Sex is one of the most beautiful and pleasurable acts that humans can engage in. It is the most intimate way that two (or more) people can engage with each other. At the same time, practicing safe sex is of the utmost importance.

This is particularly the case when having sex with new partners outside of a committed relationship. This is the best way to avoid issues such as unwanted pregnancies and it is also the best way to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

There are over thirty different types of diseases that can be contracted through sexual activity. These diseases are caused by various viruses and bacteria as well as parasites that are transmitted through sexual contact with a partner.

Finding out that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease can be a stressful and worrisome situation. For many people, an STD diagnosis can leave them filled with the dread that it will be a problem that they deal with for the rest of their lives.

Though it is the case that some sexually transmitted diseases are not curable and will continue to manifest symptoms for the individual throughout the rest of their life, many of the most common STDs are curable. The following list addresses 7 curable STDs that can be dealt with effectively through proper medical treatment.


Syphilis is one of the most notorious STDs and it is certainly one that can cause serious medical complications if it is left untreated. It is spread through sexual contact that includes vaginal and anal sex.

Though syphilis is a dangerous sexually transmitted disease, it is also one that can be cured with proper medical intervention. Among the most important things to understand about this disease are its early and secondary symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • The emergency of chancres (painless ulcers) around the genitals as well as the anus and mouth – early stage
  • A rash on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands – secondary stage
  • Wart-like lesions in the groin area – secondary stage
  • White patches in the mouth – secondary stage

It is important to immediately seek medical treatment when you identify these syphilis symptoms. Syphilis can be effectively treated through an injection of Benzathine penicillin G.

This treatment can cure early and secondary stage syphilis as well as the early part of the latent stage. There are no home remedies that can cure this disease. It must be addressed by medical professionals.

Failure to treat syphilis can lead to it entering into the tertiary stage. During this stage, severe problems can arise that affect the brain, heart, and the nervous system. This can end up leading to problems such as blindness, paralysis, impotence, and dementia.

It can also lead to death. These factors add emphasis to the importance of seeking medical treatment when syphilis symptoms arise.


Another disease on the curable STD list is gonorrhea. This sexually transmitted disease is the result of a bacterial infection. This infection usually targets areas such as the urethra and rectum as well as the throat. In women, gonorrhea can also cause an infection in the cervix. Though it often has no noticeable symptoms, the ones that it can cause include:


  • Pain during urination
  • Testicle pain and swelling
  • A pus-like discharge that comes out of the tip of the penis


  • An increase in the amount of vaginal discharge that is present
  • Pain during urination
  • Pain in the abdomen and pelvis
  • Vaginal bleeding that occurs between a woman’s period (often occurs after vaginal intercourse)

Gonorrhea symptoms can also appear in the rectum, throat, joints, and eyes. It is important to quickly see your doctor if you identify any of these symptoms. The good news is that gonorrhea can be effectively treated through an injection of the antibiotic known as ceftriaxone as well as an oral dose of azithromycin.

It is important to receive treatment for gonorrhea because failing to do so can lead to complications that include infertility in both men and women, an increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, an infection that can end up spreading throughout the rest of the body, and complications in babies who have contracted gonorrhea from their mother during birth.


Another one of the curable STDs being covered here is chlamydia. This is one of the most common STDs and both men and women can contract it. The disease is spread through vaginal and anal sex as well as oral sex. Though chlamydia causes unpleasant symptoms for both men and women, it can be particularly harmful to women because it can cause serious damage to the reproductive system.

Contracting chlamydia can compromise a woman’s ability to get pregnant. It can also lead to ectopic pregnancies that can prove to be fatal. When the symptoms of chlamydia are recognized, it is important to quickly seek treatment since this is a condition on the curable STD list. Chlamydia symptoms include:


  • Urination with a burning sensation
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge


  • A discharge from the tip of the penis
  • Testicle pain and swelling
  • Urination with a burning sensation

Men and Women

  • Discharge
  • Bleeding
  • Rectal pain

If you have been diagnosed with chlamydia, you will receive a prescription for oral antibiotics. This is generally either doxycycline or azithromycin. You mustn’t engage in sexual intercourse until your course of treatment has been successfully completed and the chlamydia infection is eliminated.


