamster. Let’s take a little look why in this review of one of the most popular tube sites around (it is one of the Top 70 visited sites in the world!)

The first time you boot up xHamster, you are going to be overloaded with dozens and dozens of videos. There are millions of videos on the site, and roughly 300 gets added each and every day. It seems that a lot of these videos are moderated before they hit the wild, which does result in most of the porn here being of a slightly higher quality than other porn sites you may have visited.

I think my favorite thing about xHamster can be found right there on the front page. It encourages you to discover new porn. Maybe discover a kinky side of yourself that you never knew you had before.

Right at the top, will be a list of ten random videos (they have been selected for their quality). These videos will be a good mix of different fetishes, so it is a great way to discover something. Don’t like what you see?

Hit the refresh button and find ten more. I swear, there were some days where I was browsing xHamster that I didn’t have to do anything other than look at those top ten videos to get my jollies. You can’t really say that for most other porn tube sites.

If you do want to have a browse of xHamster, then this is going to be made easy for you too. You got a massive list of categories on the side bar. Y

ou even have a list of top porn studios that offer their content on the site. If none of those tickle your fancy, then tap in a few keywords and see where that takes you.

Sure, there is some awful videos mixed into the mix, but I have found that xHamster has among the best content curation out of all of the porn sites, so as long as you stick to ‘popular’, most of what you find will be golden.


Most of the porn on xHamster is completely free to watch (there is a premium membership too). The greatest thing about xHamster is that, unlike most other tube sites, you don’t actually need to be a paying member to download videos from the site. There is a waiting period between downloads so you don’t overwhelm the servers, but you can still download to your heart’s content.

There is a ton of videos on here too. While xHamster sticks to the ‘major’ niches, there is still enough content (both pro and amateur) to make this your main porn website. I have found it incredibly easy to find new stuff to watch too.


This isn’t so much an issue for me, but it is for other people. This is the fact that xHamster is really ‘tight’ when it comes to its rules. This means no offensive porn at all. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue.

The problem is that xHamster can remove things that wouldn’t normally be seen as offensive on another website (including PornHub, which is as mainstream as things get). Not a problem if you aren’t into that type of thing. It is a problem if you are.


Check out xHamster if you want to watch some great videos (and download some awesome ones too)


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