what is a premium snapchat

This is a complete guide on what premim snapchat actually is, how to make money on snapchat, where to find and watch hot snapchat girls and some of the best and upcoming new players in this industry you should watch out for.

This article is for two different groups:

  1. the ones who are looking to watch hot snap girls on premium snapchat websites
  2. for girls and guys looking to create their own premium snapchat selling account

You all heard for nudes?

Well, some of us realized that you can leverage huge snapchat following and disappearing photos and videos to share always hot industry like porn and adult media content.

Few individuals after that started promoting their adult content on the apps like snapchat any many others, and messaging their fans and followers to pay them either over paxum or paypal.

It quickly grew like grass and before you knew it, people wanted more options, and even started exploring other apps and websites (reguar non adult apps) to see where they could find hot girls or guys.

And folks like myself started exploring new options without competition where I could sell my nude pictures and videos, while not paying a middle man anything.

Here is what to expect from this article:

What is premium snapchat?

Premium snapchat is just a term that people are using to describe a way of selling their private (sometimes nsfw) content on platforms such as snapchat, fancentro, patreon and others…

Term PREMIUM SNAPCHAT was coined somewhere around end of 2016, and it evolved from a similar term called “Nude Snapchat” or “Snapchat Nude”.

Based ond search marketing tools like semrush, the monthly search volume for this term was only about 1,300 at the end of 2016. While only 5 months later, the term became 5 X times more popular, and today over 50, 000 people search for premum snapchat each month.

It’s hard to say who coined the term first, but based on my research, it could be anyone from adult communities and blogs or websites like twitter and reddit.

Many adult influencers use this hashtag and mention the term in order to attract more fans and paying customers.

Ofcourse you can relate this term to once popular premium pricing for regular snapchat users, but I think that this is not the case anymore xoxo.

How to Make Money With Private Snapchat

It’s quite easy, after creating profile, uploading content and setting up your price, your best move would be to share your link with your followers.

Preferred is to add content daily and to share your link daily, after all it is your daily job if you know how to appreciate your audience.

Fancentro example.

From the fancentro example you can see that most of the premium snapchat apps and websites will give you an option to setup your own subcription fee. You can charge for your photos and media files whatever you think is right for your fans and followers.

Listen to your subscribers and make sure that you create various types of content, you cannot earn passive income with boring content right?

Let’s start with the best premium snapchat websites list…

Best Premium Snapchat Websites:

#1. Fancentro

For viewers:

New kid on the block and one of the best and most secure premium snapchat site. With fancentro you can find thousands of amateur and professional girls selling their private snapchat content directly to you.

For creating premium snapchat:

On their official website, Fancentro describes themselves as a tool that allows models and influencers with premium or private social media accounts to earn money from their fans. It is free and straightforward to sign up to their portal which is easy for you and your follower to use.

All you have to do is sign up and fill in your profile information. You will receive an email which you will have to click on it to verify your account. Once that is out of the way you will be given a Fancentro link which you can share with your fans on your Snapchat and other social media platforms.

Once your followers have signed up for a Fancentro account some tools allow you to add them to your accounts. This will give them access to all your accounts, but they will be able to communicate with you and view your premium contents at a cost. Fancentro has all the tools that allow you to monetize content on all your social media accounts easily.

Once a fan signs up to Fancentro, they have to pay to get or view any content. Fancentro on their part do pay models and influencers subscribed to them on a weekly basis.

This is a new way of earning money for webcam models and influencers. It’s not an actual cam site, it is called a premium snapchat site, or a place/platform where influencers and cam models can sell private content. It’s easy, just share your fancentro link on your snapchat, instagram or site feed and sell 1 on 1 access to your fans.

Visit FanCentro

#2. OnlyFans

They started few years ago and they attracted many online celebrities, fitness instructors and adult stars. We give them a recognition for trying to change something in this industry, they have a lot of features and daily payouts.

Although it is a new app, Onlyfans. com is growing in popularity every day. This could be attributed to the fact that they encourage anyone with excellent content to register with them from regular YouTubers to models and even celebrities. However, models selling snapchat? Cool “little” app that can help you to connect easily with your friends and world, communicate and of course send some nudes have dominated the platform.

When registering you are required to verify your email address before you can create an account. Apart from that, you will be required to upload your drivers’ license or passport before you can get paid.