Another common condition that is on the curable STD list is trichomoniasis. This is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a parasite known as Trichomonas vaginalis. It is one of the curable STDs that we are covering but it is also a condition that people often do not realize that they have.

The parasite that causes trichomoniasis is passed from an infected partner to the uninfected partner during sexual intercourse. It generally affects the lower genital tract of women and the inside of the penis in men.

One of the major issues with trichomoniasis is the fact that seventy percent of infected individuals do not manifest any symptoms. When symptoms do appear, they include:


  • Burning during urination
  • Burning during ejaculation
  • Penile discharge
  • Itching inside the penis


  • Urination discomfort
  • A change in vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal discharge can range from clear to yellowish, greenish, or white
  • Fishy smelling discharge
  • Itching and burning in the genitals

The complications of trichomoniasis include an increased risk of contracting other STDs. It can also lead to preterm delivery for pregnant women. Anyone who is suffering from the symptoms of trichomoniasis should seek medical treatment immediately as this is a curable STD. The treatment involves the prescription of the antibiotic metronidazole.

Public Lice

Pubic lice is another troubling STD that can be cured with proper treatment. It is caused by tiny insects that live in the infected person’s hairs in areas such as the chest, underarms, abdomen, and their pubic areas. These insects are spread through close physical contact such as sexual activity.

The symptoms of pubic lice include an itching sensation, brown pubic lice eggs that can be found in your pubic hair, as well as small blood spots, and black lice dropping spots in the infected individual’s underwear.

Pubic lice can be detected through a medical examination by a health care provider and are treated with shampoos and creams that can be purchased at a pharmacy. It is important that you do not engage in sexual activity until your pubic lice infestation has been eliminated if you have been diagnosed with this entry on the list of curable STDs.

Bacterial Vaginosis

Another entry on the curable STD list is bacterial vaginosis. This is a sexually transmitted disease that affects women. Those women who are currently in their reproductive years are the most susceptible to this STD. It is characterized by an excessive growth of bacteria that are normally present in the vagina.

This excessive growth causes an upset to the natural balance that is present. Some of the activities that can increase the likelihood of contracting bacterial vaginosis include frequent douching as well as having unprotected sex.

Common bacterial vaginosis symptoms include vaginal itching, fishy smelling discharge, vaginal discharge that is gray, green, or white, vaginal discharge of a thin consistency, and a burning sensation during urination. Women who are experiencing these symptoms should see a doctor. Bacterial vaginosis is treated through the use of antibiotics such as clindamycin, metronidazole, or tinidazole.

Failure to get bacterial vaginosis properly treated can lead to contracting other STDs, preterm birth for pregnant women, pelvic inflammatory disease, and a risk of infection after undergoing gynecologic surgery.


Scabies is a condition that is caused by microscopic mites known as Sarcoptes scabiei. They burrow into the skin and lay eggs after reproducing on its surface. Scabies symptoms include a rash that is accompanied by significant itching. This itching gets worse during the night when a person is trying to sleep.

The scabies rash is generally found on areas such as the penis, buttocks, waist, elbow, wrist, and nipples, among other areas. The condition is spread through close contact such as sexual intercourse.

The good news about scabies is that it is one of the curable STDs that we are covering. This treatment involves the use of prescription creams, lotions, and ointments. There are also oral medications that can be taken to treat scabies.

It is important to quickly seek medical care once the symptoms of scabies arise. This is a disease that can easily be spread to others if it is not properly addressed.

Failure to treat scabies can lead to bacterial infections as well as serious conditions such as kidney disease, heart disease, and septicemia.


The possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases is one of the most compelling reasons to practice safe sex when engaging with a partner or partners that are not involved with you in a committed relationship.

Though these diseases are worrying, many of them are curable with proper medical attention. The diseases on this curable STD list can be effectively addressed with medical treatment and help should be sought out as soon as symptoms begin to manifest.


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