Looking for some seriously sexy Native American pornstars? We have you covered. On this page, we are going to be introducing you to 20 of the very best of them.

Sadly, not many Native American pornstars talk much about their heritage, which means that putting together this list was a bit more difficult than you may think. However, we are fairly confident that these are the greatest pornstars out there. You may not agree with every single person we added to this list, but we are confident you will like most of them.

Let’s jump in, shall we?

Best Native American Pornstars

Lily Lust

Lily Lust, or Lillith Lust as you may find her called, is the first person on our list of Native American pornstars. She has regularly starred in movies from All Group Sex and Fetish Gold XXX, which should give you a rough idea about the type of pornos that she does. However, this bubble butted lady is more than happy to be shagged in a film if it pays money.

She is billed as GILF, which we assume means Girlfriend rather than Grandma (she is only 30), so a lot of the porn that she stars in will be based around that sort of theme. In recent years, most of the stuff she has performed in is self-produced and, if you have read the other articles we have put together, we love this self-produced stuff as it gives the whole video a more authentic feel. She is also pretty bloody brilliant at highlighting her epic tits too.

Eden Sinclair

Eden Sinclair is one of the ladies that is tough to find any information out about. It seems that outside of being fucked for cash, she doesn’t really let her personal life come out, beyond the fact that she is Native American. This is a huge shame because this brunette is a real cutie.

Most of the stuff she does focuses around humiliation porn, which is quite rare for a major porn star like this. She also engages in regular interracial threesomes, and a shit ton of lesbian porn. You can alöso catch a few solo videos from Eden Sinclair if you are into that sort of thing too. She is brilliant in absolutely everything that she stars in. You gotta check out her fisting videos if you want something epic.

Jayden Jaymes

34-year-old Jayden Jaymes may be one of the Native American pornstars that you have heard of. She has been in this business for a long time now. Perfect Girls, Buba, and Big Tits in Uniform are where she does most of her work. However, you will also find her in Elegant Anal videos.

While she is a lady that brings a lot to the table (and she really gives it her all when she stars in porn), the highlight of being able to see her beautiful DD tits bouncing up and down as she gets pounded like there is no tomorrow. Now, these are not real tits, sadly. However, they look about as natural as breast implants can. So, you can suspend your belief for a little bit and see a gorgeous lady get pumped.

Jaye Summers

Jaye Summers has that cute ‘girl next door’ look. You would swear that she is shy as hell until she rips off her clothes, and then you will very quickly realize that she is one of the filthiest ladies around. Pure Taboo, Out Of The Family, and All Girl Massage are some of the places that have recorded her getting freaky on camera.

She has even starred in one or two Babes videos, which shows the huge impact that she has had on this industry. If you want to see a sexy as fuck Native American being even hornier on camera, then you need to check out Jaye Summers’ videos.

Cheyenne Silver

Looking at Cheyenne Silver, you wouldn’t believe that she is 42-years-old. Hell, her youthful appearance makes it seem as if she has barely entered her 20s. This means that you probably won’t be catching Cheyenne Silver doing MILF porn any time soon. Most of the content she stars in will be POV porn, or maybe a solo outing. She is a lass that sucks dick like there is no tomorrow.

She hasn’t starred in that much porn over the years, but this is fine. You know the second that she pumps out a brand new video, you are going to be in for a real treat. There are very, very few people out there as beautiful as her. That is really saying something too, since our job is to track down the hottest pornstars in the world.

Zaya Cassidy

Teens Love Huge Cocks, Skeet, Cam Soda, and Exotic4K are just some of the places where you can find gorgeous Native American Zaya Cassidy plying her trade. This svelte lady spends most of her time starring in teen porn, even though she is well into her 20s now.

This goes to show the youthful look that she seems to have when she is performing on webcam. While she does seem to dabble in a lot of porn, most of the stuff that you see her focusing on will squeeze a blowjob or a bit of anal sex in there somewhere. This is because both of these are things that she can do incredibly well when she is on camera. She is one of the ‘must watch’ people.

Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise bills herself as a pornstar for women. This isn’t surprising, really. While she doesn’t really seem that opposed to a good cock buried deep inside of her, a lot of the stuff she stars in is lesbian porn. Not just any lesbian porn either. Oh no. Some of the hottest lesbian porn that you will ever see in your life. If you aren’t cumming within a minute or two of watching a Carter Cruise fronted lesbian scene, then there has to be something wrong with you.


Cherokee was lucky enough to score one of the most Native American sounding names in the world of porn. It isn’t really surprising to us that she managed to bag such an awesome name. At 50-years-old, she has been in this business for a long time now. We hope she doesn’t leave either.

Sadly, she hasn’t been performing in that much porn as of late, however, she still has a massive back catalog of porn for you to jump into. As you may have imagined, the bulk of this is going to be MILF porn, but she has a ton of stuff from her old days too. She is one of the original Native American pornstars, so you should probably be checking her out for this reason alone.

Bella Bellz

Do you love beautiful women with fucking amazing fat asses? Brilliant. Bella Bellz is probably for you. Throw in the fact that she is tattooed covered, and we reckon Bella Bellz will be the dream of many a man out there. If you can name a Bang Bros. series, then Bella Bellz seems to have starred in it.

She is especially loved by Bang Bros. so this means that she is going to be producing a shit ton of content. She is especially good with the POV porn. This means that you can gaze at her brilliant ass as she is being pounded by some of the top men in the world of porn e.g. Lexington Steele.

