Erogenous zones are those special areas of the body that respond well to stimulation from foreplay and sexual intercourse. Women have many of these spots all around their bodies.

Far from being located only in the area of the sexual organs, female erogenous zones can be found everywhere from head to toe. Knowing how to stimulate a woman’s erogenous zones can help you in driving her wild sexually and providing her with incredible pleasure.

To help you out in your goal to hit all of the key female erogenous zones the next time that you hook up with your partner, we have compiled an extensive list, as well as common ways to stimulate each area if you are looking to drive a woman wild and get her nice and wet. With this, said, these are 15 erogenous zones for women that you simply have to know about.

The Armpits

We will kick off this list of 15 female erogenous zones with the armpits. This area of a woman’s body is highly sensitive and it is also a major area in terms of the release of pheromones. Many women truly get off on having their partner run their fingertips around their armpit area.

It can be highly stimulating for a woman when you run your fingertips from her armpits, down her arm to her wrist, and then back again. You can also use the pad of your thumb in a circular motion to create a sensation that will have her body feeling the pleasurable warm all over feeling.

The Crease of the Thigh

The crease of a woman’s thigh is another key erogenous zone that you can stimulate if you really want to kick her horniness factor into high gear. It can be highly pleasurable to a woman to have this area stimulated during a steamy round of oral sex. This is one of those female erogenous zones that often gets overlooked, but you can really up your sexual game by paying attention to the crease of her thighs.

The Ears

Though you might not normally put the ears at the top of your list of female erogenous zones, stimulating the ears in the right way can bring a woman a lot of sexual pleasure. From breathing heavily into them to the fact that they are the receptors for any dirty talking that you are engaged in, the ears really are an erogenous zone of note.

Beyond this, the ears can be quite sensitive to being touched and many women derive a lot of pleasure from being stimulated there. One of the most pleasurable ways to utilize the erogenous zone effect of the ears is the lightly caress your partner there.

Gently stroking the ears while also playing with her hair can bring many pleasurable sensations that will drive her wild and have he tingling all over.

The Stomach

One of the most neglected female erogenous zones is the stomach. There are many erogenous zones within this area. They run from the naval to the inside of a woman’s hips. One of the best ways to stimulate your partner’s stomach is to get into a spooning position with her and then wrap your arms around her waist.

From there, you can gently caress her stomach with your fingertips. It is recommended to run your fingertips from her ribs down to her lower stomach as a way to provide her with highly satisfying sexual stimulation.

The Crook of Your Arm

The crook of your arm is its inner portion. This is where your radius connects with your humerus. Beyond this simple point of anatomy, it can be highly pleasurable to a woman when her partner runs their fingers along this area lightly. Moving from the wrist all the way to the elbow can take this stimulation to the next level.

This is another one of those often-overlooked female erogenous zones that shouldn’t be. Paying attention to these types of erogenous zones for women can really earn you some brownie points that will have her coming back for more from you!

The Bottoms of Your Feet

The bottom of a woman’s feet can be highly sensitive and the right stimulation can bring a lot of pleasure. This is yet another one of those female erogenous zones where some women enjoy the stimulation and others are less enthusiastic. Some women can be self-conscious about their feet, but you should reassure your woman that you think they are sexy and would like to touch them.

At the end of the day, you have to let it be her choice. She has to be into it to enjoy the sensation. With that said, rubbing and caressing the bottom of her feet can feel amazing for her.

If you want to really get wild you can consider using your mouth to kiss and lick as well. It is important to note that the feet can be quite ticklish. Then again, some women also enjoy that aspect of having their feet played with.

The Inside of Your Ankle

This next area is adjacent to the feet and it is a spot that many women love having played with. The inside of a woman’s ankle is a spot that can give her some amazing feelings when it is stimulated right.

Light touching often does the trick and many women also enjoy having this area licked and kissed as well. This is one of those areas where it is fun to experiment to see what gets her off.

The Lips

The lips are a fairly obvious female erogenous zone. They are full of sensitive nerve endings and it is no secret that it feels great to passionately kiss them. This is one of those things where both partners can really enjoy these sensations mutually.

Lip play can be anything from kissing to biting. It is all about finding out what your lady is into when it comes to her lips.

