Tube8 is part of the PornHub network. This means I knew that there was certain things to expect as I jumped into review the site.

Firstly, that it would mostly cater to the mainstream porn audience.

Secondly, that a visit here would be a decent browsing experience and, finally, that it would probably be trying to push PornHub Premium memberships.

I was right on nearly all of them.

Tube8 does, mostly, cater to the mainstream audience. This means the standard straight person. However, if you start diving into the multitude of videos that the site offers, you will find that there is a lot more here to enjoy than just that. You have a ton of gay and tranny porn, for starters. I know. I know. It isn’t as ‘crazy’ as some of the other porn tube sites out there, but when most of them barely offer an iota of tranny porn, Tube8 does stand head and shoulders above them.

This site is mostly going to be professional porn. There are not any community uploads, which means the team at Tube8 have full control over what goes on the website. This is actually a good thing. It helps to keep all of the terrible porn to the absolute minimum!

I think the part where I was wrong with Tube8 is the fact that they try to push PornHub premium memberships. They do not. Yes. There are a couple of adverts here and there for PornHub Premium, but you will barely notice them if you aren’t looking. That being said, I do urge you to look. I think PornHub Premium is probably one of the best premium porn site memberships that I have ever picked up and, as a result, I think it is something that you are going to enjoy too. All that awesome porn that you can’t find anywhere else.


The videos on this site can be downloaded. You will need to sign up to a membership, though. Don’t worry. This is free. You just need to ensure that you have an active email address because the company WILL email you to check you are still active.

There is a lot of content too, and while Tube8 probably isn’t getting updated more often than some of the biggest porn sites in the world, it is still being updated often enough that the amount of content will far, far outstrip the amount that you can consume!


As with most sites in the same network, there are going to be a lot of adverts on the site. A lot of them. Of course, I wouldn’t encourage you to turn off your ad blocker when browsing Tube8, mostly because I know that these guys need to make a little bit of cash, but do be prepared for all those ads telling you that there are hot singles looking for you in your area!


I do recommend that you check out Tube8. It is a brilliant site that offers a surprising amount for the budding porn lover, even if it is a little bit mainstream.


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