ImLive is often touted as the ‘best place’ to head if you want to see some of your favorite porn stars streaming on webcam. It is one of the most popular live cam sites online as a result. Does this mean it is worth going to? That is what I am going to talk about in this ImLive review.

The Models

To date, about 80,000 models have registered on the site. Of course, this is nothing in comparison to the millions of viewers that stop by the website fairly frequently. ImLive isn’t the largest cam site in the world, but it comes pretty close.

On average, you can expect there to be between 400 and 600 people live on at any one time. Well, at least at the female level. If you are looking for couples and the like, then the number is going to be a lot, lot lower.

Amateur performers are few and far between on this cam site, so if that is your thing, then ImLive is probably not the best site for you. Sure, there are some, but if you view the ‘most popular’ cams on the site, they are always going to be professional performers.

You do have a few filters to get you searching through the models at ImLive. In fact, this cam site probably boasts one of the best filter options I have ever seen. You can narrow down based on age, kink, and whatever else you want.

If you have something special in mind, then you will probably find it here. Nearly every single one of the kinks on the site will have at least a dozen performers. You aren’t exactly going to be spoiled for choice, but these are always going to be beautiful women!

ImLive tends to boast some fantastic performers too. I have experienced some of my favorite private cam shows here. Yeah, you are going to need to pay a decent chunk of change if you want to experience the best models, but they are always willing to go pretty dirty when you are watching them on camera. You wouldn’t believe the things that these women are willing to get up to in private!


You have multiple ways you can pay on ImLive. As with most cam sites, the ‘main’ currency will be tokens. This will set you back $1 per token, with a minimum of 10 to be purchased at once. You can then spend your tokens on:

Tipping the womenPrivate cam showsCandy shows (basically, group private shows)

The girls set their own prices here (or the agency they work for), and the prices do vary considerably. For a private chat, you are looking to be spending somewhere between 50 cents and $4 per minute. The more ‘in demand’ girls can go a lot higher than this. Spend your tokens wisely!

There is also a premium option (the price will vary), which will entitle you to one free group show with a top porn star each month.

Do bear in mind that this is a cam site where you are not going to see any nudity unless you are willing to pay for it. Trust me, though. These girls are going to be worth each and every cent that you have spent on them! Although, that being said, there is often a small preview before you jump into one of the candy shows.


This is probably one of the smoothest sites I have ever had the joy of browsing. It is fast to load, and nearly every single cam streams in full HD. Although, I suppose that is what you get if you are

Unlike some other cam sites, ImLive runs on Java, not Flash. This means that it is going to be easy to open up on your mobile device (if you want to play like that), as well as work in most browsers without those hideous Flash errors. I don’t think I have run into a single problem watching any video on ImLive. If there is a problem, it tends to be on the end of the woman.

The models here are fantastic too. Yeah, sure, they are expensive. However, the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly applies when you are on ImLive.

You may not be able to afford more than a couple of minutes with the fine ladies on ImLive, but boy are those going to be some of the most fun minutes you have ever had. You are going to be cumming so fast, that you may need to look into premature ejaculation after. These women know what they are doing!

I absolutely love the fact that it is really easy to narrow down the type of person that you are looking for on the site too. So many kinks represented…many you may not have heard of.


Honestly, I think the biggest con with ImLive is the fact that the layout is a bit crazy. Other cam sites will list dozens and dozens of performers on the front page. This makes it easy to browse.

ImLive does things in a straight list and you get about twenty. Sure, this is fine with some of the smaller kinks, but if you have a major kink, then you are going to be forever searching…particularly if you want to go for one of the more unique performers.

I would say that there are no free nude shows is a bit bad too but, let’s be honest, these beautiful ladies need to earn a living somehow. I think they are worth the money, at least. I am more than happy to spend a good few dollars on the site each month.


As you can tell from this ImLive review; the site has pros and cons. However, I absolutely do recommend heading to ImLive. It is probably one of the best sites out there if you want professional models. Since so many top porn stars use it to make a bit more income, you know it is going to be good!


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