There is a new app that is going to be out in the market soon. Many users are already feeling excited about it as they get to get a glimpse of the app which is called the Hybri. Here we are going to discuss about it and see what to expect – here is our review.

What is the Hybri?

Hybri is the new augmented reality experience that allows you to scan images of real people so you can generate the avatar that you want to have. It is a new app for your smartphone, which allows you to create a virtual partner in a human replica, which you can adjust to according to your preference, also known as digital humans.

You can create a friend, a partner, lover, or someone that you can just argue within virtual reality. It is also possible to create your entire family. You can even create the person you fantasize about so much like popular people.

There are three game modes to choose from: one is by using your smartphone, another is augmented reality mode in AR/VR headset, and then the VR-mode in VR headset. A cardboard headset is enough, and there is no need to purchase a highly expensive mixed reality headset to enjoy the app.

You will be asked a few questions at the start, they will ask you a few questions to gauge the model that fits you. You can even choose between photos of an actual person who you like.

Six basic models include Serenity, Elix, Syrene, Alex, Marcelo, and Cypher. They allow you to customize them according to your preference in eye color, behavior, body shape, looks, height, personality, and even voice.

What devices are Hybri available on?

This app is available on a smartphone that uses IOS and Android for now. But developments are being made such as a mixed reality headset, and other XR headsets in the future will also have this application available.

There is also a capability of this app to be played using your phone with a VR headset or Google Cardboard, and this presents 40 different virtual reality with romantic places and futuristic rooms included.

How does it work?

Hybri is a new Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality application that allows users to create their customized virtual partners. There are initially 6-basic models that users can customize according to their preference in looks such as the hair color, hairstyle, body shape and size, clothing, and even the voice of the model.

The app includes 52 erotic animations. Users can also talk and interact with their virtual partners with the use of voice recognition and hand gestures. The experience seems real for the users because of the added features.

Users can even argue with their model, chat with them, and even give them orders. The choice is all up to you on what activity you think will benefit you with its use.

There is also another feature that the company is looking into, including the capability to change the face of the virtual partner to any face they want. They can just use any image from their gallery and use it as the face of their virtual partner. It will also allow you to customize the face, body, and hair.

You can even choose the hottest actress/actor, model, or any personality that you admire the most.

The company also honed in on the motion capture technology, which makes the models mode realistically. Using Enflux Motion Capture clothing, and the headband was used for realistic animations.

Artificial Intelligence makes your model capable or missing you or even argue with you and talk to you all day. Commanding them is possible as well, and it is just up to you what will make your use of the app worthwhile.

There will also be an available mixed reality headset for the user’s enjoyment, with it, the user can be with their A.I. partner in virtual reality rooms, with the 4x resolution of the headset with full-screen AR optics, split-screen solution, with a universal phone mount to make it possible for you to insert your phone inside.

How much does it cost?

If you sign up now, you will get a 50% on launch day, so you have to pay $49, which includes a version for Android and IOS, people occlusion, hand tracking, no ads, ARkit, and ARcore technology.

$99 for unique augment reality, T-shirt, Scan it with the Hybrid App, Your Hybrid comes alive, share with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

$199 120 Immersive FOV, AR or VR mode, iPhone, and IOS app, compatible phone screen.


There is an Anime version that is being developed and will be delivered to users on time, a time travel feature that allows users to review your memories in AR and VR and, at the same time, use images or video from your gallery, real-time weather function is also another feature where users can check the weather forecast in real-time whether in augmented reality or virtual reality.

Hybrid can make your dreams come true, like creating your favorite superstar or supermodel. This feature helps you create the person you desire. It can adjust characters according to your taste and liking, so if you want a red-haired, sexy character, this is within your reach.

You can choose from six basic models and create many numbers of avatars in your hybrid app. Customize your avatar that will suit your likings, such as body shape, eye color, behavior, height, voice, personality, and many more. The face can be customized, and just by uploading a photo from your phone gallery plus the 3D hairstyle including, you will see the front view portrait and know if it suits your preference.

You will not get bored with the app because your model can argue with you, so talking to them and giving them commands is your choice and to which hours of enjoyment will be yours.

There is the availability of hand and voice control, which makes it easy to control the application and the models you create.

The option to change to virtual reality mode with 40 environment option where you can bring your model to such as the modern living room, futuristic room, and other romantic places.

For those who are interested in adult content, they will make this available to adult customers. There will be 52 sexual poses that will be made available for the models for you to choose from. So you have the freedom to get the best pose that you think will interest you the most. It will not leave you without an option cause of the 52 different poses.

The models are not only changeable according to your preference, but they can also have their attitude that will accord to your persona. Although sometimes the establishment of an emotional relationship with your Hybri model is difficult.

The company is in continuous development to make the app the perfect app for users and to make their experience always a once in a lifetime one.

Is it safe to use?

Augmented and Virtual reality is becoming a well-known technology nowadays. The appearance of VR and AR headsets in the market is a witness to this. Now that the Hybri is going to be introduced in the market, its use will soon be just a common affair for many.

There are feared outcomes for excessive use of AR and VR technology such as anxiety where some users may experience stress and anxiety after using the AR/VR technology for a few hours but will usually depend on what environment they are viewing during those few hours.

Nausea – the use of AR/VR reality can somehow induce fatigue, nausea, and the heady feeling afterward. This is mainly attributed to the hours of use of the technology and thought of as a failure to take breaks in between use.

Eye strain among the users is also common since they are just focused on the subject for a few hours. If the Hybri will be used with the headset, there is a possibility of this happening.

This app gives the user an altered reality that may somewhat change the perspective of the user that may overlap his take on the actual world.

Radiation is also an issue as smartphones emit radiation and have some effect on its users like sleep disruption and mood swings. There is also an issue of long-term risks. Prolong use is the culprit.

As with any device, we do not advise too much use. There should be resting in between, and they must do some other activity to lessen the focus on the AR/VR technology.

It is best advised to read about safety and other health risks that accompany any gadget or any game risk that should be given much thought.

Final thoughts – What to expect in the future regarding similar apps

Since whatisthehybri company already paved the way for users to enjoy such an app, it is not long until other tech companies will follow in its footsteps. They may add a few tweaks if there is a need to make it better. Continuous development is being done by the company itself to make sure that nothing is missing with the app. But the future of this app will depend on how users will react to it once it is in full swing or once they go live and fully start their campaign.


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