Seen some porn labeled as yiff?

What is Yiff?

Wondering what that is all about?

Well, don’t worry.

There are a lot of people in exactly the same boat as you are. If you know nothing about yiff or furries, then watching it can be a little bit…odd.

Thankfully, you have us to give you a little bit of a helping hand. Let us teach you all about yiff.

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Who knows, by the end of it, this may be something that you absolutely love.

The History of Yiff

To know what yiff is, we have to talk about the furry fandom and the history of that. After all, yiff has its roots in the furry world.

So, what are furries? Well, probably the best way to put it will be ‘people who dress up as animals, but still retain a few their human characteristics’.

Yes. There are furries that go the whole hog and act completely like an animal. However, that isn’t technically being a furry.

That being said, you also do not need to dress up to be a furry. You just need to have some sort of interest in that culture.

In fact, a lot of what happens in the furry subculture involves no dressing up at all. You just ‘pretend’ to be one of the animals.

Confusing? Yeah. Don’t worry.

A lot of other people are confused about it too. However, we promise you that once you get started in this subculture, you will have an idea about what you like.

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Furry fandom started way back in the 1970s when a group of artists decided that they wanted to create sexual artwork depicting anthropomorphic animals.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people loved this kink and it took off rather quickly.

Before anybody knew what was happening, the world of furries expanded. They started appearing everywhere, and we ended up with a ton of conventions dedicated to furries. Nowadays, you can head to pretty much any major comic book convention and you will find some furries. Although, do bear in mind that not every furry is going to be into the whole sexual part of the subculture.

As we said before; the furry fandom is not just limited to people who like to dress up. A good chunk of people are not fans of that. Instead, they will either look at furry artwork, or they pose as furries online. A lot of text-based RPGs are actually based around this whole concept.

So, now that brief explanation of the furry fandom is out of the way, we take a little look at the concept of yiff, which is the reason why you landed on this page in the first place, right?

What does yiff mean?

Yiff refers to the whole sexual part of the furry fandom.

Interestingly enough, studies have shown that the vast majority of people who enjoy the furry lifestyle are fans of the sexual aspect of it too.

We suppose this is something that makes sense. If you are into the furry fandom, then you are going to fully embrace the lifestyle.

This means, yes, having sex as a furry, or enjoying seeing furry sex at least.

We do want to point out at this stage that people into furries are not necessarily into sex with actual animals. They are into having sex with actual human beings that are acting like animals.

Why are we pointing this out?

Well, it is because a good proportion of people who do not understand yiff culture seems to think that this is about an attraction to animals. It isn’t. Sure, it shares similarities, but no. Nothing illegal like that happens in the furry fandom.

Yiff, mostly, involves furries banging other furries. If you head to a convention, then we can guarantee that a lot of this is going to be happening there. A lot of it.

This means that most of the yiff porn that you find online is going to be dedicated to this sort of stuff. You are just watching furries bang other furries.

Obviously, this is going to be difficult to your typical porn. There tends to be a whole lot more story to it, just to show you that the two people fucking are furries (as if their costume isn’t enough to tell you that, right?).

Interestingly, the furry fandom has a lot of bisexuals in it. To be honest, with the costumes on, a lot of people do not care if you are a man or woman underneath that costume. You are embodying a character, and you can be pretty much anybody you want to be.

Of course, not everybody out there is going to be a massive fan of the actual sex part of the furry life. Some people are just content with looking at the images. You know, the place where the furry fandom originated. We are not going to lie. There is going to be a ton of artwork out there that you are going to be able to enjoy, and a good part of it is going to be absolutely awesome!

Now, we are not sure of the exact history of how the yiff culture evolved. Although, we assume it was a fairly natural process. The whole idea of furries was inherently sexual from the start, which meant that it was ultimately going to evolve this way. Although, we doubt that anybody could have imagined that the whole sexual culture would have caught on the way that it did. You will be surprised at just how many people are involved in this subculture!

Check out some yiff porn

If you are unsure as to whether you are going to be into yiff or not, we suggest that you check out a little bit of yiff porn. There is no harm in it, and there are plenty of websites that are dedicated to this fetish. You will be surprised. You may like it. Oh, and no. Just because you get into this sort of thing, it doesn’t mean you need to be dressing up yourself!


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