Eastern Europe is well-known for producing some of the hottest ladies in the world. Therefore, we love the fact that so many women from countries such as Romania have decided to enter the world of porn. it means that we do not have to travel to the other side of the globe to feast our eyes upon their beautiful bodies.

On this page, we want to talk about 20 of the best Romanian pornstars in the world. There were a lot of them to choose from, but we feel that our list is pretty sound. Everybody on this page looks stunning. They all fuck well on camera, and they are all easy to access. What more could you possibly want?

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the hottest Romanian porn stars around.

Hottest Pornstars From Romania

Sensual Jane



We know that her name doesn’t exactly scream ‘I am Romanian’, but we will let that slide. By all accounts, Sensual Jane chose her name because she wanted to appeal a bit more to the American market. Although, to be honest with you, her amazing good looks was probably enough to cater to the American market anyway.

This lass (who boasts huge tits, by the way) is currently 37, but she got started in the business the moment she hit 18-years-old. This means that she has almost 20-years of content behind her. You can really see how she has evolved as a porn star. One day, she was doing teen porn, and the next, she was into the MILF stuff. Her content can be regularly found at Fake Hub and Bluebird Films.

Jasmine Black



With over 65-million video views on PornHub, it is fair to say that this Romanian Goddess is a porn sensation. This is another lady that boasts a fucking amazing rack. However, you will barely have time to stare at it. Her eyes are that captivating. She is now 33, but she has been in the business for a long while now. This means that she is highly experienced when it comes to putting on a decent show for the camera.

Her accent is to absolutely die for too. Like many of the top Romanian pornstars on this list, Jasmine Black has worked extensively with Bluebird Films over the years. However, owing to her popularity, Jasmine Black is one of only a few female porn stars that has been lucky enough to have the funds to invest in their own video productions.

Joana Romain


There will be a common theme as we go through this list of the best Romanian pornstars. This is the fact that a lot of them will have Romain in their name. This is just to highlight where they are from. Believe us, we were disappointed when we discovered that it was not a ton of people from the same family entering the business! Now, sadly, when it comes to Joana Romain, there isn’t that much information out there about her.

It seems that she got started in the porn business a little bit later than her peers. Most of the work she has done is in MILF porn. If you love your older Romanian ladies to suck good, while rocking one of the cutest hairstyles imaginable, then you will certainly want to check out Joana Romain.

Alyssia Kent



Close your eyes and imagine one of the most beautiful people in the world. Done it? Congratulations! You have probably just imagined a lady like Alyssia Kent! This black-haired, large breasted Romanian lass is a dab hand when it comes to erotic porn. Even the smallest amount of lip licking is enough to drive most men and women wild. This lass has worked with some of the biggest names in the porn business too.

She can be found featured on Elegant Anal, Reality Kings, Rocco Siffredi, and VR Cosplay X. The thing we love about Alyssia Kent is that you never know what she is going to star in next. If you can imagine a type of porn, then she has probably done it.

Sandra Romain



It only takes a quick glance at Sandra Romain’s PornHub profile to see the type of porn that she loves to star in. This is a lady that is all about the anal. Nearly every single scene she stars in will involve anal in some way or another. Hell, the only time she isn’t dabbling in a bit of anal is when she is in some hardcore lesbian sex scene. At 42-years-old, Sandra Romain is firmly in the MILF category now, although she doesn’t look it.

She boasts youthful good looks. Of course, if you want to see her when she was younger, there are dozens and dozens of clips you can watch. This lady has starred in productions from Brazzers and Anal Fuck Videos.

Shalina Devine



Shalina Devine is a top Romanian pornstar, despite not making anywhere near as many films as some of the other ladies on this list. This is, partly, because she didn’t get started in the porn industry until she hit 23-years-old. However, she has pledged to stay in the industry for as long as people want her to perform and, trust us, this is a lady that you will want to be performing for a long while.

