A wise man once said that there are only two things in life that you can guarantee; death and taxes. An even wiser man right now is telling you that you can add one extra guarantee to this list; that a trip to Sweden will show you some of the most beautiful women in the world.

It is the fact that Sweden is rife with beautiful ladies that made putting together this list of the top 20 Swedish porn stars really difficult. Like, it is really difficult to choose the best Swedish pornstars ever when everybody is a babe. However, we have done our best.

This is one of the rare cases where we really do feel as if you are going to enjoy every person on this list. SInce we know that you are itching to discover the sexiest ladies in the world, let’s just dive in, shall we?

Hottest Swedish Pornstars:

Puma Swede

We are going to kickstart this list of the best Swedish porn stars by talking about this filthy milf. Now, porn purists will say that she is not technically Swedish because both of her parents are Finnish. However, she grew up in Sweden and classes herself as Swedish.

So, who are we to complain? Puma Swede has done a ton of solo work over the years. However, because she has been in the business for so long, she has managed to dabble in a bit of everything. This includes your standard MILF porn, and a bit of hardcore lesbian stuff too.

Marina Lotar

Marina Lotar is one of those classic pornstars. This means that you probably aren’t going to ever find her starring in something new. However, she has a huge back catalog to sink your teeth into (and whip your dick out because of).

Marina Lotar is one of those ladies that prove that Swedish ladies have been hot for a long time now. This big-breasted Swedish porn star has mostly starred in lesbian porn, with a few straight porn hits where she gets those knockers out so that the whole world are going to be able enjoy them.

Uschi Digard

At 72-years-old, you aren’t going to be finding Uschi Digard star in any new movies. She gave that game up a long time ago. This lady is a bit different from some of the other ladies we are going to talk about here. The majority of the ladies that you find on this page will have spent their time starring in hardcore porn movies. Not Uschi Digard. You see, she was a star in the golden age of softcore porn.

This means that most of the stuff that you see her in is going to be erotic and delicate. It is more for you to enjoy the experience of eroticism rather than wanking to a good pounding. Since she worked closely with Russ Meyer, you will mostly find her starring in his movies.

Ms. Lynna

Ms. Lynna also goes by the name Lynna Nilsson, so if you haven’t heard of her by one of the names, perhaps you will have heard of her by the other? Of course, Ms. Lynna boasts that typical Swedish look. This means tall, blonde, and large breasts. She is pretty much the epitome of a Swedish porn star. She looks almost perfect.

She has starred in productions from Models XXX, Fuck in HD, and Harmony Vision. A lot of her content will feature threesomes (yes, that means a bit of lesbian porn!), however,. some of her more recent content is her masturbating in public. Oh, we would have loved to have been a member of the public that got an eyeful of that.

Alexandra Stein

Since Alexandra Stein is pretty new to the business, there isn’t that much content out there from her. However, from what we have seen, she easily makes this list of the best Swedish pornstars ever. Unlike many of the other babes you find here, she doesn’t have blond hair.

Instead, Alexandria rocks that darker, jet black hair look. When we say dark, we really do mean her look is dark. She has piercing eyes that will make you fall head over heels in love with her. She has only starred in Pinko Club material.

Kai Nobel

Kai Nobel is another lady that has long since departed the porn business. This is a massive shame, because it seems as if she was willing to do almost anything on camera. If you check out the content that she has produced in the past, then you will see that it is packed to the brim with double penetration videos. Oh, and when doesn’t do DP, she does a lot of anal videos.

Hell, one of her videos is literally titled ‘anal only’. If you want to see some truly classic porn, then check out some of the offerings from Kai Nobel. We are confident that you will not be disappointed with anything. Hell, despite being filmed a couple of decades ago, a lot of it holds up today on the quality front.

Sabina Star

Sabina Star was active in the porn industry for just 5 years (between 2003 and 2008). Despite the short time span in the business, she managed to star in a whopping 45 movies. This is a lady that really kept herself to herself, though. The second she was done with the porn business, she never looked back. This means it can be tricky to find out any information about her.

We can tell you that she is very, very different from the other ladies on this list, though. This is because she as Asian heritage. This means that you can find her starring in a lot of Asian-focused porn. Most of the content she starred in was released as a DVD.

Emelie Ekstrom

We have heard Emelie Ekstrom referred to as the sexiest lady in Scandinavia. You know what? We agree with that. If you do not think she is the sexiest lady in Scandinavia, she is certainly near the top of the pile. She has that typical model body. You know the one; you can’t believe that somebody could look this perfect.

Watching this brunette lady massage her massive jugs is almost enough to make you feel as if you have died and gone to heaven. Most of her content is just her playing with her tits, and maybe her pussy. It is very rare that you will see her getting nailed, or even starring in a bit of lesbian porn.

Maria Lind

The second we saw Maria Lind, we fell in love. Once again, this is somebody that hasn’t starred in a whole lot of porn, but what she has starred in has been fucking golden. A lot of the stuff she stars in is in Swedish. However, thankfully, you don’t have to understand that language to realize that Maria Lind is a lady that sucks like a pro.

She is the perfect lady for those fellas that love their women with smaller tits. Her porn is a big ‘aged’ now, having been filmed many years ago, but no age will take away from the fact that she looks good. Check out some of her solo videos for an awesome show.

Angelica Guldlock

This lady hasn’t starred in much porn, sadly. However, you can tell that she was trying to make it big with the whole ‘schoolgirl’ look. When she starred in porn, she had that classic pigtail, young and innocent look about her. We would say that the best way to describe her beyond this is the ‘girl next door’ look.