This is done to verify that it is you who will be paid. The passport or drivers license should be very clear and should not be edited. Scanning is the best way to ensure that your documents are in good condition and clear when they are uploaded.

Once you have finished uploading the necessary documents you are now free to add your bank account details. You can charge whatever you want for a monthly subscription, but the minimum amount for a monthly subscription is 5 dollars.

You are paid 80% of the subscription fee while keeps 20%. Besides earning from your followers. Onlyfans will pay you every time you a 5% of the cash used by a referred user

Earn Money With OnlyFans

#3. Chaturbate

This is actually a cam site, started in 2011 and quickly became one of the most popular adult website online. Thousands of online hot girls performing in front of their webcams and selling their premium content. Millions of visitors daily is just one of the reasons why you cannot skip this site from the list.

Watch Cam Girls on Chaturbate | Create Webcam Model Account on Chaturbate

#4. Teddysgirls

Good site if you are looking for snapchat girls. Also great platform for selling premium snapchat.

This is a premium site that allows people to access gorgeous girls online. However, before a client can access a models account they have to pay a standard fee. Immediately a client subscribes, the model they want to view adds them to their contact list hence allowing them to view their full profile.

Besides viewing their profile, a client gets the opportunity to interact with a model, and even get privileges only boyfriends get. What’s even better, a client can subscribe to more than one model!. Giving clients a variety of options to choose from.

Models earn around 75% of the total cash they earn in the site. Besides that, a model can increase their earnings when they join the Teddysgirls affiliate program. They pay their models once a week straight to their bank account.

Before you can start earning from your content you have to create an account. Fill in the necessary information and then confirm your payment information.

Visit Teddy’s Girls

#5. ManyVids

They are not a premium snapchat app but more like your premium adult store where you can sell your online content, as a whole or selling every content separately.

Many of our own influencers are working both with us and on manyvids, Sometimes it gets me frustrated when people ask me if we are new ManyVids and how is that they cannot see anyone else using our website. is a platform that accepts all types of models. As much as many of the models on this site may be armatures, famous porn stars like Mia Malkova and other few more porn stars can be found here.

Apart from selling videos and pictures content creators and models can link their online stores for fans to buy merchandise from them.

Even without having an account, clients are allowed to get a glimpse of some free teasers on the site. Once they set up an account with they are allowed to download videos including free ones. Unlike other sites which charge you for a live cam at manyvids. com does not charge its clients and even offers them free strip shows. has tried to create conditions where all types of models, whether gay or not, can still compete with the pros in the industry. Even with all the gifts being given around models on this website can earn good money too.

Besides being allowed to link your online shop to the site, models are allowed to keep 60% of all their earnings. Those who have more loyal clients tend to earn more than others.

It is free to register on the site. All a model needs to do is sing up, confirm their email address and finally upload their government identification like a passport. Once they have signed up, it takes around 24 to 48 hours for the application to be approved.T



Although considered as a platform for gay models and viewers. The site has grown over the years to accommodate those that are not gay. Here a model can post their phone numbers and clients would text them at a cost. Each model does set their rate for photos, texting, calling and even videos.

They accept Mastercard, debit cards and major digital currencies from their potential clients. The models are paid every Wednesday via ACH for American models and IBAN transfers for non-American models.

Cash that is over 50 dollars is deposited directly to your account. Models should always verify their payment options to ensure that their money is not delayed or sent to the wrong person.

Besides making money from downloads and tips, a model can earn more cash by becoming an affiliate. The model will earn a commission from anything bought at the site by those they brought into the site. The website is extremely easy to use and navigate through for both models and clients too.


#7. SkyPrivate

On Skyprivate you can host a live private show between a model and a client. With the help of skype Skyprivate allows its users to interact with each other privately. Furthermore, it is more enjoyable since it is live, unlike other platforms where the videos are pre-recorded, or there is more than one spectator during the show.

Currently, Skyprivate boasts of over 15,000 models who are earning from this site. The more a model gets clients, the more they make. Skyprivate prides itself as being one of the websites that pay well.

A model can start by earning 75% of their cash when they have a lot of work they can earn up to 86% of their income. However, they earn more when a loyal or repeat client comes back for a session.

Just like some of the websites on this list, you will be required to scan both sides of your driver’s license or passport for verification. Besides that, you will be required to take a picture of you holding any of the above documents.

Last but not least you will be required to take a picture holding a paper with the current date handwritten on it. Once you are a member, you are allowed to download and install plugins that link the website to your skype. You can also choose to be an anonymous user on this platform.

