Happy ending massages are way more common than you may think. These erotic massages will often provide people with the ultimate form of relief after something that is incredibly relaxing.

The thing is, not a lot of people know much about erotic massages. They do not know where to find them. They certainly do not know whether they are legal or not. On this page, we are going to tell you absolutely everything that you need to know about erotic massages in the United States.

This means talking about how much you could potentially be paying for a service like this, as well as the legality of it all. For your benefit, we are also going to provide you with a bit of advice on how you can find a massage parlor that will potentially offer you a happy ending massage. There is no guarantee that they will, but there is a strong chance.

What is a Happy Ending Massage?

We have all heard of happy ending massages, right? They are often talked about in relation to masseuses.

The idea is that you will have a standard massage. At the end of it, the masseuse will provide you with sexual relief. This may involve a handjob or a blowjob.

Happy ending massages are so common in massage parlors simply because the whole job of a masseuse is to calm you down and make you feel relaxed. Since they will have likely spent an hour rubbing their hands all over your naked body, you are probably going to be turned on quite a bit. So, what better form of relief than making you cum?

Now, not every massage parlor is going to offer a happy ending massage. In fact, most of them will not. This is why you will probably need to do a little bit of research beforehand. We will provide a bit of information on how to find an erotic massage later on. We have a bit more to cover before we get to that point!

How is it Done?

How a happy ending massage is given will be dependent on the person performing the service.

A lot of the time, the process will begin with a complete body massage. In fact, it is going to be pretty much the same as a standard body massage. You won’t know anything different if you didn’t know that the place performed happy endings.

At some point during the massage, you will likely be asked whether you want to be ‘pleased’ or words to that effect. It is unlikely that the person will ask you directly if you want a happy ending massage. They will just beat around the bush because, obviously, not everybody will want one. They will probably give you a hint before asking, perhaps by getting up close and personal with your penis or something. You will know that they are asking, basically, even if they are not directly asking.

If you consent, then you will end up with either a handjob or a blowjob, depending on what the masseuse normally provides. It will never, ever be sex due to the legalities (more on that in a short while)

If you do not consent, then the masseuse will not do anything. After all, at that point, it is pretty much going to be rape.

How Much Does a Happy Ending Massage Cost?

This is the tricky thing, and you will see why in the next section. In theory, a happy ending massage shouldn’t really cost you anything beyond what you are normally paying for the massage. In places where prostitution is legal, then it may cost you around $20 on top of the standard price of the massage. However, in almost every other location, there will not be a set price for the happy ending massage. You can think of it as being factored into the cost of the massage. No price can be discussed.

That being said, even if no price is discussed, it is pretty much an unspoken rule that you will tip the masseuse for the happy ending. $20 should be more than enough for a handjob, but you may want to pay a little bit more for a blowjob. When you are looking for places that provide a happy ending massage, you will find reviews from people that have used the service that provide a rough overview of how much they ended up tipping.-

Is a Happy Ending Massage Legal in the USA?

Technically it isn’t, no.

The thing is that a happy ending massage is an inherently sexual act. It doesn’t matter how much you try to dress it up, a happy ending massage involves somebody doing something sexual towards you. This is regarded as prostitution.

Now, this is where the law can get a little bit murky. In theory, if you do not pay anything for the happy ending, then it isn’t prostitution. It is a consensual sexual act. This is why most people that provide happy endings will include a happy ending without you paying anything extra for the service. Technically, you will have entered that building for a massage and then, at some point, you and the masseuse decided to engage in a consensual sexual act without the offering of payment.

Now, we don’t really know how this would pan out if the case was brought before the courts, but since happy endings are so prevalent with many masseuses, and the fact that you never really see people being charged with any crime for engaging in them, we reckon that the courts will see them as legal as long as no additional money changes hands.

It becomes a bit murkier if you tip for the happy ending, but tips for services are so common that people wouldn’t know that you are just tipping for the sexual act, right?

In places where prostitution is legal in the United States, a happy ending massage will also be legal.

Where to Get a Happy Ending Massage?

When you are looking for an erotic massage, you are going to run into a major problem. This is the fact that most people will not advertise the fact that they offer happy ending massages. This is because in most places it is technically illegal. Some places may advertise erotic massages as a subtle hint that they may provide a happy ending massage service, but you won’t be able to rely on this alone as there is no guarantee that you will get that relief at the end of it.

After all, happy ending massages are meant to be consensual acts without the agreement of payment. You can’t offer money, so if somebody that provides these erotic massages isn’t in the mood for it, then you will just get a normal massage.

In the past, this would mean that people would have to hop from masseuse to masseuse in the hope of getting lucky. Luckily for you, this is something that you no longer need to do. You live in a world with the internet and other people that are willing to spend cash and put in the hard work to track down massage parlors that offer happy ending massages.

What follows will be a list of some of the best online directories to find happy ending massage parlors not just in the United States but around the world. Most of them have reviews in place, which means that you should get a good idea about whether the happy ending massage is going to be any good or whether you should look elsewhere.

