You probably don’t need us to tell you that the Star Wars series is packed with hot characters. Not just the movies, but all of the various spin-offs. Hell, almost every scene you are going to be introduced to the hottest Star Wars characters.

On this page, we want to look at fifteen of the hottest characters in the Star Wars movies. Some will be aliens, some will be human. Or, whatever humans are called in the Star Wars universe.

Be aware that in order to discuss the hottest Star Wars characters, we are going to be mentioning a few spoilers. This would be a pretty bland article otherwise. So, if you haven’t seen all of the Star Wars content, then you may want to be prepared for that!

Brianna (The Last Handmaiden)

Brianna appears only in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II RPG. She is mentioned in other Star Wars material, but this is the only place that you are actually going to be finding her.

She is half-human, half-echani. She is the daughter of a Jedi Master. She later becomes a Jedi herself and ends up playing a prominent role in the restoration of the Jedi. So, right away. You have a pretty strong character here. This is really going to play into her hotness.

However, if you care more about her looks, then you will be pleased to know that she is a silver-haired minx with some of the largest knockers in the Star Wars universe. It is a shame that she wasn’t really included anything beyond the game. It would have been great to see her with an updated look.


Mira is a Jedi and a Bounty Hunt, so quite the pair here. She is another one of the hottest Star Wars characters that only appeared in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.

However, her prominence in the Star Wars universe at that point meant that she did get a mention in the original game. If you do play the game, then you will be able to enjoy romantic relations with Mira.

Obviously, you are not going to see anything on the screen. This is the Star Wars universe. But, hey. A least you can feel great knowing that a short-haired cutie is attracted to you, right? Even if she is programmed that way.

Mara Jade Skywalker

Bet you didn’t know that Luke Skywalker had a wife? Well, he did have. She is no longer canon. However, we can at least enjoy her beauty from those past appearances.

She is a Jedi Master, although she fulfilled many different roles over the course of her appearances before she settled down with Luke to receive some training. Almost all of her appearances have been in games and comic books. Although, she did appear in a radio drama about one of the Star Wars movies, which has resulted in some people attempting to argue that she is a canon character. She isn’t.

Bastila Shan

Next up on our list of the hottest Star Wars characters is Bastila Shan. And, guess what? She is another person that you are going to find in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game.

She is actually one of your party members there. Although, she actually made her debut in the Star Wars tabletop RPG (similar to Dungeons & Dragons). She is probably one of the most popular characters to appear in the KOTOR series of games, and her role is defining for the story. It probably really does help that she is cute as hell too, particularly with her awesome yellow lightsaber.

Juno Eclipse

Juno Eclipse is a pilot for the rebel alliance. She has that typical blond hair, blue eye look that everybody falls in love with. Plus, the fact that she can fly a plane probably really helps to add to her cuteness.

She has only appeared in games and material tied to those games. So, if you want to check out Juno Eclipse, then you are going to get hold of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

If you love British accents, then you are going to especially fall in love with her. The game designers decided that they wanted to build her entire character around the British accent. Not sure why, but it works.

Shaak Ti

We now have our first alien with Shaak Ti. She is a Togruta, which pretty much means that she looks like a human with some horns and some tentacle things that hang down by the side of her head.

If you are a Star Wars fan, then you will already know what a Togruta is, one would hope. She is a Jedi Master. Unlike most of the other characters that we have discussed so far, Shaak Ti is actually part of the Star Wars canon.

This is because she featured in The Clone Wars animated TV show. She also made an appearance in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. So, you can see her animated or the makeup version. Your choice!

Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura is a Rutian Twi’lek, which basically looks like a Togruta. The only difference is that those tentacle things go behind her head instead. Oh, and the fact that she is blue.

For some reason, blue people turn people on, so we just had to include her in this list. She helped to lead the Jedi during the Clone Wars, so she is pretty badass. This is another character on this list that is canon.

You are going to be able to find her in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and in The Clone Wars. She has also appeared in various graphic novels over the years, so you really have your pick of how you want to see her.


We have another Twi’lek for you, only this one is green. We suppose she is a different species of Twi’lek. This character actually played an important role in Return of the Jedi.

