Everybody talks about the various places that women can get pleasure when you touch them. Very few people talk about men erogenous zones. They think that you can just touch their penis and be done with it.

Obviously, we are sure that there are very few men out there that would be displeased if you touched their penis. That is still one of the erogenous zones for men. However, there are still a huge number of other erogenous zones on the male body.

On this page, we are going to talk about the areas that give the most pleasure. This does not necessarily mean that the man is going to be getting sexual pleasure, although that is highly likely.

It is more about ensuring that the man feels completely relaxed. Throw a few of these erogenous zones for men into your next foreplay session, and we are sure that it is really going to get him going.


We are going to start with the feet. We know that this is somewhat of a weird one. People find that some of those with foot fetishes can be somewhat weird. However, trust us. The feet are a great way to get somebody going.

The common way to get somebody feeling all great about themselves is to throw in a foot massage. It is one of the areas of the body that is most receptive to the good old massage, likely because it is one of the areas of the body that is put under a lot of pressure throughout the day.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit more experimental when it comes to teasing the feet, though. You can try a bit of light kissing or touching and things are going to be going a whole lot better than the massage. In fact, if your man has clean feet, this is going to be a great way to start foreplay. If not, then it is probably just going to taste way too cheesy.

Belly button

There aren’t that many scars that can claim to be erogenous zones. The belly button is the only one. Obviously, the belly button is there because that is where your umbilical cord was when you were a baby.

It is going to be a great erogenous zone, though. This is because your body has built up a lot of nerve endings around the area. Small and delicate kisses around the belly button region are going to work absolute wonders. In fact, just kissing around the stomach is going to be great for a bit of foreplay.

We find that gently kissing down the chest to the belly button, all the way through to the penis is a great way to cover three of the erogenous zones. Since we are positive that you just want to get your man going, this is great.


The scalp is another area that is just filled with nerve endings. Now, we doubt that you are going to want to be kissing the hair all the much. Not unless you want to end up with a mouth that is just full of hair.

You can save that for a blowjob. However, just massaging your fingers gently on the scalp is going to be working incredibly well. Light scratches or a massage is enough to make a man feel completely relaxed.

During sex, it is one of the parts of the body that tends to get ignored quite a bit, so it is good to touch it every so often. Not many people realize that they love their scalp being touched until it happens. So, try out one of these top erogenous zones for men.


People love hand holding because it makes them feel exceedingly close to their partners. There are nerve endings around that area. There are plenty of things that you can do when it comes to the hands too.

Obviously, holding hands is going to be a great way to trigger a bit more of a romantic connection. When you head on over to the bed, then gently playing with the palms of the hand, or even sucking fingers is going to work incredibly well.

The one thing that a man really loves, but he doesn’t know that he loves it, is the gentle kissing of the fingers. it is enough to send most men crazy. Of course, if you send him a signal that you love his hands, you are probably going to be sending the signal that you may want something from his lands later on.

Back of his knees

A bit of an odd one here. However, trust us on this for a second. The back of the knees are an incredibly sensitive part of the body. You will be surprised at how many nerve endings there are at the back of the knees.

One of the things that really makes the back of the knees work well as a men’s erogenous zone is the fact that most people are not going to be touched there all that much. This means that they do not know just how sensitive the back of their knees can end up being.

So, when somebody explores with their lips and hands, it is enough to get them going. For us, it is suggested that you only do a bit of light playing about with the area. Make it feel like one of the more special erogenous zones. That way when you do pull this out of the bag, the person is going to love it.

Nape of his neck

This is one of those erogenous zones for men that we are positive most of you have already tried. It works for both men and women.

Kiss around the back of the neck, and somebody is guaranteed to be driven to the brink of horniness. The area is just so sensitive. Couple the kissing of the nape of the neck with a light scratching of the scalp and we can guarantee that you are going to be ending up with one of the horniest men in the world.

It is something that just feels so great. Hell, you could probably spend a good few minutes just teasing their neck and we promise you that magic is going to happen.

