Ever why YouPorn looks pretty similar to PornHub in some cases?

Well, it is because the site is owned by exactly the same team.

Interestingly, there is very little overlap between the two sites in terms of content, however.

YouPorn has just a few hundred thousand scenes in comparison to the millions that PornHub boasts.

However, I have found that YouPorn is a little better curated than it’s counterpart, which means better scenes to get off to. I want to go into a bit more depth on this throughout this YouPorn review.

The brilliant thing about YouPorn is the fact that it is heavily focused on proper quality videos from decent studios. It also focuses on specific porn stars too.

This means that you will find barely any amateur porn in the mix (although, some is going to slip through the cracks). Nearly everything that you stumble across will be content from some of the larger studios (many of them owned by the same company that owns YouPorn).

You know that this is going to be quality content too, because most of it is going to serve as an advertisement for the actual membership site.

I have found that it is tremendously easy to browse through all of the content on offer too. The layout is simplistic, but there are so many categories that you can sink your teeth into.

Sure, YouPorn isn’t going to cater for those who want porn outside of some of the more popular kinks but, for most people, this is all they really want.


YouPorn certainly isn’t hurting for quality scenes. While some people will dislike the site because there isn’t as much content as another porn tube site, I have found that the lower amount of content is a good thing.

After all, would you rather have ten quality videos, or thousands of terrible ones that nobody in their right mind would beat themselves off to? I think I know the answer to that.

I also love the fact that YouPorn learns from your browsing habits. If you are kicking around on the site doing various things for a while, then YouPorn will learn what you love and craft the recommendations for you. I know that other sites do this too, but YouPorn seems to do it a little bit better


No site is perfect and, sadly, in this review of YouPorn, I have to point out that this site isn’t either. Perhaps the biggest issue is that it has a ton of ads on it. The site does need to make money somehow, but the number of ads can be overwhelming on occasion.

In addition to this, you may find that most of the videos that you want to watch are not in HD. That being said, YouPorn is getting better and better at adding HD porn to the site.


All in all, this is probably one of the best porn tube sites out there. Yes. It does have a larger big brother, but YouPorn still fills a niche for those who want high quality porn….but still don’t fancy paying for it.


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