When it comes to Puerto Rican pornstars, you have a lot of them to choose from. It seems that the US territory is fantastic about pumping out sexy as fuck women.

This is a list of some of the best pornstars in Puerto Rico. We have selected women on this list based upon the strength of their content, the way they look, and how easy it is to find stuff that you can get your jollies to.

So, who are the best pornstars from Puerto Rico? Well, we think that this list is a good starting place. We can assure you that there will be some people that disagree with this list. You may have your own ideas about who you want to slide onto this list. However, we can also assure you that all of these women are fine as fuck.

We have tried to ensure that we have selected somebody for everybody. So, whether you are looking for an awesome lady that rocks an amazing body with massive tits, or a MILF BBW, you are pretty much going to be catered for here.

Let’s just dive in and start talking about the best Puerto Rico pornstars, shall we?

Sheena Ryder

We are going to kick off this list with one of our favorite Puerto Rican pornstars Sheena Ryder. This massive titted MILF is probably a lady you have stumbled across more than once. She has produced a lot of content over the years. A lot of it. Hell, she is even so popular that she has her own production team (Sheena Ryder XXX), but you will likely find her performing with My Pervy Family, MYLF, and GOTMYLF. She has even done one or two POV videos with First Class POV.

Pretty much every single video you find her involved in will have a big dick entering her ass. There is a lot of stepson stuff mixed in there. You will also find a couple of lesbian orgies if you are into that sort of thing.

Skylar Snow

Next up on our list of pornstars from Puerto Rico is Skylar Snow. Nowadays, you are most likely going to find her kicking back on OnlyFans.com delivering content to her countless fans. However, she also works with a number of top porn studios. You can find this sexy Puerto Rican porn start featured at Evil Angel, Brazzers, Reality Kings, and Whipped Ass, to name but a few.

She mostly gets involved with lesbian porn, so if you love ass eating videos, then she is probably going to be your lady. However, she is no stranger to having a big, black cock buried in every single hole either!

Kristina Milan

Kristina Milan is a proper BBW. She is the perfect combination of chunkiness and sluttiness. Weirdly enough, she didn’t get started in the business as a BBW. You may find videos of her from her younger days when she was just like any other skinny Puerto Rican porn star trying to make it big in the world of porn. She added that extra weight a few years later.

We must say, it ended up doing fucking wonders for her career. She boasts some epic tits that even when she is playing with them in a solo video is more than enough to turn you on. She has done a bit of everything, including a pregnancy video. So, y’know this lady is no stranger to getting freaky on camera in exchange for a bit of moolah. Check her out.

Nina DePonca

Nina DePonca is a vintage pornstar. This means that you are not going to find her active in porn now. We don’t think she has been active for at least a couple of decades. What you do find of this curly-haired Puerto Rican is going to be so incredibly wonderful, though. This lady starred in true classics such as Invasion of the Samurai Sluts from Hell, and a Fistfull of Bimbos.

If you want to see a sexy Puerto Rican with that classic 70s bush, big tits, and fantastic eyes, then we seriously do encourage you to check out Nina DePonca. She is bloody brilliant. She won’t be your ‘go-to’ pornstar, but she is certainly going to be enough to get your heart pumping once or twice.

Vanessa Del Rio

We write a lot of articles about the top pornstars, and outside of our list on the top porn stars from the 90s, most of the people that we mention are nothing more than ‘fly by night’ stars. These are the ones that have done a bit of porn then disappeared. Ladies like Vanessa Del Rio are rare. She has her own Wikipedia profile. This goes to show just ho much of an impact she had on the porn business. In fact, the main reason why she has a Wikipedia page is that she was the very first non-white woman to be successful in the porn industry.

This goes to show just hard she worked in the business. Even if you do not know about the amazing role she had on the world of porn, you will certainly enjoy her massive tits. She isn’t active in the porn world anymore, but that isn’t surprising. She is almost 70.

Mason Storm

Mason Storm has been in the porn business for a while now. She is one of those rare ladies that has managed to star in classic porn before bridging the gap into the world of MILF porn. It isn’t a surprise that she was so successful, either. If you compare her classic porn and her more modern options, it is almost as if this lady hasn’t aged. Her tits look almost exactly the same.

Hell, the only thing that has changed about this Puerto Rican is the switch from having curly hair to something a bit straighter. Almost all of her content is the typical straight porn. There doesn’t seem to be any lesbian porn in sight. However, she does have a couple of pissing videos (where she gets pissed on) if that tickles your fancy.

Mone Divine

With almost 18-million video views on PornHub, it is evident that Mone Divine is an absolute hit. Can’t say we are surprised, though. With a sexy Puerto Rican ass and 34DD tits, who wouldn’t want to watch this fair lady? This lady is often regarded as giving the best blowjobs in the industry. Hell, she was even nominated for an AVN award for it. However, outside of sucking cock, most of her content is going to feature that spicy ass in one way or another.

Some of her videos are just solo content where she does nothing more than tease the world with her rump. Sadly, she is no longer active in the business, quitting in 2012, but there is still content of hers on Black Out PIctures, Candy Shop, and Anarchy if you really want to see what she is about. Oh, and trust us, you really want to see what she is about.

Violet Vasquez

Violet Vasquez has that tiny, cutesy look about her. The one that would probably turn heads everywhere she goes. While she doesn’t have the largest breasts in the world, she certainly knows how to work her mouth when it comes to dealing with cocks. Plus, the real highlight of this girl isn’t really her tits anyway.

It is the massive ass that she boasts. Due to her smaller size and youthful looks, a lot of the porn she has starred in has been along the lines of ‘student fucks her teacher’ etc. Although, she has jumped into a bit of lesbian porn recently. She has even shaken her ass outdoors, probably much to the benefit of the public.

