If you own an adult-focused website, then you may find that a lot of standard payment processors will not deal with you. In fact, you will be surprised at how many of the major systems say no to any adult website. Thankfully, if you are looking for CCBill alternatives, or just want an adult merchant processor, then we have 14 different amazing options for you. Let’s dive in, shall we? You have a website to run, after all!


One of the big problems with selling products and services in the adult industry is that the chargeback rate is quite high. It is almost as if people want to screw people out of their hard-earned cash. Thankfully, you have payment systems like Vendo that can help you out.

At its heart, Vendo is just like your standard payment system. It takes in payments however you wish. However, Vendo has a feature that allows it to stand out from the crowd. This comes in the form of AI.

Now, the AI in Vendo is quite sophisticated. The idea is to help reduce the number of chargebacks that your business gets. It does this by spotting various patterns in the way the sale is made. Sure, you will probably still get a chargeback here and there, but Vendo helps to keep this sort of thing to the absolute minimum. As Vendo grows, it will get more and more intelligent here too. This is why it is likely to become one of the most popular payment systems over the coming years.

High Risk Pay

High Risk Pay may not look like much when you first visit their website, but we promise you that this is one of the best payment processing systems around.

One of things about High Risk (if this wasn’t obvious from the name) is that this is a company that focuses heavily on any sort of high risk merchant. This doesn’t just apply to people that sell adult content. If you have any sort of credit trouble (i.e. a poor credit score) and other payment systems do not seem to be approving you, then High Risk Pay is one of the better options on the market for you.

This is a system that works with all debit and credit cards, which means you should be able to accept payments from anywhere in the world. The brilliant thing is that while this is a service that has clearly been designed for those clients that will likely be turned away from other payment systems, their fees are still quite low. This means that you will be able to get your hands on a greater chunk of the money that has been sent through High Risk Pay. Basically, you will be receiving more money for your content or whatever you are doing in the adult world.

Securion Pay

Next up is Securion Pay. This is a new player to the market, but they are fantastic for high risk customers. In fact, they are well-suited to just about anybody that sells anything online. This is because they have rates lower than competing platforms. This includes PayPal.

One of the wonderful things about Securion Pay is that it is ridiculously easy to integrate their system into whatever platform you are running. You will also be pleased by the fact that Securion Pay also allows you to display the payment system on both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, this looks fantastic on a mobile device.

One of the reasons why we have included Securion Pay on this list is because how brilliant they are at combatting fraud. Now, they do have a high price for those that deal with chargebacks regularly. However, you will be pleased to know that the systems in place to stop those fraudulent transactions getting through in the first place are second-to-none.

To cap it off, there is no monthly charge for an account here. You will only pay when you receive money. How cool is that?

National ACH

Now, the previous payment solutions are for those that want to accept debit and credit cards. So, what happens if you want to accept different ways to pay? Well, National ACH can help. Just like the other payment processors, it can deal with your standard debit and credit cards. However, it also allows you to receive payments via ACH and eCheck. Now, we can’t imagine that there are that many people using these payment methods, but it is still always good to offer as many options as possible, right? You do not want to be kissing goodbye to a ton of potential money, right?

Another of the reasons as to why we have included National ACH on this list is because they are fantastic when it comes to setting up recurring payments. This means that this is the perfect online payment system for adult websites that have a membership system in place e.g. those selling Snapchat subscriptions, or something similar to that. It is all quick and simple to set up, and National ACH will set you on the right path should you end up getting confused by anything.

Pay Net Secure

Next up is Pay Net Secure.

Now, the features for this system are not that much different from National ACH i.e. they will also allow you to accept ACH and eCheck payments. However, there is one nifty little feature that we believe makes Pay Net Secure stand out from other systems. Although, we are not sure how often people would use it in the adult industry.

This feature enables you to take credit card orders over the telephone and input them into the system. We suppose that this is something that could be good for those selling sex toys, but we can’t imagine that many people will be handing their payment details over the telephone for adult content or anything like that. But, still, the more options available the better, right?

You will love the fact that Pay Net Secure can work with a multitude of different currencies. Over 150 of them, in fact. You can even integrate it with your tax software to make everything damn simple. Cool, huh?

Tailored Pay

If you want a system that pays you nice and quickly when an order has been placed, then Tailored Pay may be perfect for you. It offers Daily Settlements.

Now, Tailored Pay is an easy system to use, and it takes a couple of minutes to sign up to your first account with them. However, we do want to point out that you may not always be approved for their system. This is because want to keep their rates low (and they are some of the lowest in the business), so they need to be a little bit more thoughtful about who they invite to their program. That being said, as long as you do not have any credit score issues, then you shouldn’t worry too much about being approved for an account. The chances that you will be are quite high.

It is worth noting that once you do get approved and you have a high risk website, there will be transaction limits in place. This means that Tailored Pay may not be the ideal payment solution for those that have tons of customers, or have high value products. You will be blowing through your limits quite quickly like this.

