You may be surprised to know this, but the majority of the larger porn sites out there are owned by exactly the same company. Take RedTube, for example.

It has the same owners as YouPorn and PornHub. As a result, many people are left wondering why they should be heading to this site when there are so many others to explore.

Well, let me explain.

RedTube caters to those who want to sink their teeth into some quality professional porn.

There is very little amateur porn to be found in the mix here. Nearly all of it has been produced by some of the largest porn studios in the world (not so coincidentally by the same owners of the site), which means you get a good mix of content to enjoy.

Of course, this does mean that nearly everything that you find on the site is of the more ‘mainstream’ variety, but for 99.9% of people this is going to be fine.

The layout to the site is pretty good too. I have had to review a lot of other porn sites, and some of them make it seem as if you need to jump through hoops in order to find the simplest of porn.

That isn’t the case with RedTube.

You could be in the horniest mood possible. Blinded by your horniness. However, it won’t take too long at all to track down something that you want to watch. Hell, you could probably randomly double click on the site and you are going to find something to enjoy.

Very few of the ideas on RedTube are going to be in full HD. However, this isn’t really going to be a massive problem. It certainly is actually a good thing for those with more limited internet connections. After all, something not available in HD means you aren’t going to have your download data allowance obliterated by the site.


One of the great things about RedTube is that you can download nearly all of the videos on the site completely free of charge.

Absolutely nothing to pay. You will need to sign up to an account, but for the vast majority of people this is going to be fine. There is new content being added each hour too (sometimes more than one clip), so you will always have something new to browse if you head back to RedTube after one of your…sessions.


There are a lot of adverts on the site. It is also mainly professional content. If you want more amateur content, then it is probably best to hop on over to sites like PornHub instead. If you want awesome porn that is pretty much going to stand the test of time, then RedTube is where it is at!


If you love your professional porn, and you want to download a couple of videos to start building up your own porn stash, then I absolutely recommend that you visit RedTube. You will need to ignore the whole advert thing though. Those adverts can become quite menacing after a while!


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