As we all know, there is a scene in that which will never escape people’s minds (we will mention that in the next character discussion). Oola is one of the slave dancers to Jabba the Hutt. In the movie, Jabba the Hutt tries to abuse her.

Because she resists, he decides to drop her through the floor where she is eaten by the Rancor. Why is this an important role? Well, because it helped to establish the fact that Jabba the Hutt was a pretty messed up dude and that you probably shouldn’t be hanging around his trap doors!

Princess Leia Organa

Princess Leia is probably a character that needs no introduction. Played by Carrie Fisher, she once famously said that she was told that Leia could not wear underwear because there was no underwear in space.

So, whenever you see her in the first three movies, then you can probably smile knowing that she is not wearing any underwear under her clothing. Perhaps the scene that sticks in the mind of the vast majority of people is the fact that she wears a golden bra with what has now come to be known as the Leia hair, or sometimes space buns. Trust us. Nearly every guy has had this as part of their fantasy at some point.

Darth Talon

Every one of the hottest Star Wars characters that we have discussed so far comes from the light side of the force. So how about we spice things up with a Sith Lord from the dark side?

She is a Lethan Twi’lek, so you know the deal by now. Weird tentacles behind her head. Her color deal is red and black stripes, which may play into the fact that she is a Sith, who knows? We assume that because she is a Sith, she is a bit of a dick.

However, we also assume that because she is hot, you are not going to care. She has only made a few appearances in the Star Wars universe, sadly. All of her appearances come from the Legacy comic book series.

This is the series published by Dark Horse. She has not made any appearances since Star Wars comic book publishing was taken over by Marvel.

Adi Gallia

Adi Gallia is a Tholothian female. She is a Jedi. For those who are unaware, the Tholothians basically look like humans. Their skin is just a little bit more blue.

She also has a few tendrils on her head, Her first appearance in the Star Wars universe came from Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars where she fought on the side of the Jedi. Like many of the characters that featured in this movie, she then went onto the TV show of the same name.

Since the Jedi ended up being wiped out, we assume that she died at some point between Episode III and Episode IV. As far as we know, the only Jedi to survive beyond that were Obi Wan and Yoda. We are sure that there will be some Star Wars fans out there that will correct us if we are wrong.

Hera Syndulla

Looks like the team behind all the content in the Star Wars universe are fans of the Twi’lek. We have another one here. She is just a standard Twi’lek, though.

So, she has green skin. In the past, the bulk of her appearances have been in the Lego Star Wars games. However, she has just recently been made canon again with her inclusion in the Bad Batch TV show on Disney Plus.

This means that this is a character that we are likely going to be seeing a lot of over the coming years. If her heroics end up being anywhere close to what she displayed in the non-canon content, then you are going to be in for a real damn treat.

Sabine Wren

Sabine Wren is a human, but she is a Mandalorian. If you have seen the Disney Plus show, then you will know what that means. She is basically a bounty hunter, and a pretty decent one at that.

She has short purple hair which we know that some of you are going to be finding cute, which is one of the reasons why she ended up on this list of the hottest Star Wars characters. At the moment, the bulk of her appearances have been in non-canon content.

However, you can find her in Star Wars Rebels as well as a whole host of other content. We hope that Lucas Film does something with her, because damn she is a good character.

Ahsoka Tano

We have another Togruta here. She was a Jedi Padawan that fought alongside Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. Because of this, she was regularly featured in the Star Wars: Clone Wars series.

She has also been featured in plenty of material related to this. You can also find her in Star Wars Rebels. Of course, if you want to take at a peek at what she could potentially look like in real life, you know for fantasy purposes, then you can check her out in the Star Wars: Clone Wars movie where you are going to have a ton of fun watching her…we hope!

Padme Amidala

If you love Natalie Portman, then you are going to love Padme Amidala. After all, she plays the character.

As you may well know, she ended up boinking with Anakin Skywalker after she seduced him when he was pretty young. This resulted in her getting pregnant with Leia and Luke. She died. Anakin turned into Darth Vader. The first trilogy then stars. Yeah.

Awesome story. Since she is played by one of the sexiest women in the world, you probably don’t need us to tell you how good she looks. If you want to check out her scenes, then you can find her in the Prequel Trilogy, as well as a few comic books and in the Clone Wars show.


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