Insta Pay

Now, Instapay is a system that you may find a bit difficult to get approved for. While they do allow higher risk clients to sign up for their accounts, they do still think long and hard about who they let through the door. This is because they do like to keep fraud to the minimum, as well as fees quite low. However, once again, as long as you do not have any credit trouble, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to get approved for an Instapay merchant account, just bear in mind that the process can take a few days to fully complete.

Instapay is one of the largest of alternative payment systems, and this means that they have decent fraud protection in place. If you work with them, then chargebacks should actually be quite minimal.


Zombaio is a payment system that has been designed specifically for the adult entertainment industry, which means that it has a few features that you may not be able to find with other platforms.

The first is the ability to set up recurring billing. Sure, some payment solutions offer this, but not all of them. WIth recurring billing, you will be able to keep people signing up for a membership service you have created. This is perfect if you want to sell content via a subscription. It should be damn simple to integrate Zombaio into just about any platform too.

The main feature, however, is the ability to accept live payments. Let’s say, for instance, you are doing an online cam stream. This will allow people to send you tips and payments while you are performing online. While we have not tried to integrate Zombaio into a payment system ourselves, by all accounts, it should be damn simple to set-up.

The downside is that Zombaio does have one of the highest fees for their services (4.9%), but since it is one of only a few platforms designed for the adult entertainment industry, this is something that we are prepared to let slide.

Payment Cloud Inc.

This is another one of the merchant accounts that will have you jumping through hoops in order to apply. However, this is fine by us. They have some low rates. It is also worth pointing out that Payment Cloud Inc. has been designed for the adult entertainment industry. This means that they will have a bit more of an idea about your payment needs.

The main reason why we love Payment Cloud Inc. is because they guarantee next day deposits once you have been paid. With the other payment solutions, it will often take up to a week to get the money you have been paid. With this one, assuming you are in the United States, that money will be sitting in your account and ready to use the very next day. Can’t get much faster than that, can you?


While this isn’t a system that has really been built for high risk clients (i.e. the adult entertainment industry), it does cater to them. Although, do bear in mind that you will only be able to accept credit and debit cards with Cardinity.

The main reason as to why we have included Cardinity on this list is because it is so easy to integrate into your website. It should work with most eCommerce solutions. It pays out fast too, and you have a pretty low charge per sale despite this.

If you want a simple solution, then Cardinity may be the way to go.


You may not have heard of Epoch, but they are one of the oldest companies on this list. They have been offering online payment services since 1996, and if a company has been offering them for that long, you know that they are going to be damn good at what they do.

One of the wonderful things about Epoch is that they go well beyond allowing you to receive payments through debit and credit card. They have tons of different options. For example; they can allow you to accept payments via Paysafe Card, and even PayPal. These are options that you wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy if you were a high risk client.

The only real downside to Epoch is that you can only sign up to their payment system if you live in Europe, or at least if your company is based in Europe. This means that they are not going to be ideal for American clients.

Seg Pay

To be honest, there is not much to say about Seg Pay. This is a company that has been in the business for a while, and they have done a brilliant job at putting together payment solutions that just work. Part of the reason for this is the close relationships they have forged with every company in the process. This means that payments can be dealt with faster, often for a far lower rate than other payment systems out there.

If you need a service that has recurring billing, then Seg Pay may actually be your best option. While this is a company that can deal with payments a wide variety of different ways, their recurring billing options are some of the best we have seen. It should be damn simple to integrate it into whatever subscription platform you are using too.

Centro Bill

Centro Bill will provide you with access to payment options that some of the other sites on this list do not offer. This includes being able to accept payments via Klarna, which is something that many people have come to expect nowadays. This is one of only a few high risk merchant account that will allow you to do this.

We love Centro Bill, because it is evident right from the outset that they care about their platform. They do not allow everybody to have a merchant account with them, which helps to keep costs low. They also have 24-hour customer support. So, no matter what time of the day you run into a problem with them, Centro Bill is there to help you get up and running and accepting payments again!


We are going to wrap up this list by talking about Verotel. This is a company that allows you to accept credit and debit card payments. The reason why it made our list, however, is down to the fact that this is a platform that can grow with you. The more money your business makes, the cheaper payment processing becomes with Verotel. So, if you have long term plans for your adult business, then it may be worth checking them out.

If this wasn’t enough, Verotel is one of only a few companies that allows you to create customizable order pages!


So, there you have it. Plenty of merchant accounts for adult websites to choose from. All are great alternatives to CCBILL.

Now, of course, while it is good to have as many payment options available on your website as possible, you probably do not want to be setting up multiple merchant accounts. Not only will this make it incredibly difficult for you to run your business (you need to track a ton of accounts!), but it will also make it incredibly difficult for your customers to find the right way to pay. It will confuse them. So, we suggest that you do go through this list and try and find which option is best for you, both in terms of features and fees. We think all of them are brilliant systems, but one may be better than others for your needs.


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