What is Cameraprive.com?

Cameraprive.com is a webcam model website that connects you with Brazil’s hottest women, men, Transwomen, and Transmen who can showcase their bodies to viewers online, collecting tips which can be exchanged into money.

The site itself is Portuguese, with an option to translate to English, which I had to do in order to understand the content. The other translations the site offers are Italian, French, and Dutch alongside Portuguese and English.

The site itself is very Trans-friendly, lending half the site for trans models to perform alongside men and women. No other categories seem to be present, and the age–though all models will be at least eighteen or older–and ethnicity appear to be extremely varied.


The layout for cameraprive.com is fairly simple. At the top of the screen there is a menu with the titles Girls Online, Transgirls Online, Guys Online, and Transguys Online.

Compared to most sites, the categories for cameraprive.com is extremely limited, but gets the viewer moving along faster with clicking into model’s profiles faster with less to navigate initially.

Below that is a simple graphic banner with the Cameraprive logo, and on the right is a login men for users and performers alike. Below the login menu you are prompted to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one.

For users, the rest of the website is very basic. Six squares across, and thirty-five down, cameraprive.com gives you two hundred ten models to scroll through before reaching the bottom, refreshing every thirty seconds, with an option to load more at the bottom if you desire, opening up even more opportunity to find the webcam model of your dreams.

The models themselves are broken up into subdivisions, starting at the top, highlighted in green for which models are currently online. Next, The website will show you which models are offering Group shows, followed by the models who are offering Private shows. After that, cameraprive.com will show you who is set is Away, and finally who is Offline. Though Away and Offline, the models profiles are still available for viewing.

Once registered for an account on cameraprive.com, as long as you are logged in you have the option to open up what is called “My Prive” which brings up a menu of models, notifications, messages, galleries, reviews, bookmarks, etc. This feature makes it very easy for the user to access favourite models, as well as reply to previous or ongoing messages.

Model Profiles:

For the viewer, when entering a model’s profile who is online, the website will take you directly to a chatroom where the model’s camera is left justified to the screen but taking up most of the real estate.

On the left is the chat where viewers to communicate with the model directly. If you are a guest and have not registered for the website, A pop-up window will prompt you to register for free by choosing a username, entering your email, and choosing a password along with the typical “I’m Not a Robot” security feature.

You must also, and this is very important, confirm that you are 18 years of age or older. Once you have registered, you can begin chatting with the model right away, but if you do not have the minimum of 2 credits in your account, you cannot communicate with the model.

As long as you have 2 credits in the account, though, you are free to chat with the model.

This limits your options to interact with the model, however, as credits are crucial to purchasing services offered by the model, which are entirely up to the model whether to comply and are always decided by them what it is they will perform.

If the model is away or offline, cameraprive.com will take you to the model’s profile where their latest photos, videos, and albums (if available) can be viewed publicly.

Under the model’s name has a five-star rating system with how many reviews they’ve received, how many followers they have, and how many likes they have been given. On the left is an About Me, which highlights a little about what the model is like, their tastes, what they like to do, and usually what it is they plan on getting out of the site.

Also, specifics about what to expect during a Private or Group show is listed under the About Me. The rest of the profile is images posted by the model themselves, as well as a comment section by user’s of the cameraprive.com. This section of the profile is a lot like social media mogul Instagram in this way.


The other half of the site, models.cameraprive.com, is dedicated to the aspiring camera model, and advertises the perks of signing up with their website to perform online.

Though not easy to find, the “Performer’s Area” is located at the bottom of the website on the right-hand side, under the blue “Load More” tab. Upon clicking, you are redirected to a different website which highlights the ways in which a person can sign up to become a model, how the services works (which boasts some users making upwards to eight thousand dollars in one month).

The site also shows the viewer a graph which compares its amount of paid shows, visitors, and ranking in Brazil to that of its competitors, and I will say, they appear to make the differences staggering.

If the information on this page isn’t enough to entice the curious cammer to sign up right away, nearing the bottom of the page are testimonials by other models, discussing their success with the website and how its changed their lives, thanking Cameraprive for being available for them to continue making income while participating in an activity they love; exhibitionism.



Some pros would be that the website doesn’t over clutter their homepage, making it easier for viewers to scroll through potential models and get right into interacting with live models. The website also makes it easy for users to sign up and an account, and have credits on your account quickly to get the most out of the services offered.


Cameraprive.com doesn’t make it very easy for potential model’s to sign up. The models are what make the website thrive, and having more models would benefit the website itself and the viewers who visit, so having it more available for models to sign up would be helpful. Also, the lack of categories compared to some webcam sites like Chaturbate or Camgirls is lacking.


My name is Emma, I have founded Lustfel.com along with Amy and other webcam models. Writing more about adult industry as a whole. European cam girl.

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