I will tell you something for free. The first time I visited PornTube, I absolutely hated it. This is clearly a popular site. They also clearly have a ton of videos packed onto it (probably millions), but man, the layout didn’t really tell me that. But, more on that later on in this review.

OK. Is it later on yet? Brilliant! Well, as I was saying; there are a lot of videos on PornTube. Millions. It allows community uploads, so you would expect that to happen. It is easy to browse through them too.

The problem is that when you load up the homepage, you aren’t really shown that much information about the number of videos that are kicking around on the website. I hate that.

When I load up a site like this, I want dozens and dozens of videos as far as the eye can see. I get what PornTube is trying to do. They want to just have bigger screenshots so people are more enticed by the videos but, come on guys, don’t sell yourself short on this one.

In terms of videos, there is a lot here. Once you get past the rather gormless homepage, it is a bit easier to sort through the wealth of content on offer too. This means that there will be a ton of porn to fit just about any category.

Some of it amateur. Some of it pro. New stuff being added regularly. While PornTube.com is probably never going to be my ‘go to’ porn website (there are too many others out there for me to visit), I know there are some guys and gals who boot up this website once per day and have a look at what has been added.

Generally speaking, the site will have always added something of quality in the past few hours. It seems to be moderated fairly well too, so you aren’t going to have awful videos slip through the cracks.


Lots of porn. Just about something to fit every persuasion too. Obviously, if it is of legal persuasion. Despite there being a whole PornTube network, you don’t ever really feel as if you are being forced into signing up to premium membership of any kind. Although, there are some ads (more on that in the cons section)


It has to be the ads. PornTube is a network of several sites. Growing regularly. It is clear they have money sources elsewhere. This is why I do not understand why there are so many damn ads on the site. They seem to (sometimes) be incorporated into the content too. None of the popunder stuff, but in the past, I did see ads that were slap bang in the middle of the videos. This resulted in an accidental click. This is an obnoxious way of display adverts. I am glad that PornTube has moved on since that point.


PornTube is a good porn site. Maybe not the best of them, but it may offer something different than what you normally want. I recommend that you check it out.


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