Most of the content she stars in will either be lesbian sex scenes or POV blowjob videos. You will especially love the latter. Shalina Devine has some of the sexiest eyes in the world. You will just love her staring at you as you imagine her lips wrapped around your throbbing cock. It is epic.

Lavina Dream


Do you know the biggest problem with Lavina Dream? It is the fact that she is one of the hottest BBWs in the world, but she is ridiculously difficult to track down. This is because she has only ever worked with one porn producer. She has pumped out a bit of content though.

The first thing that is going to strike you about Lavina Dream is just how amazing her tits are. They are fucking huge. Oh, and yes, they are completely natural too. Watching her play about with them on camera is like a dream come true. Throw in the beautiful smile that she rocks, and you will feel almost as if you are in heaven each time you watch some of her content.

Gya Roberts


Gya Roberts is another Romanian pornstar that is a bit tricky to track down. She doesn’t even have her own PornHub page! This is a huge shame because she brings a lot to the table. Oh, and when we talk about her bringing a lot to the table, we are talking about the massive jugs that she rocks.

While she doesn’t have the prettiest face of all the Romanian porn stars, you will quickly forget about that when you see her banging body bouncing up and down on a throbbing cock. Like Lavina Dream, most of her productions have been with the SCORE Group. This means that she has had limited opportunities outside of that.

Rumika Powers


At 46-years-old, Rumika Powers is now firmly into the MILF category. However, she shows no sign of slowing down. She has a shit ton of content available. Some of it looks like it has been snapped up from a VCR in the 90s, but it is still quality stuff. This is a woman that knows how to shag. A lot of her content features a touch of anal. Actually, more than a touch of anal. She takes cocks easily. However, she also dabbles in threesomes, bate videos, and top quality blowjobs.

Donna Bell


Donna Bell is an incredibly popular Romanian porn actress. This isn’t really a surprise, to be honest. She has worked with some big porn producers including DDF, Prime Euro, and Euro Girls on Girls. These places have done a pretty decent job at promoting her too.

This is a lady that isn’t afraid to dabble in all sorts of porn. She has done anal, lesbian, and even a little bit of cosplay. It almost seems as there is nothing that Donna Bell isn’t afraid to do! She has a huge rack, although this is because she recently received implants. Her original tits still look good, and you can check out her earliest videos if you want to see those.

Regina Ice


Whenever you watch a video from Regina Ice, you can tell that she is being fucked for the pure love of being fucked. It doesn’t matter whether it is a man or woman, she is going to shag them, and she is going to shag them good. She has worked with top porn producers such as Twistys, Prime Euro, and Pure POV.

She is a highly in demand Romanian porn actress. However, we can’t say that we are surprised. She has a gorgeous pair of tits. She has eyes that you could get lost in forever, and it just looks wonderful to see her pussy get pounded by cocks of all sizes. She will very quickly become one of your favorites.

Joana Bliss


Who doesn’t love a lady that has natural tits that are so large and heavy that they just droop the second they are pulled out of their top? The tits that Joana Bliss rocks are enough to stop any guy dead in their tracks. This is a lady that has worked extensively with the DDF Network. Her tits have always been the main feature of anything that she has starred in too.

Hell, there are videos out there of her doing nothing but playing with her tits on webcam. However, if you want to get the real enjoyment from her, then you need to check out the videos where she is being pounded doggy style. Watch her tits bounce then, and you will never want to watch any other type of porn.

Lucy Belle



Lucy Belle is one of those ladies you could walk past in the street completely oblivious to the secrets she is hiding underneath her clothes. The first time we ever saw Lucy Belle, we saw he completely clothed. She was wrapped up nice and warm, and this meant that we were 100% surprised the second she peeled off her top to reveal some of the best natural tits we have ever feasted her eyes upon.

This lady has worked with a ton of different porn producers, which mans that you can find her content in several different places. She tends to do most of her work in the world of lesbian gangbangs, but if you can find some of her anal content, you will probably want to check that out too.

Katherine Merlot


This is a type of porn that we do not talk all that much about on this website; granny porn. This is probably because we have yet to see a granny that we would genuinely be hyped to fuck. Then Katherine Merlot appeared.