The Anus

For many women, the anus is also an erogenous zone that provides them with pleasure when it is stimulated in the right way. This one is definitely on an individual to individual basis and you should always make sure that your partner is open to anal play before engaging in it.

The types of stimulation that many women enjoy in this area include everything from licking and fingering to full anal penetration. Since the area is highly sensitive and not nearly as elastic as the vagina, it is important to go slow when engaging in anal play.

Working up to more intense play is the key here. When done right, stimulation of the anus can give a woman a lot of pleasure. Many women consider it to be one of their top female erogenous zones.

The Butt Cheeks

There is far more you can do stimulation-wise than just playing with a woman’s anus. The butt cheeks are also a female erogenous zone that you need to pay attention to. The good news is that they are just so much fun to play with. You can caress them, massage them, and squeeze them.

They are fun to spread open and many ladies also enjoy a nice spanking on their butt cheeks. It is crucial to make sure that she is into this before you do it. A woman’s butt cheeks can be played with during foreplay and they are also fun to stimulate in positions such as doggy style.

The Anterior Vaginal Wall

It is no secret that a woman’s vagina is an erogenous zone, but it is also important to remember that it is a complex region and there is always something new that you can learn. The anterior vaginal wall is the fleshy part of the vagina’s front wall. This is a female erogenous zone that can send her to cloud nine when you know what you are doing down there.

Proper stimulation of this female erogenous zone can lead to the legendary squirting that so many people enjoy. Inserting the hand with the palm facing upward is a great way to stimulate the anterior vaginal wall. It also stimulates her clit and her labia. You can truly set off orgasmic explosions for her when you properly stimulate her anterior vaginal wall.

The Inner Knee

The inner knee refers to the spot behind the knee. This is another female erogenous zone you might be less aware of. Though it might not get as much attention as other spots, it is worth addressing.

When you stroke this area lightly with your fingertips, it feels great and can really help to get her going and in the mood for more. This is a great female erogenous zone for stimulation during foreplay.

The A-Spot

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of the G-spot. The ability to find this crucial erogenous zone is essential if you want to please your female partner. A much less known female erogenous zone is called the A-spot. The technical term for the A-spot is the anterior fornix erogenous zone.

It is a female erogenous zone that is located deep into the vagina. The location of the A-spot is between a woman’s bladder and her cervix. To find your partner’s A-spot, you want to first locate her G-spot. This is best accomplished by sliding your pointer finger into her vagina to a depth of about one to two inches.

From there you want to curl up your finger toward your belly button. The spongy patch of tissue that you can feel is the G-spot. The A-spot is located about two more inches further inside the vagina.

To stimulate a woman’s A-spot, you will want to move your finger in a motion that is similar to that of a windshield wiper on a car. This is more effective than moving it in and out. Doing so can give a woman a tremendous amount of pleasure that will have her begging you for more.

The Lower Back

Yet another one of the most sensitive female erogenous zones is the lower back. Many women get that warm feeling all over when they are touched in the right way on their lower back. That warm feeling often extends to their vagina.

This erogenous zone is highly sensitive and women often love it when their partners place their hands on either side of their spine while they lay on their stomachs. It is recommended to utilize a circular motion if you are wanting to provide a woman with maximum pleasurable stimulation to her lower back. The lower back also often comes into play during doggy style and side-by-side sex positions.

The Nipples

The nipples are the perfect place to wrap up this list of erogenous zones for women. It would be impossible to leave them off of any list detailing female erogenous zones. Though nipple sensitivity is something that varies tremendously from person to person, most women do get turned on by having theirs played with, sucked, licked, and even squeezed or twisted.

How aggressively you should play with a woman’s nipples is again an individual basis type of thing. Some women like having their nipples played with quite aggressively and even enjoy toys such as nipple clamps. Other women prefer a more gentle approach. At any rate, most women do enjoy the experience of nipple stimulation.


This is where we will conclude our look at erogenous zones for women. Some of these erogenous zones are quite obvious and regularly get a lot of attention. Others are less well known and can end up getting neglected because of this. Our recommendation is to start paying close attention to all of them to truly help your lady to reach new levels of orgasmic bliss and sexual satisfaction.

Becoming proficient at properly stimulating all of these female erogenous zones can really help you to up your overall sexual game and it can drive your woman wild in bed She will be begging for more when you start to pay attention to all of these specific erogenous zones during foreplay and sex.


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