Don’t let the small number of videos available fool you. Oh no. This lady knows her stuff. When you watch her freshly shaved pussy being pummeled by a massive cock, you could swear that she has done this countless times on camera before. The same goes for the lesbian porn she has been in.

Nicole Berg

Do you love your Swedish girls to be a bit more on the athletic side? Great! Check out Nicole Berg. She boasts some pretty hefty biceps. Although, to be honest, you are probably not going to be looking at those biceps all that much. The real excitement with Nicole Berg is the massive tits that she offers.

Hell, every single video that she stars in has a major focus on those boobies. Almost all of her content seems to be in Swedish. So, if you don’t understand the language, you are just going to have to understand the language of fucking. Luckily, Nicole Berg manages to speak that language well too!

Sanna Rough

Sanna Rough only wants anal sex. All of her content has that tight anus being fucked in one way or another. This includes some pretty epic gangbangs she has starred in (check out some of the content that she has been in for Vilde!). We did see a few people refer to this one of the Swedish porn stars as a BBW.

However, we don’t quite see it. The only thing that is big about her is her tits. No. They are not natural, but when you watch them bounce up and down as she is being dicked by a couple of guys at a time, you will probably end up forgetting about all of that!

Kristina Svensson

It was only ever Swedish porn for Kristina Svensson. She wasn’t active in the industry for too long. However, what she did leave us to enjoy goes to show just how much she wanted to be on camera. She done a little bit of everything. The first videos she starred in had her masturbating in a shower before guzzling cum from a massive cock.

The next go around, she was in bondage. Later on, she was being pounded in the ass. While she is probably not the prettiest girl in the world on the face front, her body is absolutely superb, and that more than makes up for it.

Julia Crown

Many of the women that we have talked about on this page so far have been starring in low budget porn movies. There is nothing wrong with this, but sometimes you do need to be watching a lady that stars in some massive productions, right? Well, that is where Julia Crown comes in. This lady has starred in videos from Twistys, which goes to show just how in-demand she is.

However, we can’t blame the porn producers. Once you see Julia Crown’s body, you would probably want to be throwing ungodly amounts of money at her too. Most of her content is solo. A bit of stripping here. A bit of beating there. However, she also has some awesome fuck videos too.

Nora Nord

If there is one lady that rocks that typical Nordic woman look, then it has to be Nora Nord. She put the whole Nord thing into her name for a reason, after all. She is blond-haired. Blue-eyed. A gorgeous smile. That sort of thing. In the early days of her porn career, she acted as that typical Swedish schoolgirl. However, as she progressed through the ranks, she elevated herself to lesbian threesomes, epic blowjob videos, and some of the best anal fucking content you have ever seen.

Ingrid Frost

Ingrid Frost is the lady you go to if you enjoy your pee porn. In fact, she bills herself as the toilet specialist of Europe. Since we have seen no other big porn star feature in as many urine-focused videos as Ingrid Frost, we reckon she is right on that front.

She drinks her own pee. She forces men to drink her pee. She masturbates while peeing. It is all about the pee for this thick-thighed lady. When she doesn’t have pee on her mind, she tries into the world of foot fetishes. She loves sucking on her beautiful toes for camera.

Felicia Brottom

Yet another classic Swedish porn star. Not much content from this lady either, but all of what she starred in is good. This one of the Swedish pornstars loves her anal sex. In fact, we think that every single video she has been in has featured anal sex at some point. Like, proper deep fucking.

When she isn’t being fucked in her ass, this beautiful blondie is probably going to be guzzling cum from a massive cock. All of the content she seems to have appeared in is about straight sex. No lesbian sex from Felicia Brottom.

Armani St. James

Next up on our list of Swedish pornstars is another lady that has managed to crack the world of premium porn services. Armani St. James has been in videos produced by Dirty Talk, Notorious, and Backroom Casting Couch. It probably isn’t going to be difficult to see why so many producers want to work with her either.

She has a stunning body. A body of dreams. Massive tits. Perfect pussy, and her moans are out of this fucking world. She doesn’t have a lot of content out there right now, but we reckon Armani St. James has what it takes to be one of the best porn stars in the world.

Barbie Swede

Barbie Swede is a tiny lady. However, this hasn’t stopped her from being one of the more adventurous ladies in the porn business. This is somebody that loves to be fucked outdoors. Like. She seriously loves it. A good number of videos will have her laying on the grass with a dick buried inside of her.

All of her content seems to be available only in Swedish, which is fine. We feel that Barbie Swede has the type of body that will allow her to get really big in the porn business. This means that while most of her content is in Swedish now, she will be cracking the English subscription services soon.

Julie Couronne

Do you love women that dominate? Well, you are going to love the lady that we are wrapping up this list of the best Swedish pornstars with. This lady dominates in most of the porn she stars in. This can be blindfolding men. It can be forcing them to suck on her toes. In some videos, she enjoys nothing more than handing out a good couple of slaps to men in a bid to get them to do her bidding.

Most of the content she has been involved in is straight porn. There are a few lesbians scenes and solo bates thrown in for good measure too. Her age means that she has just started to get involved in MILF porn.


So, there you have it. A complete list of the best Swedish pornstars. As we said at the beginning; you will probably want to be checking out every single lady that we have mentioned here. They all look fucking amazing, and they all bring something different to the table. We know that a few of these ladies are more of the ‘classic’ side of porn, but they are still worth watching. They boast nothing but pure excitement.


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