Karen McDougal

Karen McDougal was a Playboy Playmate way back in 1997, which goes to show just how long this one of the Native American pornstars has been kicking around in the business. As you may have guessed, she isn’t really producing any porn now. However, luckily for you, there are enough videos to last you months of watching. A lot of it is damn classy porn.

There is a rumor flying around that she spent a good portion of the 1990s being pummeled by Donald Trump. We have no idea if that puts you off of watching her or not. However, we promise you, once you have seen her beautiful shaved pussy and her large tits, you will forget anything that has been inside of her.

Holly Michaels

Nubile Films, Smash Pictures, and College Rules seem to be the main hangouts for Native American pornstar Holly Michaels. However, she is probably best-known for her ability to show off her body on top cam sites. Hell, if you frequent cam porn sites, then we have no doubt that you will have stumbled across Holly Michaels at least once.

Whenever she is live on camera, she is a big deal. In the world of actual porn, most of the stuff that she seems to do seems to be heavily focused on lesbian with a bit of DP thrown in for good measure. She is another girl that rocks that girl next door look, but she can’t hide her assets for too long. The second she whips them out of her top, you can’t help but fall in love with her.

Since Cythera

Since Cythera is an Ancient Greek name, you wouldn’t know that she is a Native American. Well, at least not until you look into her beautiful eyes and realize that she is the perfect woman. While Cytherea seems to be doing a lot of lesbian porn, her real area of expertise is anal sex. Hell, she has starred in some of the best anal videos on the internet.

We aren’t really surprised that so many people try and watch the content that she produces. Her ass is fucking out of this world. Because she is almost 40-years-old, she has just managed to crack into the world of MILF porn, which means that we can expect a whole slew of videos to be coming from Cytherea in the coming years.

Taylor White

Weighing in at a shade over 100lbs, and barely cracking 5-feet in height, Taylor White is a tiny lass. Therefore, it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to know that many of the videos that she has starred in will be teen porn, although, she has broken out and done a bit of lesbian stuff too.

She is a tattooed lady, with them right up to her neck, so if you enjoy that sort of thing, then Taylor White is probably going to be great for you. If you love a good dicksucking video, then she is one of the best Native American pornstars for that. She guzzles that cum like she hasn’t eaten in weeks. This lady is highly recommended.

Mackenzee Pierce

She may be 30-years-old now, but we can still remember the first time that we saw a Mackenzee Piece video. If we remember correctly, it was her very first casting couch video. She starred in this at the tender age of 18. We knew there and then that this was a lady that was going to take the world by storm.

She certainly did. With her bubble butt, Mackenzee Pierce is no stranger to being fucked in the ass. A lot of her content involves her being fucked by older gentlemen, which is a little bit of a break from some of the other porn stars. So, if you like that sort of shit, then Mackenzee Pierce is for you. Oh, and she has a good amount of lesbian porn too!

Hyapatia Lee

Hyapatia Lee no longer seems to be active in the industry. If she is, then she has certainly been trying to keep a low profile. This is a lady that comes from the golden age of porn. And, when we are talking about the golden age of porn, we are talking about when you could go to your local cinema and see porn masterpieces broadcast on the main screen.

This means that the videos that she stars in do have somewhat of an older feel to them, but that isn’t probably going to stop you getting rock solid at this Native American beauty’s bitchin’ body. If she were still active, she would go down as an industry legend.

Kara Faux

No word of a lie. Kara Faux probably has one of the most beautiful pussies we have seen in the world. Hell, it is such a beautiful pussy that we are struggling to come up with words to describe it. Bratty Sis videos, plus other incest-focused videos seem to be where Kara Faux is spending a lot of her time.

However, in recent years, she has really started to dabble in POV videos, VR porn, and 4K porn. This means that you will get to see her beautiful pussy the way it was meant to be enjoyed. She is a great lass for foot fetishists because she has starred in a few videos like that recently too.

Savannah Stern

Do you love watching sexy Native American pornstars squirt? Great! Let us introduce you to Savannah Stern. While she hasn’t produced as much porn as others on this list (she doesn’t even have her own PornHub profile!), everything she does star in is golden. While we cannot say how old she is, she has started to do a bit of MILF porn in recent years.

Her larger tits mean that she is also a brilliant option for those that want to see a titty fuck or two. Oh, and some partner swapping lesbian porn from Savannah Sterne always seems to go down a treat too.

Ricki White

For some reason, Ricki White classes herself as having a bad tan. We have seen a lot of videos from top porn producers that have brought this up. We can’t imagine why. She still looks fantastic. She does have huge knockers, and they are implants, but boy do they look good when she is being railed from behind. They look even better she oils them up, which seems to be doing in the majority of her videos nowadays.

Lucie Cline

Lucie Cline looks like the type of person that would never enter the world of porn. She just seems too sweet and innocent. However, this small 22-year-old lady is anything but. If you can look past that ‘I didn’t do it’ smile on her face, you will be enjoying some of the sluttiest videos online. Both Bang Bros. and Bratty Sis have worked with her. This is a lady that is going to be going really far in the world of porn.

Rachel Starr

Rachel Starr is a top 90 pornstar on PornHub. She is also under an exclusive contract with Brazzers, which just shows how much money this lady brings in. People want to see her. Her age means that most of what she stars in nowadays is some epic MILF porn, but she isn’t afraid to dabble in a bit of lesbian and solo masturbation too, and it is always nice. If you check out just one Native American pornstar on this list, it has to be Rachel Starr.


So, there you have it. A complete list of what we genuinely believe are the best Native American pornstars around. Check them out. Enjoy their videos. We guarantee that every single one of these mighty fine ladies will make you horny as fuck.


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