Mouth and lips

There is a reason why people love to be kissed on the lips. It just feels so damn good. So, obviously, this is going to be one of the erogenous zones for men. Now, the obvious thing to do with the mouth and lips is to kiss them.

This is something that we really suggest that you try and get thrown into that foreplay. However, you shouldn’t only be kissing their lips. We suggest that you try and spice things up a little bit. A bit of brushing your finger lightly over their mouth is something that can work absolute wonders.

You do not have to kiss directly on their lips either. Kiss on the areas surrounding the mouth. You can really work hard to build up the anticipation of them being kissed.

Experiment. A lot. Of course the one doing the kissing is going to benefit from this too. You may be pleasing somebody else’s erogenous zone, but you are going to be doing it with one of your erogenous zones!


The scrotum may not be as appealing as the penis for a bit of action. However, due to the purposes of the scrotum, there are a lot of nerve endings around here. We mean a lot of them. Of course, men are also going to love the thrill of you being there so close to their penis but not quite at that moment.

They are going to get turned on from the sheer excitement from what could potentially be coming. There are plenty of things that you can be doing around the scrotum. Obviously, the obvious thing that you can do is gently kiss around the area. Men love this.

However, why not try a little bit of ball sucking? Remember, though. This is an incredibly sensitive part of the body. So, you don’t want to get too intense. We can’t imagine there are many men out there that would love the excitement of being punched in the balls.

Inner thigh

The inner thing is another area that has a lot of sensitive nerve endings. However, this is also another area where we feel that a great deal of the excitement comes from the whole excitement of being that close to the penis.

If a person kisses gently up and down the thigh, then that person is going to go crazy. Hell, you could spend a long time just kissing up and down the area.

If you really, really want to get a man going, and we are sure you do, then you may want to lightly brush against their penis as you do. Give them the expectation that this is something that may end up coming (and they may end up cumming), and things are going to be ending up a whole lot crazier.


This is probably one of the more obvious of erogenous zones. Although, it would be amiss of us not to mention it. We don’t want any men complaining that people are skipping their penis because it wasn’t listed on this page!

Obviously, sucking the cock is going to be one of the better ways of getting that penis nice and excited. However, you can use a bit of light kissing and your hands to get that man turned on. One thing that really seems to work when using the penis as an erogenous zone is to only briefly focus on the penis when you are touching their other erogenous zones.

If you only focus on the cock, then you are just going to be jumping right into things. We are sure men will love that. However, part of the excitement of foreplay is to slowly build up to things.

His nipples

Everybody knows that women’s nipples are incredibly sensitive. However, did you know that men are incredibly sensitive around the area too? Some men may be a little bit too sensitive, but you can always try. The problem is that not enough people try to kiss a man around their nipples.

Just a few light kisses on their chest will work incredibly well. As we said before, if you kiss from their lips down to their thigh, you are going to be covering a lot of different erogenous zones there. If you really want to try something experimental, why not try and gently suck on the man’s nipples. This could also work.

His perineum

The perineum is that small amount of skin that is between the base of the penis and the anus. For some reason, a lot of people do skip over this area. This is a great shame because it really is one of the more sensitive areas of a man’s body. A bit of light kissing around the area can work wonders.

Maybe slide a finger or two into the ass to spice things up a little bit. If you are going to be focusing on the scrotum or penis, then it may be nice to kiss down around the perineum every once and a while. It will drive the man crazy.

His lower back

The lower back is connected up to the pelvis. There are a few different nerve endings around that area. So, if you kiss the lower back, then you are also going to be sending signals to the pelvic region.

So, yes, it is going to be enough to get that penis nice and excited. You don’t even need to kiss around the area. A quick brush with the fingers on the lower back is going to be absolutely amazing.


The ears are incredibly sensitive. You can do plenty with them. We find a couple of light kisses around the areas works well. However, even whispering a few sexual words into their ears can be brilliant. It sends tingles all through the body. Mix this up with the neck kisses and you have one horny man.

Pubic hairline

Kissing just above the public hairline can send men crazy. Again, this is due to the potential excitement of somebody being that close to the penis. Mix this up with a bit of kissing around the belly button and things are going to work out incredibly well.


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