Visit skyprivate

Premium Snapchat Price

You can setup any price you like, our recommendation is to charge anywhere between $10 to $30 a month.

Because after they take a cut (small one, they need to eat too) :), you will bring a huge piece of pie home. To attract more subscribers you can use a lot of different keywords like “snapchat porn” “snapchat girls” “nude snapchat girls”etc…

How to Make a Premium Snapchat?

Like I mentioned above, to make a premium snap, it all depends on the site preferences and which one you chose to work with. On the most of them you will need to upload your documents like ID in order to confirm your age and indentity.

It’s easy, but please stay humble and work hard, nothing comes overnight, don’t wait for someone to just pay you and to do nothing in return. I noticed in this industry that some influencers just want money to be sent to their paypal account and they don’t bring any value, don’t be like that.

There you go, it’s funny that I mentioned this keyword so many times in this post and still trying to tell you what it actually is, but we need to follow the trends.

Because honestly people sometimes don’t understand me and what I’m trying to accomplish until I mention this trendy topic and title.

More about this topic…

Did you know that you can make money by selling your photos and videos on Snapchat?

A premium Snapchat is a Snapchat account that allows only your paid subscribers to view your content. Premium Snapchat accounts are not offered or sold by Snapchat. Instead, people create them once they have a Snapchat app on their phone.

It is free and straightforward to create a premium Snapchat account. To create one you have to be 18 years and above, have a smartphone and a Snapchat app on your phone. And you are ready to make money selling your videos and photos online. To ensure that you are not easily traced it is advisable to turn on the Ghost mode.

To make money, you need to have a large number of followers who are willing to pay money to view your posts (huge base is not necessary). This was initially made possible when Snapchat introduced Snapcash. Even though it is not currently working people still transact using PayPal and even Visa cards.

Below I have stated some legitimate ways you can attract people to your premium account and earn some decent cash online.

Promote your premium snapchat account on other social media platforms

Use of social media to promote your premium Snapchat account is one of the best ways of pulling a lot of followers to your Snapchat account. Taking advantage of this opportunity to promote your premium account can make you rich quickly.

However, you need to post engaging posts and pictures that will attract people’s attention to you. Do not forget to regularly post your Snapcode so that you can be easily found on Snapchat by your followers.

How to Grow and Earn With Your Current Snapchat Account

It is easier to convert your followers on Snapchat to become your premium Snapchat followers. For this to work efficiently, you need to grow your popularity on Snapchat. This can be done by posting content that is relevant to most of your followers. You should be consistent in your posts and how you interact with your followers.

Create a blog

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to grow your online presence and market business efficiently. It is incredibly easy and cheap to start a blog. All you need is to be a good writer and have some excellent marketing skills.

A blog can easily pull loads of traffic to your premium Snapchat account in the shortest amount. Apart from pulling in traffic, blogs can allow you to create a loyal following off and on Snapchat.

Use ModelCentro for creating blog or paysite

My recommendation for creating, customizing and managing such a blog quickly and easily is to use ModelCentro, the best tool we models use for creating our own paysites.

Partner with other premium account holders to advertise each other

They say no man is an island. To some extent this is true. Partnering with other premium Snapchat account holders to promote each other is one of the best ways of pulling traffic to your account. Other premium account holders also do have followers. Supporting each other’s accounts allows everyone to grow quickly.

Send emails to potential clients

Creating a blog allows you to create a mailing list from people who visit your blog. The visitors can leave their email on your blog so that they can easily get notifications from you. You can easily use this mailing list to get more followers on your premium snapchat account.

Apart from your Snapchat followers, you can get more money and followers by linking your premium Snapchat account with another premium website.

Additional snapchat premum websites:


Are you good at sexting, well Sextpanther is an excellent platform for you to earn plenty of cash? You can easily some money from wherever you are. Apart from sextexting, you can also earn more cash by sex calling clients or send your photos and videos to them at a cost. On this platform, you can do whatever you like depending on your mood.

It is free and easy to sign up to the site. When signing up, you will have to include your email, phone number, and at least one link to your social media page.

If you are worried that your identity and location will be revealed then worry not. Once you sign up as a model on this platform, you are given a new number which you will use to text or call your clients.

You are paid 50% – 60% of the amount you earn when you text or send a video or picture to a client. 70 % – 80% when you talk to clients and 80% for the tips you earn. Models can also obtain more cash when they refer a new user to the site.