We do not have much information about how she got started in this industry, but since we can find no younger photos of her, we can assume that she was well past menopause before she decided to venture into being fucked on camera for money. She hasn’t starred in all that many videos, but if you are lucky enough to watch this big-titted grandma be pounded by a far younger cock, then you are in for a real treat.

Megan Inky



There aren’t really any prizes for guessing how Megan Inky got her name. This Romanian porn star is covered from head to toe in tattoos. They seem to complement 36FF tits well. There is no porn that Megan Inky doesn’t want to star in.

This could be something as simple as a lesbian bath, or as crazy as a creampie in the midst of a foursome with three other guys. She has worked with top producers such as Evil Angel and Rocco Siffredi, so you know that you are going to be in for a real treat when you watch anything that she stars in.

Alicia Loren


Alicia Loren is primarily active in the webcam industry. This means that you won’t really find any videos of her getting pounded. However, you will find plenty of videos of her 36JJ tits on camera. She is 37-years-old, but she looks so much younger. She has that typical nerdy look that just pulls you in. Since she hasn’t really starred in much porn, we can’t tell you much about the type of stuff that she enjoys. However, to be honest, even if she were starring in porn, you would probably only be looking at those epic tits anyway. Her webcam performances just cut out that middleman.

Rosa Rey


Sometimes referred to as Rosa Rey, this Romanian beauty hasn’t starred in that many porn movies at the time of writing. However, what she has produced is epic (no, you won’t find much of her stuff on PornHub). While most of the fine ladies on this list of the best Romanian pornstars have huge jugs, Rosa Rei does not. Hers are a bit more on the middling side. So, if you are a fan of that, then Rosa Rei is probably going to be for you. She has starred in both solo beating and fucking videos. She does love a bit of anal.

Arianna Sinn



Arianna Sinn hasn’t been active in the industry for about 5-years now. Luckily, she has left behind a legacy that can be enjoyed for generations to come. Arianna Sinn has massive tits. Like, seriously big knockers. This caught the attention of porn producers such as Only Big Melons and Heavy on Hotties. In her short career, she starred in a lot of different types of porn. This means that there is something for everything in this Romanian beauty’s back catalog.

Sofia Gucci


When a porn star is recruited by both Brazzers and Reality Kings, you just know that she is going to be good. Sofia Gucci has a darker look than anybody else on this list. Although this isn’t surprising, she comes from the land of the vampires (Transylvania!) so you can expect her to pull you in with her devilish good looks. She loves to star in scenes that are very erotic in nature, but she isn’t afraid of a good, proper meaningless shag on camera every now and then too.

Alice Romain



People love to fuck outdoors, right? Well, Alice Romain certainly does. The majority of her videos are of her ass taking a pounding out there in Mother Nature. For such a short girl, she boasts some massive tits too. A lot of the work she has done (when she is not being anally penetrated outdoors) involves grandpa sex so, if you are into that sort of thing, then Alice Romain is your lass. She has worked with DDF, Big Naturals, and Smut Puppet to name but a few.

Luna Amor (Luna Moon)



Not much is known about this Romanian green-eyed beauty.
Born 1989 in Romania, this brunette, all-natural beauty started her career in the porn industry in 2014, being 24 or 25 years old. At the beginning of her career, after she lost some weight, the size of her boobs went from 42 to 36. But, Luna’s breasts are still big enough to cause many jaws drop. Her specialty is definitely breast sucking, which is also her fetish. Beside soft-core videos that she exclusively filmed with girls, Luna has also made some explicit lesbian scenes for one Italian adult film studio.
According to our sources, from 2014 to 2015, this buxom brunette has appeared in more than 20 scenes, and collaborated mostly with DDF Network.
Nowadays, Luna is very active on social networks.


So, there you have it. A list of the twenty best Romanian pornstars around. We encourage you to check out all of them. We are positive that you will love almost all of them. You will probably start to develop quite a Fetish for those Eastern European lasses too!


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