In addition to this, some of the sites will have a suggested price for the happy ending massage. Some of these suggested prices have been written by the actual masseuse, although for legal reasons they obviously cannot say that they are the masseuse. So, if you are looking for a happy ending erotic massage and are struggling to know just how much you should be paying, then pay attention to the reviews. They will tell you everything that you need to know.

Remember, people out there will rely on your knowledge too. So, if you have had an enjoyable happy ending massage, or want to give people hints on a new place that you have found, then feel free to use one of these websites too. Just don’t use your real name. That is asking for trouble!


We are going to start with Yelp because this isn’t really your typical place to find erotic massages. But if you look hard enough on the platform, then you will find subtle hints about where you can head for a good happy ending massage.

Now, of course, Yelp is a site that is just a business directory. It isn’t really in the business of providing links to prostitution services, even in the areas where prostitution is actually legal. This means that you can’t click around the site and expect to easily find a happy ending massage service provider. Instead, you are going to need to look for massage parlors in your local town or city. We have no doubt that there will be a few that you can check out.

For each massage parlor, you can read the reviews. As you go through the reviews, you will probably see hints about the services that a particular massage parlor will provide. We doubt that anybody will come right out and say that a particular location is a great place to head for an erotic massage with a happy ending. These reviews will be removed pretty quickly. However, we have absolutely no doubt that you will be able to tell.

Of course, this shouldn’t be your main location to find happy ending massages. We tend to only use it if none of the other sites on this list are coming up trumps. It will allow us to find something a little bit different, basically.

Bed Page

Remember Backpage? Well, it was a website dedicated to helping people find adult services. Unfortunately, due to changing laws, the site was taken offline many moons ago. However, there are alternatives out there, and Bed Page is one of the main ones.

You can think of Bed Page as a directory where escorts and masseuses can advertise their services. They are not any actual reviews in sight. You browse to the section dedicated to your town or city (this site only covers the United States), click through to erotic massages and see what tickles your fancy.

On Bed Page, most of the people will outright tell you the services that they offer. We know that this isn’t strictly legal, but you should be fine. Some will keep their ads to the minimum, but they will include photographs of themselves.

Most of the people offering erotic massages through Bed Page are not exactly professional masseuses. So, do not expect an epic massage. You can expect an amazing handjob or blowjob, though. Most of them will even let you play with their tits.

Rub Ratings

This is a website built specifically for masseuses to advertise their services to the world. As you can probably imagine, for legal reasons, not one of these people is going to expressly say that they offer happy endings. However, it shouldn’t be that difficult to read between the lines.

The site gets daily updates. It only serves the United States, though.

One of the major benefits of Rub Ratings is that nearly every single woman that advertises her erotic massage service on there will have a few reviews written about them. This means that you can see exactly how they treated other customers that they dealt with. This will allow you to determine whether your selected lady is going to offer you a tremendous service or whether they are going to be nothing more than a scam.

We love Rub Ratings since the masseuses listed there have paid to be there. This means that the chances of you getting scammed are minimal. it also means that you will only be working with professionals.

A lot of the prices listed on the website are fairly affordable, with the average being about $70 for the massage and a happy ending.

Spa Hunters

Spa Hunters is a bit different to the three sites that we have mentioned previously. This is because it covers only a limited area. You have:

  • New Jersey
  • New York

Now, we do not actually know how the massage parlors are selected on this site. There is no way to submit your massage parlor suggestions, but they do have a pretty substantial list of massage parlors for each of these locations. After doing a bit of research many, if not all, will offer something in the way of happy ending services. This means that we are assuming that the website has been put together by somebody that regularly checks out massage parlors in New Jersey and New York. It makes sense. After all, they are both pretty close together.

All of the massage parlors listed here are actual business locations that you can visit, so you do not have to worry about falling foul of any shady shit. We just wish that there were a few reviews thrown in for good measure too. Would have made finding some awesome locations that much better.

Rub Maps

If you want what is quite literally the best place in the United States to track down massages, then you need to head here. The content is filled with user reviews, photos of the locations, services performed, etc. This means that you know exactly what to expect when you visit any one of these places.

Our favorite feature, however, is the fact that there is a price that you should be paying for each of these locations. Obviously, this is a suggested price but it should be fine. If you are new to happy endings and are unsure about what you should be paying in certain locations, then this information can come in incredibly handy.

Don’t forget, once you have enjoyed your happy ending (or not enjoyed it, we guess), you can head on over to rub maps and submit your own review. This will make sure that other people will know whether to head to somewhere, or whether it should be avoided. If you are looking for a great place for happy ending massages, then rub maps is, honestly, the only website that you need.


Hopefully, we have gone through everything that you need to know about happy ending massages on this page. We know that heading into your first erotic massage with a happy ending is going to be quite scary. After all, you are going to have a pretty woman with their hands or mouth all over your cock.

However, we can assure you that they will make the process very comfortable while you are there. They will have dealt with nervous people before. Remember, they are in the business of calming people down. They will know exactly how to be handling you. Just make sure that you never ask for a happy ending outright. You will get turned down because it then becomes prostitution.


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