Jenna Justine

Nearly every single video that Jenna Justine stars in seems to be a gangbang of some sort. It seems that this lady absolutely loves to take cock from multiple men at a time. We are sure the men aren’t that fussed about having to share her either. She looks beautiful, and who the fuck wouldn’t want to be inside of her? Her content can mostly be found at Smut Puppet, Rome Major, Out of the Family, and White Ghetto.

We particularly love the fact that she brings something completely different to every video that she stars in. Once you have seen a Jenna Justine video, you have to watch everything else that she has produced too. It is the only way you will get to enjoy her properly.

Gina Lynn

Gina Lynn is probably best known more for her roles outside of the world of porn than what she accomplished in the porn business. For example; if you watched The Sopranos, you would have seen her as one of the strippers in the Bada Bing strip club. She also featured as a main role in an Eminem music video for Superman.

She did most of her work for Pleasure Productions and Gina Lynn Productions (yep, she formed her own production company), although she no longer appears in porn movies. That being said, if you are lucky, you can catch her performing on webcam on occasion. She puts on a really fucking brilliant show when she does too.

Jazmin Torres

Not a lot is known about Jazmin Torres, at least on the personal side of things. We can tell you that she is one of the filthiest BBWs to come out of Puerto Rico, though. She never really filmed a lot of content, most of it was for Plumper Pass, but everything she starred in was way better than just ‘good’.

This lady loved to be fucked outdoors, and you will find that a good number of her videos are about her being fucked by the side of a swimming pool. As you may expect, she has a brilliant pair of tits that are sure to make you horny within mere seconds.

Eve Evans

Eve Evans is tiny. Very tiny. In fact, she is so small that you would find her doing teen porn up until a few years ago, even though she would have been bordering on her 30s at that point. In terms of performance, she never really got too adventurous on camera. Nearly all of it was focused on just straight sex.

However, let’s be honest, when you are watching somebody this hot get her groove on, you don’t really care how vanilla it is, you are going to love her anyway. Eve Evans worked with a ton of major porn studios in her career. This includes Bang Bros, Swallow Guide, Teen Girls Love Huge Cocks, and she even worked with Cougars Crave Kittens (perfect for milf on teen lesbian porn fun!)

Kitana Flores

Kitana Flores is a MILF that you wouldn’t want to ever take your eyes off of. It is just as well because she gets her amazing body out a lot. She has an incredible set of tits. Just to give you an idea of how hot she is; one of the more popular videos that she has starred in has been her doing nothing more than cleaning up her home while naked. No touching. Nothing. She just gets her body out, and you are going to enjoy it. She has mostly worked with Reality Kings and Bang Bros. across their various productions, many of which are focused on huge asses.

Simone Claire

If you want that classic Puerto Rican teen look, then look no further than Simone Claire. This youthful lady has caused a real buzz in the porn industry over the last few years. While there is nothing jaw-dropping on her body (although, you wouldn’t turn her down if she said no), it is the beautiful face she offers that keeps people crawling to watch more and more of her videos. You can find her featured on the likes of Vixen Pictures, Nasty Jack, Demolition, DVSX, and Michael Stefano.

Becca Diamond

Fitness freak Becca Diamond is the perfect one of the Puerto Rican pornstars for those people that love their ladies to be a little bit more on the athletic side of things. If you really want to see what this lady is about, then we encourage you to check out the videos from Bang Bros. where she is being fucked hard and good in a gym.

However, she also has that typical porn for Puerto Ricans i.e. a maid fucks her employer. That sort of thing. She has worked extensively in the industry with bigshot Vanessa Luna, as well as Madison Rose. For a real treat, check out her lesbian porn where she stars alongside Sara Jay.

Gala Cruz

Gala Cruz never starred in a lot of content, but she had to be included in a list of the best Puerto Rican porn stars. We would never have forgiven ourselves if she wasn’t here. A lot of the ladies on this page (outside of the classic pornstars) have shaved pussies. This one loves the bush, although she has given it a trim, so do not expect it to be a wild jungle down there. She has only ever starred in gangbang and DP videos, so she is certainly a lady that ended up veering towards the more hardcore side of things.

Giselle Humes

Giselle Humes is another lady that never really starred in much, but we did promise something for everybody on this page. This lady is well-known for her female domination videos. While she did star in a bit of straight porn, you are more likely to catch her playing with another woman. These videos are some of the hottest we have ever seen in that kink, so they are going to be a ‘must-watch’ for most of you.

Selena Rios

Selena Rios is often billed as a ‘cute, innocent teen’ in the videos that she stars in. She has the perfect tight body. Hell, in some of the videos they try to pass her off as a virgin. Obviously, she isn’t. But hey, suspension of disbelief, right? This is a lady that has only ever starred in straight porn. It seems unless there is a dick in her mouth, she isn’t happy. You are able to find her content featured on Lethal Hardcore, Big Gulp Girls, and Top Web Models.

Kira Perez

We are going to wrap up this list of the best Puerto Rican pornstars with the lady who we feel is the sexiest of them all. This beautiful lass rocks a beautiful smile, fantastic pair of tits, and an ass that just won’t quit. She has that teen look too, which most people seem to really enjoy. If you want to watch her star in porn, then you will find her featured at the likes of Bang Bros. Filthy Family, and Damn She’s Fine. She has starred in a lot of content too, so you can easily spend weeks watching everything that she has starred in.


We hope you enjoyed that list of pornstars from Puerto Rico. Check out these ladies. You will enjoy them. There is a reason why we classed them as some of the best in the business, after all.


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