For a client, it is also free to sign up. Infact a new client earns 5 dollars in credit when they join Sextpanther. The website is easy to use for both clients and models working on the site.


Modelhub is a platform that allows models both male and female earn money when their videos are watched. Brought to you by Pornhub, the largest porn website, Modelhub allows you to easily earn cash when your videos get traffic. Once you upload your videos on Modelhub they directly appear on Pornhub premium.

It is easy to join Modelhub since their requirements are not that strict. All you need is to prove that you are 18 years and above. Any actor that features on your content should also be 18 years and above.

This can be determined when you scan and upload a passport or an identification card. Last but not least, you need to have content that can be uploaded or at least have equipment that can produce quality content.

Models are paid every month as long as they have over 100 dollars in their account. Any amount less than that will have to be paid until the next month. You get to set the price of your videos and earn 65% of all your video sales, and you get to keep 80% of the tips you receive.

They pay via PayPal, Paxum and even send your cheque via mail. Apart from earning from downloads made on your videos, you can get money when you win competitions held by Pornhub. is one of the best sites if you want to view or sell adult videos. Here requesters can request custom made content from models. It is simple to create and use an Iwantclips portal for both a model and a requester.

The website functions 24 hrs a day allowing requesters to download at any time. Furthermore, offer free cloud storage and few bank transactions since the website has an e-wallet system for those buying videos from the site.

There is no discrimination when it comes to the type of models that can post their content on the platforms. Both male and female even transgender models can post their content on the platform and still earn. Gay or lesbian videos and pictures are also approved on the site.

Unlike other websites which pay every month or weekly, pays its models every day. It pays a model 70% of the amount earned from the sale of a video and 75% of the total tip given to a model. They pay via Wires or cheques.

Unlike other websites which pay every month or weekly, pays its models every day. It pays a model 70% of the amount earned from the sale of a video and 75% of the total tip given to a model. They pay via Wires or cheques.


On sensing he was getting shortchanged, youtube musician Jack Conte started Patreon so that he can get paid directly by his fans. That was back in 2013, now has grown over the years. By the end of 2019, the website will have paid its content creators over a billion dollars on the course of six years alone.


Currently, patreon boasts of over 3 million active subscribers and 100, 000 content creators to this site. Patreon encourages diversity when it comes to its subscribers and content creators. The pay every month on the 1st and the money is directly wired to a content creators bank account.

The Patreon website is easy to use for both clients and content creators. It is free and easy to join the platform as a client or as a content creator. After registering as a content creator, you are given a link that you will use to pull your fans from social media directly to the patreon website.


Started in January 2018, Truesnap has grown in a short amount of time to be a success it is right now. The website is very classy and comfortable for anyone to navigate through. It was created to provide the opportunity for guys or girls to get private and at the same time affordable access to hot girls.

Here clients get to see pictures and videos of real life pretty girls get naked. Apart from watching their videos and photos, clients can interact with the girls and even possibly hook up with them offline. Truesnaps is one of the few websites where you can get real porn from regular girls online.

Here models can easily earn money when they want by just using their phones. No client can view a models profile without paying cash or subscribing to a plan, allowing a model to earn every time their videos of pictures are viewed. They pay their models every week with their payments being directly deposited into a models bank account.


Though it’s still young in the industry, has managed to compete with the big boys. Only subscribed members get to view a models content on the site. It is simple for a model to join and create an account especially if they already have a Snapchat account.

If you don’t have a Snapchat account worry not the procedure is still manageable. You will be required to upload some pictures, complete your bio and last but not least send in your identification documents.

Your application will be received by the support staff and will be rejected or approved in 24hrs. The models earn up to 80% of their total income. Once the income of the model hits 100 dollars the money is sent directly to their bank account. The money is released ever 21st of every month.

In conclusion

The internet is a gold mine that has not yet been fully discovered. Every day people are learning new tricks to earn online easily.

The above websites and online tools can be used to create a source of active or passive income for you. Taking advantage of your popularity online can earn you instant cash without having to work at all.

As much as it may sound easy it takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and patience before you can earn a lot of cash. Start now with you premium snapchat or fanclub.

I know that this article is not like my usual webcam modeling blog related topics I cover so that’s why “Thanks for reading and much love”.



My name is Emma, I have founded along with Amy and other webcam models. Writing more about adult industry as a whole. European cam girl.

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