XVideos.com is, by all accounts, in the Top 70 most-visited websites in the world.

Not too shabby for a site that looks rather basic in the design, right?

Well, thankfully, beneath that rather bland exterior is one of the best porn sites you will ever feast your eyes upon.

Let’s take a little look in this XVideos review, shall we?

Interestingly, if you want a site for porn videos, XVideos.com is actually far larger than PornHub. PornHub likes to jump around claiming it is the most popular porn site in the world, but XVideos has it beat. Part of the reason is that XVideos has been around for so long, but also because XVideos boasts a ton of content. Tons and tons, in fact.

There are tons and tons of categories to be found on the site too. Once you have worked out how to actually use the UI, browsing through and finding videos is simple. I particularly love the fact that Xvideos places a massive focus on their content. There are ads, but you will barely notice them. The videos take up a huge amount of real estate which, in the long term, actually makes finding your content a little bit easier.

There is some pretty crazy stuff on XVideos.com. Nothing illegal, don’t worry about that. However, as you may well know, other popular sites like PornHub have a massive thing about ‘banning’ certain kinks. You may or may not agree with these kinks, but you can’t deny that they are a massive market. XVideos lets pretty much anything slip through the cracks. Assuming it is a legal kink, then you are probably going to be able to find it on the website.

If you really want the ‘premium’ XVideos experience, then you can also stump up the cash for the affordable XVideos Red. This will give you access to high-quality commercially produced videos (from some of the biggest porn producers in the business), an ad-free experience, and a whole host of other amazing things e.g. video downloads and some videos being available in 4K.


If you want a video-focused website, then forget about every other porn website online. XVideos is probably the best that you are going to get. Millions and millions of amateur and professional videos. Thousands more are being added to the site each and every single day. It really is a true delight to browse for anybody who loves their porn. I love the fact that XVideos tries to be a bit more ‘independent’ than some of the competitors too!


The major issue with XVideos is the UI. It may seem clean, but it can be tough to navigate….particularly if you are in the middle of ‘you know what’. After a while of being on the website, it is likely that you will get used to the overall layout of XVideos, but as any review will tell you; if you have spent time on any of the other popular porn websites, XVideos really isn’t that great for browsing.


You don’t need this review to tell you that XVideos is a brilliant site. Check it out today. It is worth it!


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